How Your DNA Proves Evolution Is Real
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How Your DNA Proves Evolution Is Real

Hey smart people. Joe here. Charles Darwin
spent 5 years circling the world, to discover what became The Origin Of Species. Alfred
Russel Wallace spent /8/ years traveling through South Asia to witness the story of evolution.
But you can discover the same thing today, without going anywhere. Because the story
of evolution is right there in your body. You’re tailbone? Used to be a tail. If you
can move your ears, that’s thanks to muscles you share with other mammals. That pink bit
in the corner of your eye? A leftover of a third eyelid we can still find in lizards,
birds, fish, and others. Goosebumps are a feature we share with lots of animals that
didn’t lose their body hair, and even hiccups trace back to the brains of fish and tadpoles,
a brain signal they use to squeeze water through their gills. These body parts are just a few scattered
pages in a larger story about our evolution. But there’s other fossils hidden inside
our bodies that tell an even clearer tale about how we came to be the way we are. [OPEN] One of these stories is so simple, it can
be told with a single picture. These are images of chromosomes, the big chunks
of DNA inside every one of our cells. When we look at images of human chromosomes, next
to those of other apes, they line up nearly identically. Except for human chromosome 2.
It seems to have no match next to the other ape chromosomes. And chromosomes 12 and 13
in the apes, we don’t seem to have a match for those. Even weirder, humans have 46 chromosomes in
total, 23 pairs. These other apes? They have 48 chromosomes… 24 pairs. What could explain
this? If we’re supposed to be related, why are we missing a chromosome? Turns out we aren’t missing a chromosome
at all. Sometime during our species’ history, those two chromosomes that are still separate
in other apes were welded to become our single human chromosome 2. Us, chimps, gorillas,
orangutans, all inherited the DNA we have today from some common ancestor with 48 chromosomes,
but two of ours got stuck together along the way, and you can even see how they match up. The sequence of DNA on our chromosome 2 carries
even more evidence. If two chromosomes were glued together, you’d expect to find two
centers, or centromeres. And we do. We’d also expect to find telomeres, the ends of
each original chromosome, stuck head to head in the middle. And we do. Thanks to sequencing
the human genome, we can spot the exact DNA base where this fusion happened: 113,602,928
bases from the end. A fossil of evolution, hidden in our own bodies. In Celtic mythology, there’s a place called
Tír nan Óg: a land of eternal youth. When one scientist discovered a protein that’s
keeps stem cells forever young, he named it after this place: NANOG. The human NANOG gene is located on chromosome
12. At least, the version of the gene that works. There are eleven other broken copies
of NANOG spread throughout our DNA. How did these extra copies get spread through our
genome like lost socks? When DNA is replicated, sometimes the same
bit gets mistakenly copied twice. And sure enough, we see one broken copy right next
to the working NANOG gene, like a messed up DNA photocopy. We call these broken genes
pseudogenes. And what about the other ten? There’s another way these pseudogenes can
spread. NANOG, like every gene, is copied, from DNA
into RNA, letter by letter, before that RNA is used to build a protein. But every once
in a very long while, that RNA gets mistakenly copied backwards, back into DNA, pasting a
new, broken version of the gene somewhere in our chromosomes. After searching the billions
of letters in our genome, we’ve found ten of these lonely NANOG leftovers in our DNA. Their locations seem random, like they were
blindly tossed in. Now, say you were to read another animal’s genome, and you found these
very same broken copies of NANOG, each pasted in the very same locations, among billions
of letters of DNA. That would be a heckuva coincidence. Unless… it wasn’t a coincidence. This is what we see when we search for NANOG
in a chimpanzee’s genome. The original, and nine of the lonely, broken copies, all
in the same locations as ours. This only makes sense if, millions of years ago, you and me
and the chimpanzee share an ancestor whose DNA was already littered with these broken
genes. We all inherited this pattern, because we share an evolutionary link. Of course, it’s one thing to share a link
with chimps. But chickens? That would require some strong cluckin’ proof. One thing you have in common with a chicken?
You both came from an egg. Inside a chicken egg, the growing embryo produces
something called a yolk sac. It surrounds, well… the yolk, and helps gradually absorb
nutrients to build a baby bird. But human eggs are incredibly small, only
about a tenth of a millimeter across. Unlike birds or turtles, our eggs don’t make a
yolk, or even a shell. We get our nutrients and protection from our mom’s body. So you’d
think–no yolk, no yolk sac. But that’s not the case. Humans make an empty yolk sac,
and it disappears halfway through pregnancy. This is a clue, that our eggs and bird eggs
and even reptile eggs all share an evolutionary link. But can we prove it? There’s an essential ingredient in egg yolks
called vitellogenin. It’s a protein, which means there’s a gene whose DNA codes how
to build it. Egg-laying vertebrates all have at least one copy of this gene. But what about
us? If we really are descended from animals that once laid eggs full of yolk, can we find
some leftover of that yolky gene hidden in human DNA? In 2008, researchers found just that: Fragments
of once-active egg yolk genes, hidden in our own genome. and when they compared our versions
to the chicken versions, they even had the same neighboring genes around them. This is
exactly what evolution would predict. Just like fossil bones, we see remnants of
our ancestors, broken and buried, in these hard to find places. There are many myths of creation around the
world, and most agree on one thing: Humans are special, and we need a special story for
how we got this way. When we take a close look at our own biology, we can see that special
story is evolution, and it’s a story we share with every other living thing on Earth–some
more than others. To some people, the idea that humans–our
bodies, our brains, our thoughts–are also the products of evolution removes some of
the magic of being human. But it doesn’t have to. When Darwin wrote “there is grandeur
in this view of life” he meant that being a creature molded by evolution is a totally
different kind of magic, the kind that still amazes you, even when you know exactly how
the magic is done. Stay curious.

