Home-Built Track Monster Miata: FAST Frankenstein Build!
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Home-Built Track Monster Miata: FAST Frankenstein Build!

(car engine roaring) (hip hop music) – Hi internet, it’s me again, I’m sorry but I have a car here for you today and on the DL on Build Biology and some of the other cars, I’m kinda known as the guy who brings in cars who are the. Let me just say that today’s
car isn’t exactly the. It’s more like, let me
just say it, it’s. This is the shirt car of Time Attack and these are my friends Tony
Szirka and his son, Ulrik. How are you? Gimme a knuckle pound. – I’m good, how are you? – You need a cheers. We’re having coffee in the morning here. Fellas, oh my god, I go
so far back with you two. Tony, you are UMS tuning, the UMS tuna, you have a very fast Evo, you’ve gone 143 at Buttonwillow Clockwise 13. (car rattling) (engine roaring) You have a very successful
tuning company, UMS tuning, and your son, who, last time
I saw him, was 12 years old. Fast forward, see him driving
some cars, getting faster. Now he’s 17, built this, which
is a very very fast Miata. For, just, and giggles,
tell us how fast have you gone at Buttonwillow Clockwise 13. – 151 eight is my personal
best at Clockwise 13. – What’s fast these days? Sub 153 is moving. – Anything low 50s is fast. – Anyways, lets get into the exterior. Tell us about the exterior of the car. (hip hop music) What do you got goin on? Let’s start with the front here. So I know Time Attack’s very big, contingent on aero these days. – [Ulrik] On aero. It’s really kinda simple, I
just took a sheet of plastic, riveted it to the chassis,
riveted it to the bumper, made some braces and I cut out the shape of the splitter that I wanted. It attaches to the subframe
in the back with two bolts. We have three aluminum
brackets like that, coming down and then it attaches to the
plastic which is attached to the bumper which
attached to the chassis. – Now what do ya got going on here? Is this a sleepy eye? Like the S-chassis or
is this a lazy eye or? – [Ulrik] That’s my oil cooler duct. – [Host] Fabricated by
you, you made that one too? – [Ulrik] Yeah. – [Host] For those who
are playing at home, how do you relieve fender well pressure. What is that? Can you describe what that is? – [Ulrik] Air finds its way from the engine bay into the fender well. Normally you would have a
vent up top or something. I didn’t quite have that,
and we were in a rush to get ready for Super
Lap, also it flexes out the fender a little bit
because we were really really close to rubbing so it’s kind of a dual purpose, I guess. – [Host] So it’s clearance,
and then also, too, air that comes off of the wheel and gets trapped in the fender well too. – [Ulrik] Yeah it gets
trapped in the fender well and it gets evacuated out the back. – [Host] You kinda did a
little ghetto voltex type of thing going on there. – [Ulrik] Yeah, yeah, pretty much. – [Host] I like that. You got the other e bay overfender here. – [Ulrik] Yep, fully broken. – [Tony] Wait, wait,
wait, point out the fact that you got em backwards for a reason. – [Ulrik] Oh, yeah. – [Host] Wait, what? – [Ulrik] These are actually the fronts. – [Host] What? – [Ulrik] They didn’t fit. – [Host] You got like a reverse
stagger on your … oh no! – [Ulrik] Yeah. – [Tony] It wouldn’t clear the front tire so if he would’ve done this
fender trick in the beginning, it probably would’ve worked out okay. – [Ulrik] Yeah, it would’ve worked out. – [Tony] But that happened
later on, after the tires. – [Ulrik] Yeah, yeah. – Oh yeah, I’m skipping something, before we get to the back, when you talked about your tire widths,
you’re running square. – [Ulrik] 275s. – [Host] 275 squares. – [Ulrik] 275 Hoosier A7s. – [Host] Hoosier A7s. Why the A7s instead of the R7s? – A7 is autocross compound so it’s – [Host] It’s stickier right?
– [Ulrik] Stickier, Softer, comes on faster. – [Host] Exactly, exactly, everybody sort of runs the A7s, they
don’t last as long, right? – Oh, no, no, no, no, no. – [Host] Talking about
not lasting as long, like this is a kid on a budget here, this is like Taco Bell
budget here right now. – [Ulrik] Oh yeah. – [Host] You’ve never
run a set of stickers? – Nope, never had a set of
sticker tires in my life. – [Host] And you’re running
151s at Buttonwillow Clockwise 13, never had sticker. For those that don’t know,
explain what stickers are. – Brand new tires. – [Host] Brand new, you’ve
never had brand new tires? – Nope, always had take offs. – [Host] I love that. So take offs are like
tires that your dad has run or someone else. This is a 15 inch wheel? – [Ulrik] Yeah, 275, 35, 15, Hoosier A7. – [Host] And what wheel is this? – [Ulrik] Young blood, jongbloed. – [Host] The jongbloeds, yep, yep, yep. A15 7? – [Tony] 15 by 10.
