Hilarious Kids’ Science Fair Projects (GAME)
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Hilarious Kids’ Science Fair Projects (GAME)

– These kids take science fair projects to a whole new level.
– Let’s talk about that. (funky electronic music) (fire crackles) Good Mythical Morning. – And Good Mythical reminder. We have a podcast called Ear Biscuits and the audio version is available wherever podcasts are found and the video version
now has its own channel. – Yes.
– YouTube.com/EarBiscuits. Please subscribe.
– Yes, please. But now let’s talk about science fairs. Every great science fair
project requires three things: a good idea, a poster board
folded into three parts, and parents who are willing
to do all of the work. – Uh-huh but there are some kids out dere. Out dere.
– Out dere, out dere, you know, out dere.
– Out dere in the bayou. (chuckling)
(crew laughs) There are kids who
actually do knock it out of the park sometimes
and they land smack dab in the weird part of science fair town. – Right.
– Or the bayou. And we’re playing a game with some of the most unusual science
fair projects today. It’s time for– ♪ Weird science ♪ (80s pop music) ♪ Fair projects ♪ – Now half the fun of a
bad science fair project is having a lab partner
to blame your failures on so in this game Link and I
will be blaming our failures on one another and we’re
gonna be competing against Mythical team members Jordan and Emily. – Hello guys.
– Hey! – All right, so what
we’re gonna be doing is we’re gonna look at some photos of some unusual science fair
projects with something censored. And then we are going to compete to guess what is behind the censorship, okay? And one of those things gets an A. The loser gets an F. Now, there’s a lot of these
floating around the internet that have been doctored,
they’ve been chopped, but we did our due diligence
or at least Kevin did, right? So we think that none of
these are Photoshopped. – We think these are all real.
– These are all sincere science projects. – You guys ready for science?
– Yes. – Mm-hmm.
– All right, let’s see the first one. All right so I see there’s
three censored blocks here. The something, something muscle
gateway to the something. – [Rhett] First of all he’s
very proud of whatever it is. – Sure.
– Still got on his goggles. – Proud of whatsever in that little dish. – [Link] Yeah that’s weird
because he’s talking about a muscle gateway but then
that looks like a volcano. – Everything looks like poo. I don’t know if I just have the mentality of a nine year old boy.
– I’ve also never seen a flesh-colored volcano before. That’s new. – I have, story of my life.
– Oh! – All right so let’s get our white boards. I think there’s plenty to go on here. – Okay I have one and then
you tell me what you think. – Okay less scientific but– – Peas and carrots, peas and
carrots, peas and carrots, peas and carrots–
– Okay. – Doesn’t Link look great today? (Link chuckles) – Is that your answer?
– We were whispering. – We were whispering compliments about me. Do that all day. – Great.
– We’re ready. – Well yours is wrong, ours is correct. – Yes.
– Okay all right. – All right.
– You want us to go first? – [Stevie] Well I was gonna
ask for Emily and Jordan. – All right, Emily and Jordan.
– Okay. So this is, you can blame this one on me, but, the most relaxed gateway
to the lost city of Atlantis! (crew laughing) – There’s no way that’s wrong. There’s no way that’s wrong. – There’s no way. That’s where the
flesh-colored volcanoes are. I have been told.
– Okay wow. All right.
– What? – I am sticking by my team member. Who is not insane. Who is not having some
sort of episode right now. – We think we’ve got it.
– Yes. Speaking of sticking– – The–
– Butt hole, anus muscle, gateway to the colon. – Wow. You guys sounded like an acapella group. (laughing) – [Stevie] All right
let’s reveal what it is. ♪ Butt hole ♪ – [Link] The sphincter! Ringed muscle gateway to the scatological. – [Rhett] We should have
gone more technical I guess. – Stevie, you’re gonna award the point to the person who was closest, right? And that would be– – [Stevie] Yeah I’m gonna have
to give it to Rhett and Link. – You were close.
– Yeah I mean that’s neck and neck, I mean. – Well that’s what I call my scatological is the lost city of Atlantis. – Okay. – It’s a way to create a safe distance– – Tom-ay-toh, tom-ah-toh, you know. – [Stevie] You guys
ready for the next one? – [Link] That’s your pick-up line in bars? – Oh yeah.
– All right, next one. – [Link] Bowl cut blank. – [Rhett] Oh wow this kid. He got first frickin’ place, look at that. – [Link] He did. Ha also has a bowl cut. – He’s got Bastian from NeverEnding Story. – Is that who that is? Yes.
– Saying his mother’s name in the movie which no one can understand. What was it, it was Moon Child, but he sounds like he’s
just going, “Na ya ra!” – Moon Child?
– I don’t remember this movie. – Moon Child is the, NeverEnding Story? – And it looks like he’s in Indianapolis. That should give you a lot. – [Jordan] This kid, I don’t
wanna slander this kid. – Don’t.
– But he does, oh I won’t. Fine, I won’t.
– Do it. Do it.
– You know, he looks like a bully. I feel like this kid
probably made fun of me for carrying my Game Boy to class. – Oh.