100 thoughts on “How Your DNA Proves Evolution Is Real

  1. When you know what to look for, you see evidence for evolution everywhere. Where can YOU find it?

  2. When you know what to look for the evidence for CREATION is everywhere. If the proof is in the DNA. Explain… Who wrote the code that's in DNA telling out what to do. DNA is information. Which always comes from an intelligent source

  3. DNA proves God exists! How did DNA originally form? Where did they come from? Something as complex and purposeful as DNA cannot just come from nothing out of nowhere.

  4. Despite all of this "proof" and "facts", I still do not have enough Faith to be an evolutionist.
    "If you are without God, you are without Hope". Just one Fact that Everyone will understand one day.

  5. DNA proves that God exists, DNA contains information, without an intelligent cause there is no information. 1:23 they look totaly different.

  6. This is all assumption just because evolutionists call it common descent, some one who believes in biblical creation or ID interprets the same evidence as common design which is also a legitimate assumption. The fact that DNA is digital information for all life on Earth is actually evidence against darwinian evolution.

  7. If you still cannot grasp the fact of creation, that's okay. Your inability to understand it is not an argument against it

  8. If you look for evolution, you will find it. Similarities in organisms don't mean that one evolved into another. And where are the common ancestors to be found? And assuming that certain body parts are left over from evolution can preclude studying what its current function might be, therefore stifling research. And, how do you get from any given point A to point B by evolving to it? And how did the immense complexity of DNA, and of all other components of living things, and of matter itself, and of space and time, evolve?

  9. Who was around to ever observe the human tailbone as a tail??? 🤥🤥🤥

    Not knowing its current function doesn’t mean we can assume what it is/was. Indeed, it’s okay to be smart, but it’s not okay to pass off assumptions as observable, testable, repeatable science. Evolution is pseudoscience founded in assumptions.

