How Can Naturopathic Medicine Help Anxiety and Depression?
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How Can Naturopathic Medicine Help Anxiety and Depression?

Naturopathic medicine has so much to offer
for patients with anxiety and depression. A lot of it is because people who are experiencing
anxiety and depression often get to a point where they feel like they are out of options. Maybe they have tried different medications,
they’ve tried different approaches. And sometimes they even feel dismissed by
their medical providers or the medical system in general, or they feel like they just want
to do something to try to help themselves feel better that doesn’t necessarily have
to involve another prescription. And they start to realize that the way, the
foods that they are eating, the way that they eat, the nutrients that they take into their
bodies can make a difference. That’s what I find for myself and the thousands
of patients that I have helped is that we can make a difference in terms of how our
nervous system and the rest of our body responds when we give different input for our body
to work with. So, over the years of helping patients and
helping myself, I’ve really been able to come up with a protocol that works for all different
health conditions including anxiety and depression. And it has to do with understanding the various
stresses we are exposed to, everything from life stress and emotional stress to certain
foods or toxins in the environment that are stressful. The more we can understand about the stresses
we are exposed to and how our body is affected by them and then make different choices based
on that, now we are completely shifting the exposed stress exposure and environment that
our body is dealing with. And we can also look at our genetics and what
are our genetic tendencies and what might be certain nutrients or approaches that your
body needs just as an individual based on your genetics. So, with all of this information we can implement
that and start to see a different outcome. And it is so exciting to be able to check
in and hear from patients who are finding that their anxiety is less, their depression
is better, they’re feeling better in their life. And they may be taking medications as well
or less medication, but at the very least they are feeling better and having fewer negative
affects by using a naturopathic approach.

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