– Oh. – And you know, maybe I
shouldn’t have had a Game Boy in class and maybe I should
have tried to make friends, but, so maybe he had a point. But also, come on, give me a break. – He does look like he
may have been into hockey. – This kid has easily
cupped a fart and thrown it in someone–
(laughing loudly) – And the materials, there’s materials, like you just need a bowl, scissors, and– – [Jordan] Okay I think
I know this one actually. – [Emily] The 1990s. – Okay, yeah, scientific, I like that. – He got first place. (Emily laughs loudly) – Yeah.
– I think we got it. We got it.
– I’m sure that’s how you spell that.
– Okay. – [Stevie] All right, Rhett
and Link, let’s see it. – All right we think
he went sophisticated. We think this is bowl cut psychology. – Oh. – The psychology of the bowl cut. – Right, it goes very deep. There’s lots of inner
trauma for every kid who– – Clearly.
– Has a bowl cut. – I think we know what
he’s actually trying to get across. Bowl cut, fly AF. (laughing) He’s trying to take back the bowl cut. He’s like, I’m a good-looking guy. So is Moe from The Three Stooges, the kid from the NeverEnding Story– – Devon Sawa.
– We are all fly AF. – [Stevie] All right, let’s reveal it. – Aerodynamics.
– Aerodynamics. – [Link] Wow. – [Jordan] Which aerodynamics,
the science of flying. – Actually–
– Oh! – [Stevie] Oh I’m gonna
take that argument, Jordan. – Yeah I think that’s
a pretty good argument. – Way to go!
– You deserve that point. – Thank you.
– You do. – See we were on the
right track ’cause it was, it was smart but, still
didn’t get the point. – [Stevie] There’s another one. You guys wanna see it?
– Yeah let’s see it. – [Link] Oh, blank versus blank. – Okay.
– These all look like they could be part of a montage in the beginning part of
a true crime documentary. – Yeah.
(Rhett laughs) – Rhett, were you cloned?
– Yeah, exactly. I know where my brain
is going at this point. I mean, there’s a picture of a cat and he’s holding what
looks to be a jumper cable. – [Link] There’s a battery over there. – [Rhett] This kid looks like he’s heading towards a bad, bad life. – Yeah just based on the
sweatshirt, a bad life, and/or a Phish concert. You could be headed toward both actually. – Well he might be going
towards a good life, but the cats are not. – All right.
– All right. – You think this is just straightforward? – It’s probably just car
batteries versus cats, right? (stifled chuckling) Also I think Rhett looks
really good today too. – He does. The shirt looks soft but it would be inappropriate to touch it. – That’s not a cat, that’s a bear. (Jordan laughs) – All right, all right. I think we got this one in the bag. – Yeah, this one is, this has to be right. – I wish I could write faster. Okay.
– Okay. – [Stevie] All right
we’re gonna go with Jordan and Emily first. – Cats versus battery. So you think the big blank is cat– – It’s the word cats, yep. – And the little blank is battery. – Yes, uh-huh.
– Well it could be reverse. It could be battery versus cats, but then it would be beating cats. – That’s not what you wrote. – Oh my God, we’re gonna
get technical about this? – Can we just erase ours
and put something about the lost city of Atlantis? (all laughing) It’s probably as good a guess. – My butt has nothing to do with this. – We said– – We went with more
straightforward, scientific. Electricity versus cats. – [Stevie] Let’s reveal it. – Yes!
– Yes! – Exactly it.
– Boom! – Versus cat, oh it was just one cat that volunteered for this. – Electricity versus cat. – Where are all the
other cats in the photos? – Wow, that’s some torture scenario, which you’re in favor of I guess. – No. I wanna be clear. I am a cat hater but I do not condone or endorse violence towards cats. So that kid definitely
shouldn’t have gotten first. Maybe second or third place. – [Stevie] All right here’s another one. – [Link] The effect of
blank on blank performance. This is the ol’ partner
science fair project. – Yeah. So I mean some, some observations. I think we got a little Toad
from Mario Kart down there. So maybe gaming is part of it. – I see cows.
– There’s cows. – [Link] I don’t know
what the pictures are but there are three
pictures of the same scene. – And it does look like
a gaming console there in the lower right-hand corner, which might be part of this. – Oh yeah, okay. – It also looks like one of them is from a different time,
like they time traveled in one lifetime, so the same dude. – [Jordan] The kid on the left is there to close his own loop.
– Yeah. Pretty much.
– Look out! – Either that or they’re brothers. – [Emily] Oh yeah that’s
probably part of it, yeah. – Whatever you do, don’t win
this science fair project. – Yeah.
(laughing) – Changes everything.
– Ruins our life. – What do you think about this? – Yep, that’s what I was thinking. – (snorts) Yeah. – Okay we got it.
– All right. Rhett and Link. – We think it is the effect
of milk on gaming performance. We went with milk because
of the two cattle. We cannot think of any other
reason you would have cattle. Unless it’s the effect of
leather on gaming performance, which is–
– I’m sorry. You guys are actually wrong. The real answer is the effect of coffee on Dad’s performance. (Rhett laughs) – The Toad is their dad in the situation. – Oh, at least he’s, oh– – [Rhett] Texting on MarioKart. – Wow.
