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  1. I honestly think that part of him wanted to get caught… i mean he did know it could be traced and asked about that…and took the police word for it, is it because he trusts them? is it because he's a risk taker? or is it that part of him, even if subconsciously, wants to be caught…writing to police and newspapers, giving himself a nickname "BTK", he wanted to be written in the history of the nation as one of the famous serial killers, and you can't be that if you aren't caught…..

  2. "so if you're looking to get away with murder, dont rely on a police for IT support."
    Thanks narrator man, really needed the advice.

  3. Will never forget the time my mom and I saw him in the Walmart in Wichita before he was caught. I was only 4 or 5 but I fuzzily remember my mom feeling so terrified. My mom is the most paranoid mother (incredibly careful) on the planet and she was always scared someone would try to take me in a public place. We are walking around Walmart, I was sitting in the shopping cart seat and she began kind of weaving through the aisles a bit fast. I just remember being confused and then she told me someone was following us. My mom left her entire shopping cart with everything in it and grabbed me, pretty much booking it out of the store. This happened in 2003 I want to say… Once he was caught, my mom saw his face on the news and told me years later, it was him who stalked us that day.

  4. The question is what did this guy do until 1991 until he was caught in 2005? There is no way he just stopped killing in that time frame. There is absolutely no way someone like him just stops. There has to be more victims.

  5. 1975 to 1991 = 17 years with 10 murders, some of which were multiple in a single event. It's a little misleading to say that's less than one event every two years since the BTK episodes were not uniformly distributed over that period. The timeline was not what you'd expect with serial killers. The comment that "the Wichita, Kansas area was terrorized" is exaggeration and sensationalism. I lived in Wichita during that time and neither experienced nor observed any "terror" attributed to the BTK murders. It was a well publicised media event but neither I nor anyone I know made any reference to his actions having any effect on their activities. If we had been living in a state of fear or terror, you'd expect that that fear and terror would cause significant behavioural modification of the populace. My experience during that time is that other than reading the reports in the Wichita Eagle/Beacon, the activities of Dennis Rader had little effect on the normal activities of the vast majority of the community – the friends and family of his victims being an obvious and significant exception.

  6. My in-laws lived in Park City while this BTK guy was doing his murdering. They even met the guy. He worked for the city as a property code enforcement inspector. From interviews I had seen of him as an inspector he was a real self important deuchebag. His job was one of the ways he would target ppl. Glad he caused himself to get caught.

    He could have gotten away with it all if his ego didn’t need stroking. Clown.

  7. The lesson here is kill twice the people you expect to be caught for so you have bargaining chips when you’re caught.

  8. Came here to pretty much "watch" the end game of mindhunter… stuffed himself over in a way that only a disturbed narcissist that doesn't see anything wrong with his actions would… you know watching that show made me think… it reminds me of most politicians and people in power or with great wealth… like 90% of them… commit social moral ethical "murder" justifying it in a legal way… these guys commit primal physical murderer.

  9. Psychopath, organized I would say if I have too. Same traits, more entrenched and practiced , but same as Watts, in terms of psychopathy. Watts is more instrumental, Rader, or the floppy disc killer, is more psycho sexual.
    Betting there are more than ten murders.

  10. Got to commend the guy's patience. Having a craving for murder and managing to escape for over 30 years and only killing 10 people total ? That takes some insane control over oneself.

  11. Let us all pretend that he don’t wanted being caught^^. That his narcissistic mind don’t wanted to show on TV etc^^. This mistake was not on purpose but thanks to his mind. He is one of a handful American serialkillers which I would be scared off being killed from him. The MO is extremely painful and uncomfortable. Quality > quantity

  12. [police do their job]
    BTK: They betrayed me, they didn't keep their promise, they tricked me and I don't care anymore

  13. “Serial Killers don’t stop killing till they’re caught” …..20 seconds later….”though he hadn’t killed in 13 years” LOL

  14. Seriously, WHAT A MORON!!!!!! It was freakin 2005!!! If they were able to find who the president of that congregation was through a quick web search (and it was completely easy in 2005) BTK should have been wise enough to realize that he could google…or yahoo or altavista or whatever the question "Is it possible to track a floppy disk" instead of asking the freakin police lol. I mean……was he just the kind of guy who refuses to learn new things or did he want to get caught…

  15. They didn't "track" the floppy disk, they looked at deleted data, which isn't actually deleted, only it's reference in the table of contents.

  16. This bastard's little feelings were hurt because the police lied to him? Awwww… ain't that too bad? Serves the arrogant bastard right! I hope he gets raped by a groups of well-hung pervs in prison!

  17. These types of criminals want to get caught. Maybe on an unconscious level, but still. The theatre involved in the murders suggests they always want some sort of credit and recognition.

  18. My opinion: He knew he would get caught via the floppy disk but was fed up of not receiving the ‘kudos’ for his crimes personally so basically handed himself over

  19. After 2001…. Being a successful serial killer in America became impossible. Thanks to CCTV. This is why the new breed of sociopaths (serial killers) are just mass shooters. Typically serial killers and mass shooters fit in the exact same profile.

  20. Mind Hunters Season 3.
    Holden: "A computer lab? We're already pressed for time as it is. I don't see how wasting more time backing up files onto a computer is going to help… "

  21. "He doesn't fit the profile of a killer like BTK"
    video of him in the white suit
    Me: Uuuhh yes he fuxkin does…

  22. a teacher at my sister’s school had his son (or daughter idk) as a student and always had meetings with this guy, idk why i just found that creepy

  23. Well, I do admire his tenacity. The combination of matter of fact determination and indifference is a coveted talent. Just think of the possible accomplishments.

  24. I just can't listen to that narrator. Drawing out words to sound smooth. 197Fooooouuur 199onnnnnneeee. Areaaaaaaaaaaaa. Awful

  25. 5:27 And there guys… is the proof that police is corrupt, no matter what. If they want they can do it and it sure will happen.
    Driving with siren through red light to catch up some food or so.
    Trying to fine someone and still looking for something to write the ticket…
    Suddenly they are called for a robbery while they wanted to give a fine but i got a big mouth so he drove away.
    Things like that guys.
    So he said something the police don't have proof for and still they take him. Corrupt
    Sooo ummmmmmmm….. i robbed a bank rofl

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