How did China develop High-Speed Trains?

How did China develop High-Speed Trains?

30 thoughts on “How did China develop High-Speed Trains?

  1. China is cheat country, they hide there failures, there is no freedom , people cannot speak bad about government, otherwise they LL be jailed or killed, I have met many Chinese people, they don't have any idea.China potrays every country bad , trying to prove they are superior in every thing😂😂😂

  2. Meanwhile on the secondary lines steam locomotives are working very hard to pull coal , ore and other things.


  4. Stealing ideas from Japan and Germany as they do with everything else they produce that is any good because their own home inventions are absolute rubbish.

  5. 对,任何的产品只有外国人参与或使用了外国生产的零部件,就不是中国造的。……没错,毕竟外国是最伟大的国家,生产了世界上百分之40的钢铁,建高铁没钢铁可不行。双标嘛,任何他们吹上天的伟大牛逼高科技 一旦故障,立马就怀疑是不是用了和中国生产的零件。

    中国”从日本那里学习“到的只是220 公里时速的某些烂大街的技术,这虽然对我们有借鉴意义,但是我们并没有从它们那里得到核心技术。而在此之前,国产自研的中华之星、蓝箭等高铁最高时速已经超过300 公里以上了。


  6. They wanted so run bullet train! instead of buying it from japan like indie , they did revere engineering . That's how you get bullet train !!!!!

  7. Stolen. Of course. IP theft according to Trump and his MAGA cronies. China is so stupid that they can’t do anything. It has to be stolen. Wink wink.

  8. They don’t have an ability to develop the high speed railway system by their own.Just copying from other countries.

  9. How did China develop high speed trains ? By buying the technology from Alstom Siemens in the 90's. They did not develop anything.

  10. China stole the train technology from japan. China bought one set of high speed Train and did a reverse engineering and copy the technology.

  11. China really made a great progress in short span of time with its hardwork ,its almost looks impossible to progress that much too quickly but china make it possible to improve life of their citizens.respect from India

  12. It is impossible to have no population advantage. The industrial systems of some small countries in the world are incomplete, and there is no market for them. Only large countries can build large projects.

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