How To Extract DNA from Peas
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How To Extract DNA from Peas

In this fun experiment we’re going to
extract DNA from Pea’s. Taking one-quarter teaspoon of salt and dissolving
that in one cup of water. Use a spoon to stir it in. I recommend using warm water.
Stir until the salt is fully dissolved. Now we will put our cup of salt water in
the blender After that we will add a half a cup of
split peas. Place the lid back on the blender blend the split pea and salt water mixture
until you have the consistency of a thin pea soup. I recommend starting off slow
and then speeding the blender up. This will take about 20 seconds Stop the blender when the mixture
appears smooth. Remove the blender Take the lid off the blender. Now use a small strainer to strain out the chunks. You will need to use a spoon to help
work it through the strainer this is a This is to strain out all the large pieces. this may take several minutes but when
you’re done you should have a water like mixture. Now add two tablespoons of clear hand
soap. It has too be clear soap. The soap will destroy the phospholipids in the plasma membranes This will open the cells and allow their
contents into the liquid. Mix thoroughly once it is mixed thoroughly allow it to
sit for 10 minutes. now add one quarter teaspoon a meat tenderizer. Stir
gently. The meat tenderizer has an enzyme that destroys the protein coat of DNA
this exposes the strands now we will add an equal amount of rubbing alcohol Add slowly, we want the alcohol to remain on top of the mixture. you should begin to
see the DNA float to the top the DNA can be hard to see so you may
use a flashlight depending on how you did the experiment you may be able to
see large strands of DNA in our experiment looks like a white mess we
can pull the DNA out using a toothpick by putting it on some black paper you
can see the individual strands I hope you enjoyed this experiment
thanks for watching

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