– [Ulrik] 15 by 10. – [Host] 15 10? – [Ulrik] Yep. – [Host] Oh that explains the 275 I guess. – [Ulrik] Yep, yep. – [Host] What sort of wing is this? – [Ulrik] It’s a Buddy Club 3D. – [Host] Okay. – [Ulrik] It came off of his Evo, when it was gray, too, yeah. – [Host] And now you have
a little duckbill here too, whose is that? – [Ulrik] Ebay racing. (laughter) – [Host] Ebay racing again, wow, okay. – [Ulrik] That was on before the wing, I just didn’t wanna take it
off and have holes in the. – [Host] So that’s a
dual plane element then? – [ Ulrik] Yeah, I guess so. I guess you could say that. – [Host] Technically, technically. – [Tony] It’s actually in the rules, it’s in the rules, duckbills
are allowed to be kept. – [Host] Okay, okay, alright. And then you guys obviously
have the hard top too, so. – [Ulrik] Yeah, it’s an OEM hardtop. – [Host] OEM hardtop, okay. – [Tony] It’s heavy, so
there’s a lot of weight. – [Host] Can we get inside? – [Ulrik] Oh, yeah. – [Host] Show us the inside terior. (hip hop music) – [Ulrik] Eparco Circuit,
it’s a little torn up, little bit patched up with gaffers tape but we have the racepak IQ3
dash in the car right now. I could actually turn
the key on and have it light up for you guys if you’d like. – [Tony] That’s a left
over from a customer that was actually
– [Ulrik] It’s a leftover from – [Tony] Broken, we sent
it out and got it fixed. – [Host] Really? – [Tony] Yeah, the seat belts are actually out of the same car that donated the tires that he learned on. – [Ulrik] Yep. – [Tony] They were expired
old drop harnesses. We share my harness
device when we go racing, so he borrows mine. – [Host] So you guys can’t
run in the same session? – [Ulrik] Nope. – [Tony] Fortunately my
car’s been down for a minute. Well, actually, no we got him a Nextgen for his birthday or for Christmas. – [Host] Aww, Merry effin Christmas. And you also compete, I see this too, so you also compete in NASA as well. – [Ulrik] Yep, NASA, TT. – [Host] So are you TTU? – [Ulrik] I’m in TT 2. – [Host] TT 2, okay, well. – [Ulrik] We’ve ran in TT 1 before though. – [Host] Okay. – [Ulrik] We can turn the power up, our high boost map fits in TT 1 classing. – [Host] Speaking of a high boost map, can we see what’s under the hood? – [Ulrik] Of course. (hip hop music) – [Host] This is the thing
that’s most impressive about this, that when
everybody sees Miata, everybody thinks about a fast Miata would be a monster Miata or do the 180 swap that everybody did, right? – [Ulrik] Nope, we stuck with the one six. – [Host] OG, one six right? This is the original motor that we were talking
about earlier, correct? – [Ulrik] Yep, it’s the original block. – [Tony] Block and head. – [Ulrik] Bits too, yeah, block and head. The VIN numbers match up,
we built the bottom end, got it all ready for some boost. We used Wiseco pistons,
eight to one compression, mainly H Beam rods, it’s
the stock cranks though. – [Host] Are these actually
eight and a half to one? – [Ulrik] Eight and a half to one. – [Host] Eight and a half to one, okay. – [Ulrik] Yeah, stock
crank, ACL bearings, full Supertech valvetrain, stock cams still. We made 384, was the most this
car’s made with this turbo. – [Host] And how did you
go about making that? – [Ulrik] Well, that’s
a Evo 10 stock housing but it has 20G wheels inside of it. – [Host] Okay, how’d you
come up with that one? – [Ulrik] It was his idea. – For the longest time it was
running a stock Evo 10 turbo, just modified to fit this chassis. Jesse at JDL, I kinda told
him what my game plan was, I wanted to do a twin scroll,
internally gated set up so it’s not all complicated
with two external gates, all this stuff, Evo 10, and
actually eight nine had a tube but the eight nine’s
footprint was a little off, it wouldn’t quite fit so
we put a stock Evo 10 turbo on here and on that turbo
we did like 330 or 340 or something, all in. This one, our friends at AGP
Turbo did this way back in ’08, they built this 20G, basically
inside a stock housing to try to break a horsepower number on Evo 10s when they first came out, and then they kinda left
the platform behind it. That thing’s been sitting in my office for probably five years and we’re like, “Hey, wait a minute,
we’re going to Super Lap, let’s throw some power at this thing.” – [Host] Another hand-me-down? – More take offs, more take offs. – [Host] More take offs. – [Ulrik] Yup. – [Host] And then how are you
controlling all this, Tony? – I’ve obviously been
working with ADM forever and a day and I use a AM
Infinity in my own car and I’ve put one, a series
five, into this car. That’s like the only new
expensive part on this car, realistically, is the ECU, and I put all the right sensors in there. We’ve got a fuel pressure, oil pressure, flex fuel sensor up there. That’s like the command area over there, all the sensors kinda hang out down there. It’s actually a factory wiring harness, I just kinda hacked it all up and adapted it in to make it all work. That’s really the only expensive parts, like everything else is basically used. It had new rods and pistons. – [Ulrik] Yeah, rods and pistons. – [Tony] Everything else has been like. – [Ulrik] Rods and pistons in the head was built with new parts. – [Host] Okay, you guys wanna put it up on the lift and pull a wheel off of it? – [Tony] Let’s do it.
