How To Read Shoe Tags On Jordan Sneakers
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How To Read Shoe Tags On Jordan Sneakers

A lot of people come up to me and they ask me they say bro. What do these numbers mean inside the size tag? Like I know what the size is but like what’s all this other stuff mean today? I’m gonna break it down for you guys to show you exactly what it means why they put it there why you should understand it as well Welcome back to the channel. What’s up with y’all how y’all doing? How y’all been if you don’t know, my name is DJ and this is the DNA show today We’re gonna be talking about the simple topic of the size tag A lot of people actually don’t understand this and that’s why they’re clicking on this video now I’m here to help you guys understand exactly what’s going on today. I’m gonna use three different shoes from three different eras We got an old 2000 2010 and then closer to 2020 era right here So this shows you the difference between the tags and all those things So let’s start with the old shoe first because these ones a lot of people get confused about the newer ones a lot more simple But basically here on the tag, you have a bunch of different stuff numbers and all these things and you’re like what’s going on? Right on the top of the tag. Let’s break it down from the top to the bottom We have made in China and then underneath that you have these numbers and you’re like, what is this number? Oh one oh four Oh six mean the production year the production month the production day And then why three right here is going to be where the shoes were produced I was in China at the y3 Factory and then going on to Us size 13 UK size 12 European size forty seven point five and then 31 centimeters So that’s pretty much the one that everybody knows next part You have one three six zero six four space zero zero one space zero zero So these numbers right here are actually going to tell you the style code and the color of the shoe So the first numbers are going to be the style code So it’s gonna be Air Jordan 3 and then the oo one is going to be black cement Which is the colorway so you got Air Jordan three blacks to me Next you have the barcode of the shoe and underneath that barcode. You have another production date Usually they run the production dates from the beginning to the end of the production. So on here you have oh four 1101 and then underneath that you have your patent number which they have the patent issue and have the rights to all these things So a 2001 black cement 3 if you want to get all the information for it You can look these numbers up on Google and will bring up this exact shoe so sometimes if it’s a sneaker that you don’t know like Where or what and all that stuff just look up the style code on Google and you’ll literally find the shoe like that Okay. I want to give you guys a quick brief of the 2010 Doernbecher 3 which any three doesn’t really matter but this is just one I have in hand this tag is a little bit different Than the older tag. They updated it. They threw a jump man on there They got a little bit more fancy with the printing they made it look a little bit nicer You have the wide 3 factory the sizing and then now you can see the exact production dates in 2010 from start to finish and then also your style code number made in China and then you have your barcode you have another barcode Number underneath that which I don’t know what that means and then you have your UPC code right here Which also matches on the box right here next to the barcode? So that’s the barcode number that we were talking about earlier that you will find That’s the same number that’s going to match with the shoes So if you ever looking for shoes to match with your box and then from there You have your US patents and all those numbers from there. So that’s kind of breaking down this shoe So as you can see They updated it a little bit and it got a little bit more improved over that 10 year period from 2000 to 2010 So now let’s take it to the final 2019 release. This one is way different It’s got the sizing on the side in multiple sizes now more than just a couple and then you still have your warehouse and your production code and your production date your UPC code that matches the box as well And then you have your color code here at the top CK four three Four four zero zero two that’s gonna be the same code that you find right here on the box as well So as you see it’s very easy to match the shoes with the boxes with these codes and then underneath that made in China and it has it in multiple languages as Well, and then now here in 2019, you can see you can search the patent now through a website Which is a lot different than before you have to look up numbers and it didn’t really make sense But it’s very very smart. Now QR codes is a big thing so on here You can scan the QR code and that will usually direct you back to the Nike website so you can purchase some more product That’s just another way of promo for them So that’s gonna wrap it up from reading the three different areas of the tags as you can see They’re all pretty much the same They just look a little bit different and have advanced over the years what you can’t be mad at because you know that yeah There’s more stuff on the tag, but it’s helpful for the people It’s helpful for the companies helpful for the brands And if you are ever struggling on finding something it’s a lot easier to just look up these numbers compared to being like All the numbers is right here. It’ll tell you just type them in on Google and it’ll literally pop the shoe up for you So I hope that helps if you guys have any other questions comments or concerns Any other brands any other sneakers how to read those tags how to read the Box tags anything like that? Drop a comment down below and hopefully I can answer those questions for you guys. I hope this was helpful I hope you guys enjoyed it. If you haven’t already, please hit that subscribe button. Don’t forget to smash that like button It really helps the algorithm. I appreciate you guys. My name is DJ I’m signing out. I’m gone peace You

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