How Science Helps Preserve Longmen Grottoes
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How Science Helps Preserve Longmen Grottoes

sides of China’s Yi River are limestone caves
called grottoes, containing many
thousands of statues carved over hundreds of years. [GENTLE MUSIC] These are some of China’s
earliest Buddhist temples, located just south of the
ancient capital of Luoyang. [GENTLE MUSIC] Within the 2,345
caves are almost 110,000 statues, ranging
from under an inch to 56 feet in height. [GENTLE MUSIC] Hou Yuke is part of
the restoration team. [SPEAKING CHINESE] [GENTLE MUSIC] NARRATOR: Hou Yuke’s
team is working on one of the many statues
that have been damaged. And 21st century
digital technology is being used to help. Using a digital scanner,
they will create a three-dimensional copy. [GENTLE MUSIC] HOU YUKE: [SPEAKING CHINESE] [GENTLE MUSIC] NARRATOR: This technique can
pinpoint vulnerable areas in need of restoration. And it can even help to
fill in missing pieces. [GENTLE MUSIC] Modern digital
technology brings to life a unique piece of China’s
history for future generations to enjoy. [GENTLE MUSIC] Many of the statues
would be destroyed, and a portion of the
past would be lost. [GENTLE MUSIC]

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  2. There used to be similar cave systems in Afghanistan… I believe they're all destroyed by the Taliban… Most people only knew about the destruction of the largest Buddhist statue, but the destruction of thousands of caves containing ancient Buddhist figures and scriptures from the silk road era are much much worse.

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