Homeschool HIGH SCHOOL Curriculum Choices 2018-2019 | Sonlight, Biology, Japanese, Art & More!
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Homeschool HIGH SCHOOL Curriculum Choices 2018-2019 | Sonlight, Biology, Japanese, Art & More!

– Hi there, friends. In the last vlog, I shared our 2018-2019 curriculum choices for the younger kiddos. And today, I am sharing
our homeschool high school curriculum choices for
this 2018-2019 year. Zion just turned 15 and he is
doing homeschool high school, technically grade 10,
and so what that means is this year he is doing
Sonlight Level 320, which is 20th Century World History. He is using this for history,
literature, and the Bible. We also have over there, gonna
show you fully in a second, we have all of his
biology program goodies, and way down at the end, we have some art elective curriculum. Now what is not shown here is, he’s doing Saxon Math this year. I got a bunch of that and
all kinds of extra add-ons at the last used homeschool
curriculum sale that I went to. So, I don’t have that
laid out on the table, ’cause this is all the new
stuff that just came in. My new Sonlight order that I just opened and pulled out of the box today. So, he’s doing that for math. Also, in this Sonlight order, I bought a 24-month
subscription for Rosetta Stone. So, for foreign language,
he’s still doing Japanese, and he’s going to be using
Rosetta Stone for that. So, of course, during the 20th century, there were many achievements and advances. But, as we all know,
during the 20th century, there were just so many
dark times and wars and conflicts and just very
hard things to deal with. So, this is just going to take
him through a focused year. I never mind talkin’ about hard topics with our children because, of course, life is full of hard things to deal with. Zion, at 15, has been exposed
to many of these stories that he’s going to dig
through even deeper this year. So, this is a collection
of the chapter books that he’ll be reading for history, also for literature study,
and then also for Bible study. This looks excellent, When
Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit. I read the back of that earlier, and I thought, “Man I want to read that.” Then this is a book on Winston Churchill, The History of the Modern World. We have a book of poetry
up there and American art. Then down here we have
some Ernest Hemingway, and F. Scott Fitzgerald, many classics. We’ve got The Tempest. We are again getting ready to head out on a huge 12-day road trip, so I’m not going to assemble
these guides right now. You can see these are the
binders that they go in. But, I am going to just rip the plastic and give you a glimpse of what the inside of these guides look like. So, in this guide, this is
the 20th Century World History level 320 and I just opened
to, this is week 17, day one. As an example, for Bible and apologetics, he’ll have pages 38 through
44 in Know Why You Believe. He’ll have Bible reading of Judges 21. For Bible memorization this
week, he’ll have Isaiah 6:1-3. Then, for history, he’ll
be working on the year 1954 in The Visual History of the Modern World, which is up there. For current events,
he’ll have three reports to do for that week. Biographies and historical fiction, he’ll have chapters 12 through 14 of When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit. So, there’s that book again. Then, just turning the page, if these were, of course,
assembled in the nice binder, you could see it better. But, there’s details to go through for every assignment for every day and additional information. Then, this is the student guide for the 20th Century Literature. I just opened up to week 15
and we’ll just say day two. So, for Parallel Journeys,
he’ll have chapters 18 and 19. Robert Frost poems. He’ll read In a Disused Graveyard and then there’s nothing
else for that day. However, there’s more directions
on the pages that follow. There’s a parent guide to also go along with the 20th Century Literature. A lot of Sonlight, from my experience by the high school years, is set up to where the parents, of course, set the kids up for their work. But, it’s intended to be done
as independently as possible by the students with the parents overview and then checking in and
being there for support, questions, answers, further
discussion, et cetera. So, I mentioned in my last video, I got the Artistic Pursuits curriculum for the elementary-aged kids. I also, I was inspired and I thought, “Oh, we can have an art
time every week together.” So, this is high school grades
nine through 12, book one. Then, he also got this supply kit that has drawing pencils and
various types of charcoal and stamps and just
many, many, many goodies in that kit for him. Here’s a look at the curriculum. So, here we have a study
of a particular artist. Here, he has a lesson
on drawing in charcoal. This is the new microscope. I just invested in for him. We’ll have it for other kids as well. This is supposed to be
a very nice microscope that we can get, it’s very heavy, we can get a lot of use out of. Here is the book of which one I bought if that helps at all. This is from Apologia, the
biology that we’re doing. We have RNA and DNA, lots
of good lessons in there. It makes me feel like
nursing school again. So there’s his biology textbook. This is the CD that came with it. This is the guide for his
science lessons each day. We can follow through it,
he’d be done in a year. This box, in here, look
at this, in formaldehyde. Yes, that is a real bull frog and a fish. Let’s see here if it says… Yeah, there’s a real bull frog and a fish. Then, we have a worm. We have some other
little creatures in here, in Formaldehyde, just waiting for Zion to get to his experiments. Then, over here, this is everything. It has some microscope
slides in it already. It has what he needs to do
more slides through there. Now, here is some reality, though. I knew when I did these
homeschool Ikea shelves, I would have to reorganize this when all of our new curriculum came. So, I’ve just been pulling things off. Right now, with you guys in this video, I’m going to get this reorganized, get Zion’s stuff on here
and our curriculum we need. When we get back from our road trip, I’m gonna actually do
a binder for each kiddo with what they need for each day. But, I’m going to set up a shelf with all the curriculum we need for each core for this year. The organization continues. Right now, I’m going through Zion’s Artistic Pursuit curriculum. I was gonna use these book bins to organize his art supplies
and get those on a shelf, too. So, here is how Zion’s
homeschool high school shelves are shaping up. We’ve got the core binders
that aren’t put together yet. He’s got a history book and science and then his art supplies there and then chapter books here. I still need to grab his
math and that notebook and get that slid in as well. So, I finished it up and
I reorganized it all. Somehow in my head, I
feel like it looks better. But, you know what? Here, once we are back
from our big two week trip, I’m going to organize even deeper. It’s like I organize in layers. Once we actually start using everything, that’ll be another layer
of homeschool organization based on what really meets
our needs for the day. So, to recap, top two shelves there are Zion’s high school shelves. We have our reader shelf. We have our elementary all the way up until now middle school shelf. And at the bottom, I
have puzzles and games that kind of go in that direction now. I moved our writing books, Draw Write Now, other elementary level materials in there. There’s our Math-U-See blocks
and the individual notebooks I’ll make for the kids once school starts. The elementary kiddos, that’s
their Artistic Pursuits at the top. So, there we go. Those shelves are reorganized. So, it was a high school curriculum haul and a shelf reorganization haul. So, I’m gonna go guys
so I can find my words. But, I’ll see you next time with another brand new video, bye-bye.

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