– Genius! – [Rhett] Is there a cow in MarioKart? – Yeah, there’s a track called
Moo Moo Gardens or something. – Oh.
– Oh. – They threw us off.
– You can hit cows. – [Stevie] All right I’m
gonna have to give the point to Rhett and Link on this one. – Yes, yes, so that’s
actually a cool idea. They were texting and driving– – Right. – But in a safe Mario environment. – Where it’s acceptable. – [Stevie] Let’s go next. – [Link] Okay she’s
propped up there, posed– – [Rhett] Hold on, how did
she win first and second? – We got a plane, a horse.
– Something manipulation. How to get what you want. – Okay there’s a pony on there. There’s a purse, there’s
a plane, there’s money. Yeah, right. – Where do you wanna
go to lunch after this? (Emily chuckles) – I’d like a burger. – There’s not two blanks there though. – But it could be one, okay good. Then this one?
– Okay. No I like that, I like that, yes. – I wish you two would get along. – All right.
– We compromise. – [Stevie] Emily and Jordan, let’s see it. – Santa manipulation. – Ooh, oh.
– Okay. – Ah. – She clearly has
compromising photos of Santa. And she used it to get
a horse for Christmas. – That is actually really, really good, ’cause we went with parent manipulation. I think that Santa is a
more straightforward answer. Let’s see what’s the answer. – Step dad!
– Step dad! (Rhett laughs) – [Emily] Very nice. – Technically, Santa could be a step dad. – Sure, yeah. – [Stevie] Oh gosh. I mean, but it’s, Rhett and
Link, you get the point. – Yes!
– No, that’s correct. – [Stevie] Okay, here is the last one. – [Link] Grandma blank blank blank. – First of all, you guys
can’t win at this point. But if you get this 100% right, you take home the victory. – I actually need this. If I get the F, my mom won’t
let me go to space camp. (Rhett laughs)
– Oh. All right this is for
space camp for Jordan. – Now I see, are those Skittles? – [Link] Yeah, those are Skittles. – [Jordan] That’s it,
that’s gotta be it, right? – There’s a skunk, there’s crap. – There’s more dookie. What’s up with kids putting poo– – That’s definitely like hard candy balls in her purse up there on the right. – [Link] Hard candy in
the grandma’s purse. And another grandma, and another grandma. – This doesn’t make any
sense based on those blanks, but I think it has
something to do with this. – Yes.
– Oh I didn’t notice the thing that you noticed. I just noticed it now.
– Oh yeah. – Yeah.
– So, okay. So this makes sense now. Now you agree with me. – Before I was just like,
all right. (chuckles) – [Stevie] Okay, Rhett and
Link, what do you have? – [Rhett and Link] Grandma, what’s she smelling? – She’s smelling poop, skunks.
– It’s its own thing. – [Stevie] And for all the marbles maybe. Emily and Jordan. – Grandma, Skittles in heaven? – Aw.
(Rhett laughs) Aw no.
– They were her favorite! So we wanna know if she
gets Skittles in heaven. – So the science fair project is, well you communicate with the afterlife. – You do a goat sacrifice. – Right there in middle school. – Yes exactly, out in the
playground by the flagpole. – Why she smells!
– What? – Somehow that’s sadder
than her being dead. – Yeah, I know.
– Well of course, she might be smelling after she died. – I thought maybe she
murdered the doo-doo skunk. I had a grandma that used to
kill moles with a pitchfork in the backyard so I thought maybe– – She would just stand out
there and wait for ’em? – No she drowned them out
with a hose in the holes and they would come up to the top and then she’d stab them with a pitchfork. – Sounds like an episode of Tom and Jerry. – I’m not kidding.
– Sounds like a game. – Every time you start to
talk about your childhood, a voice in my head goes,
this is gonna be awful. (laughing) – So she literally played Whac-A-Mole. – Well yeah.
– You stab ’em all, I guess.
– Stab ’em all, yeah. – Okay guys. You get an F.
– Aw man. – You’re not gonna go to space camp. We get the A and together, we are– – Science AF.
– Science AF. (chuckling) – Ah yes, thank you for liking,
commenting and subscribing. – Now you guys say–
– Call me when you have a bible fair.
– Oh. (laughing) – You know what, say you
know what time it is. – Oh–
– You know what time it is! – [Link] Please, say you
know what time it is! – I have 10 more things to say. (Emily laughs) – Hi there. I’m Dr. Em, and this
is my robot pal Photon. – Hello. – We’re from Upon Further Inspection, and it’s time to spin the wheel. – Of Mythicality. – Upon Further Inspection. – I know what I’m doing tonight. – Yeah.
– Click the top link to watch us play with
the Kaboom Science Kit in Good Mythical More. – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality’s gonna land. We’ve turned the GMM
mug green for season 15. Get yours now at Mythical.store.

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