– [Ulrik] Yep, we can do it. – [Host] Let’s see underneath this thing. (car engine roaring) (hip hop music) – [Host] Ulrik, tell me, let’s
get into the splitter now, how far back does this go? – [Ulrik] It goes to the
center line of the wheels. – [Host] Okay. – [Ulrik] As per, GTA
rules for limited class. – [Tony] For limited. – [Host] For limited class, so this is what keeps you in limited, essentially, with the exception of the tires. – [Tony] Actually, you
missed the mark a little bit, you’re about an inch too far back. – [Ulrik] Ooohhhhh. – [Host] Ohhhh, tech,
wow, so it’s not quite a limited car now, just barely. – [Ulrik] Not quite, almost, almost there. – [Host] But you know what,
you just take an inch off, that’s what I tell the ladies. (laughter) – [Tony] Off your expectations. – [Ulrik] Yeah. – [Host] Off their expectations. So that goes back to there, let’s get into the suspension and brakes. What do we have for suspension? – [Ulrik] We have AST 5100s. – [Host] Oh, nice. – [Ulrik] 1000 pound
springs front, 500 rear. – [Host] Okay, is that kind
of a standard Miata thing or? – [Tony] Pretty common,
yeah, it actually came off of one of our local guys that races. It was on his car for
three or four seasons and we bought ’em used for a decent deal. – [Host] Sensing take
offs are the theme here. – [Ulrik] Yep, yep, definitely. – [Tony] The brakes are new.
– [Host] What are these? That was a Christmas present I think? – [Ulrik] Those are Wilwood Dynalites. – [Host] Those are Dynalites, yep, okay. Sway bar? – [Ulrik] Godspeed. – [Host] Godspeed sway bar,
oh, OG Ken Soon stuff, huh? – [Ulrik] Yep, that’s
exactly who it came from. – [Host] I love the way,
I wanna say something, when you guys were pulling the tires off, you made a comment that
the passenger’s side front is the only tire currently
on the car that’s not corded. – [Ulrik] I didn’t confirm that yet, I didn’t confirm that yet. – [Host] So you get every bit of use out of your tires, then? – [Ulrik] Oh, yeah, if I don’t see cords, then we’re not pushing hard enough. – [Tony] Let me give you
a little detail back here. You see how the over fenders have broken? That’s from me driving
it back from an event, from a track event in
Phoenix, and it was… – [Host] It was flapping. – [Tony] It was flapping,
there was a chunk coming off the tires, so it’s
sitting there slapping along and broke everything off. – [Host] But it still
held there though, right? – [Tony] Well, yeah, you could see the air but it was in there. – [Host] That’s all you
need, that’s all you need. Get off the back, this is
where you guys cut the bumper. – [Ulrik] Yeah.
– [Tony] Yeah. – [Host] What exhaust? – [Tony] It was something
that came with the chassis. It was something that, no idea. – [Ulrik] It had a muffler
on it, we took it off. – [Tony] It had, I think it’s
actually and old racing beat or something, it had this
giant muffler in the back that we could run some of the local tracks with sound limits on. – [Host] Okay. – [Ulrik] Yeah, our bashed frame rails. – [Host] I saw that there. (laughter) – [Tony] 280 plus thousand mile chassis. – [Host] Yes, I like that so. – [Ulrik] Yeah, pretty beat. – [Host] Oh my God, can’t believe it. Future plans for the car? – Probably get rid of this chassis. – [Host] Start with something new? Or start with NA Miata. – Another NA Miata, yeah. – [Host] Wow. – [Tony] If we can a clean
one that isn’t wadded up. – [Ulrik] If we can find a clean one with straight frame rails. – [Host] You know, Time
Attack royalty here, it’s like father son and
both getting into the 140s. You think you got a 143 in it
so you can keep up with dad? – [Ulrik] 143, I don’t know about that. Give me a couple years,
give me a couple years. – [Tony] I’m shooting for the 30s, I don’t know what you’re talking about. (air horn blaring) – [Ulrik] Wow, we have a rivalry going on. First to 30. – [Host] Oh, first to 30. – [Tony] Yeah, first to 30. – [Ulrik] First to 30
passes the keys to the car. – [Host] Not in years, but in time, right? – [Ulrik] Yeah, yeah. – [Host] Okay, ’cause I think Tony and I would win the first to 30,
in the first 30 minutes. (throat clearing) – [Tony] I’m good to go. – [Host] Alright, thank you so much Ulrik, thank you for coming out, Tony. – [Tony] Thank you, thank you. – [Host] And with that,
I’m gonna leave you with some bent frame rails here. (hip hop music) – I don’t know what else to say except that this was the best dad ever and apologies to my kids for
having the worst dad ever. (men laughing) (car engine roaring)

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