  10. How our DNA proves evolution? It doesn’t. Who has ever observed the “welding” of chromosomes??? 🤥🤥🤥

    He says, “somewhere in our history” this happened. That sounds rather scientific 🤯

    Our DNA only shows that our Creator used similar algorithms to design creatures with certain similarities.

  11. So full of s*** is pouring out your ears hey you have to destroy DNA and look at the chemical constitution of it to then pretend that you're looking at actual DNA would you are not doing.
    Number to what you just showed me where you have taken the two DNA parts and fuse them together shows s*** all about evolution absolutely s*** all nothing nothing about evolution.

  12. People like you should be arrested for lying to Children correlation does not show causation you have proved zero about Evolution the same as Darwin proved only about breeding nothing about Evolution only about breeding he never showed an animal not a single one that became a new kind of animal that we never saw before and don't give me any of your s*** about a fox headed squid and it's just horseshit. He's never shown and you have never shown any animal transition into a new kind of animal there for you have shown nothing about Evolution.
    And this smoke and mirrors bulshit you doing right now with this show you should be arrested for it it's clearly lying and you are clearly and doctoring and brainwashing children I wish to God there was a law against it and I wish to God you do time for it.
    You use the word evidence as if it was proof and you hope that no one will notice that you have exchanged the word evidence for proof..

  13. Dear God your story about going from 48 to 23 in a simple single welding is so insane it makes Schrodinger's zombie cat look intelligent.

  14. Descent with modification is not Darwinian Evolution. You can vary the genetics by adapting to the needs of any moment, promoting characteristics that are available variants in the DNA , but you cannot create the chance mutations described as Darwinian Evolution. Instead of combining two ape chromosomes, it was that the apes DEVOLVED when one chromosome of an upright hominid split into two , caused by medical catastrophism, due to Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Radiation Damage to the Chromosomes, and Retro Viruses.
    Apes devolved away from the parent original species which original were humanoid hominids, walking upright, but in their collapse, the Apes devolved, nearly went extinct, but bounced back by adapting "Knuckle Walking " traits to aid with the general collapse of the original DNA design that all Hominids shared, first.
    So the Humans were first to exist, and the Apes are devolved degenerated but rebounded creatures that nearly went extinct. One of their maladies is that a chromosome broke apart gaining them two extra pieces of a chromosome, that are remarkably shorter then the human original.
    So the Human did not fuse two short chromosomes, no, the human chromosome for some related species, broke apart into separate short strips of chromosomes, and millions of genetic sequences were lost forever when the breakage occurred, explaining the deformed disproportional decadent outcome of Apes, who have the wrinkled skin of a ninety year old man, heart attacks at 25, one third of the lifespan and most of all the hunched over crippled gait of a deformed sick spinal design , that required the use of walking on the knuckles.
    So Darwinian Evolution would attempt to claim a dysfunctional ape advanced by chance mutations to evolve into a modern human, but Medical Genetic Sciences easily prove that a prior well proportioned overall class of hominids existed and some were attacked by ravaging diseases , that nearly wipe them out, but they adapted back from the edge of extinction by becoming Knuckle Walkers. Don't listen to all those lies fed you by the False Scientific Rationalists , they have an agenda to devalue Humanity .
    However long ago it was, out of the Cambrian Explosion, a creature was smoothly designed as HOMINIDS, without crippled gaits or adaptations meant to overcome those deficits. By the "Golden Rule" all creatures that emerge out of the Cambrian explosion, are smooth designs with proportional bodies and upright spines, including the parent species of the Hominids, which were Humanoid . The Apes are an example of medical disasters forcing their line or subspecies to adapt to avoid extinctions. But the smoothness of all Mammals are equally so uniform and complimented by the Golden Ratio of Biological Organic Genetics. 1.68.
    But the Monkeys and the other Apes, all suffer from dysfunctional chaos, losing that original smoothness of design by the Golden Ratio , 1.68, so that the arms, legs, face, waist , spine and all parts are all like a "Tossed Salad". They do not follow a rhyme and rhythm of origins, while all other basic mammals show no distortions in their own ancient genome. Compare a well formed Human to a Gazelle, or a Deer , or a Lion and you see SYMMETRY in the DNA design , which goes for each special species all the way back to a remarkable revolutionary emergence out of the Cambrian Explosion .
    The Apes are clear evidence of DEVOLUTION with proof that dying species can rebound by chaotic but successful adaptations that depart the symmetrical original design .

