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  1. Did you do work experience before uni? If you did could you do a video about how to find work experience and other tips please? I do the same subjects you did + economics! Xx

  2. This was definitely needed now! I had my geography mock today and I’ve definitely done really badly 😂 I got an A in my year 12 mock so now it’s really annoying probably failing 🤦🏼‍♀️ so an in-depth how to revise geography (and biology) would be much appreciated please and thanks!💗

  3. woop woop im doing the same combo as youuu except with geography theyve updated the specification abit since you did it and im worried there wont be enough past papers

  4. I am currently taking biology at as level and finding it very difficult – I got a C in the recent mock exam. Any advice on whether to drop it at the end of the year or whether it gets harder/stays the same in the second year would be useful. Thanks Xxx

  5. What exam board did you study geography with? And what topic did you do your coursework on? Such a helpful video xx

  6. This was so helpful Noo! Especially useful as I take biology, geography and maths so pretty similar 🙈 Good luck going back to uni, I hope you have an amazing term ❤

  7. Really important question! So far for science I've been revising by making notes from the revision guide and then writing them again and again until I fully understand and learn the notes/topics. I then apply this to some 'end of topic tests' from my science teachers. Am I doing the right thing so far as I'm In year 11? Thanks. X

  8. Thank you sooo much Noo! i've got my biology mock this week for AS so this really helps! 🙂 Also love your channel it's amazing keep up the good work 😉 and hope you have a great term at uni wishing you all the best xxx

  9. Hi noo I love your videos your amazing. I'm so stressed for gcse and I'm in year 11. I really want to get grade 8s at gcse my teachers are really stressing me out please I don't know how.

  10. Looking forward to seeing your vid about how you revised for chemistry cos I do chemistry, physics and business and I've had an offer off Newcastle uni to do a chemistry degree next year😁 loved this video💗

  11. Please can you do a video on how you revised history at AS cause I'm doing it for AS now and struggling to revise cause there's so much more content than gcse x

  12. Thank you so much for this Noo! I would be soo so grateful if you could mention your approach to the application questions in Biology during the separate video (both when revising and in the exam!) I always say that if I had 5-10 minutes to wrap my head around them then I would be fine, though in the exam it's always a race against time and I get so flustered!! 😩😂 X

  13. I do biology& geography also and then my third one is psychology. I did start of with chemistry but I found it sooo hard! Did you do an EPQ as well? If you did/didn't could you make a video why you chose to do one/ or not 🙂 thanks xx

  14. Hey noo I love your revision videos. Please can u tell me if your not doing well in year 11 in the time span you have if u start revising now in January can you still get grade 8s and 9s.

  15. This was really helpful thank you! I study the same subjects as you at college and I am currently in year 12 and I really don’t know what to study at university. Could you maybe do a little video about biochemistry please ?

  16. Hey noo I wanted to ask u basically I haven't written all my notes from year 10 I'm in year 11. I have the teachers power points and my revision guides shall I just condense everything down instead of writing notes again then condensing would it still get me a grade 8 or A*. I'm confused and thank u.

  17. Thanks for the very useful advice! I hope to study at Bath university too, what would you rate the university out of 10?

  18. I want to take geo chemo and bio at a levels but I want to know if it's how much harder are the subjects than GCSE?

  19. THIS IS THE MOST MOTIVATIONAL VIDEO EVER❤. I had literally stopped revising for months and this is the only thing that helped me get back to it. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH NO ONE EVEN UNDERSTANDS

  20. I love your videos so much! They are so motivational and enjoyable to watch. I really want to take these for A – Level next year (in Year 11) so this really helped me! Thank you and your so pretty!! x

  21. Hey when did you start revising. I need AAA in bio chem maths to meet my med offer and am quite worried that I won’t get it. Chemistry especially how did you revise for F325 (Inorganic A2) im finding it really hard.

  22. how many hours a day did u revise? at this time last yr? also is it imp for me to go into skl or revise at home?XXX

  23. How come your so young and already in Uni?

    Also, I love your videos it is like they are made for me haha. I will take A levels and I will take Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Maths. I am so worried that I won't do well especially in Chemistry and Maths so hopefully, inshAllah I can do well x ❤😄

  24. Yay I do the same subjects as you did! Loving it and wanting to apply for biochemistry or veterinary med xx

  25. I didn’t do as well in my GCSE’s than I had liked to do hopefully I’m doing biology chemistry and geography at alevel in September have you got any tips for me to improve and get better after getting lower results than I expected ???

  26. Dear Noo,
    I wrote a song on hydrogen's love for carbon in the form of a jingle…i mean something similar to a jingle so i would really appreciate it if you go through it once. It follows the tune of Symphony by Zara Larsson so if you listen to that song first youll be able to understand it better.

    I've been part of polythene,
    Alkanes, alkenes, carboxylics,
    A C-H bond for you and me,
    Cant ever be explained by physics,
    Mendeleev left me all alone,
    An electron went and he cut me loose,
    Was single bonding on my own,
    Now i cant form compounds without you,
    And now your bond is on repeat (polymers),
    And im panting on cause you're lengthy,
    And when you bond i feel incomplete,
    So if you want the truth,
    I just wanna be part of your tetravalency,
    Where you hold me tight and not let go,
    A strong bond like CuO.

    I will wait for your views on this…thank you 🙂

  27. Did you find Biology and Chemistry hard or was it manageable? I’m currently in Year 11 and am applying for sixth forms, so I want to do Bio/Chem/Psych but I’ve heard that Chemistry is very difficult and it has knocked my confidence.

  28. Loved this video, so helpful. I'm currently doing chem, bio and geo at a-level and it's not easy haha. I was wondering what camera you have and if it's affordable as I've got a YouTube channel (not this one) that I'm wanting to pick back up?

  29. I’m going to do the same alevels as you- do you think I should do core maths alongside to help with the maths side of it? Also you are such an inspiration to me❤️❤️

  30. I can't decide between physics and biology – I know I'm doing chemistry and geography already, did you find biology complemented geography well? At gcse there a some similar bits and was wondering if it's same at a level? Thanks 🙏🏻

  31. Could you do a video while doing subject and homework studying to understand subject in general after the topic has been thought.

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