  15. This evolution hoax is still just a theory. It has not, nor can it ever be proven. It all goes back to the big bang, which is science's current theory of the origin of everything. That couldn't have happened either as it would violate several laws of physics. One such law is the conservation of matter and energy, where it is a proven fact that matter and energy can neither be created or destroyed…ever. The big bang theory says everything arose from nothing. Sorry. Try again. This clip seems to rely heavily on how we are, erroneously, assumed to have arisen from chimps. The theory of natural selection says random mutations, over many thousands of years, create new species. Sometimes they're superior. Sometimes not. One constant is that in all cases the superior species goes on to thrive and dominate while the inferior species from which it arose, dies off. That begs the question, why do we still have chimps? Besides that, reputable sources have calculated the odds of everything we see occurring from completely random actions being around .0(followed by enough zeros to circle the Earth at the equator) and then a 1. Pretty large odds against random creation, don't you think? It's simple actually. It is simply not possible for order to arise from randomness.

  16. none of this actually proves that mutations are random. in fact, in order for the number of fixed mutations separating humans from chimpanzees to have happened in the time is supposedly happened, we should see noticeable genetic differences on the scale of a few generations. If we don't see this, it implies that those mutations may not have happened randomly.

  17. The darwinian one gene mutation at a time theory still doesn't hold up. There is obviously more to it than that. All this shows is that all life is cut all cut from the same cloth.

  18. A number of people still object to evolution, but I suspect their objections have very little to do with the possibility of erroneous science. Kent Hovind has his fans and Intelligent Design has its supporters. But how many average creationists can honestly say they care about chromosomes, autosomes, alleles, introns, codons, mutons, polynucleotides, epistasis, optimons, pleiotropy, neoteny, meiotic drive or phylogeny? I'm inclined to think the answer is "not many".

  19. Is this guy serious?

    Shut the front door.

    "You have a tailbone because you used to have a tail."

    One can assert anything.

    How about some proof and/or evidence!

    You're killin' me, smalls…

    "Medical research has shown that the muscles which help us sit or stand, all gain their ability to move us only because they are attached to our fully functional and necessary so called ‘tail bone’ which of course means that human beings do not actually have a useless or even vestigial “tail bone”! The coccyx is fully functional part of the system of bones, ligaments and muscles of the pelvis, that protects and supports the pelvic organs, and contributes to our upright stance and walking. It provides stable anchorage points for ligaments and muscles which is an essential function of all bones. Without this – we don’t move. Bones must never be considered in isolation, since they are part of an integrated musculoskeletal system that supports and protects body organs, and enables us to move."

    Yeah…that's more like It.

    Good grief.

  20. It's okay to disavow a theory founded on gross ignorance and old wives tales, at a time when conestoga wagons, flintlock muskets and slavery were in fashion, and most people believed flies and maggots could will themselves into existence from garbage. There is no evidence for evolution anywhere and it's impossible for an organism to add genetic information to itself.

  21. I pray to God people don’t believe this trash!!!! God made people and everything on this earth!!!!! Stop telling lies to people.

  22. It's official. The world's ugliest animal is the blob fish. Look it up on Google images and you'll probably laugh your head off. If that creature is seriously the work of a so-called "designer", then the designer was either on drugs, or they just couldn't be bothered trying anymore.

  23. Why do you feel like you need to convince people evolution is real? I’m a biologist. I believe in evolution. But if my plumber and my electrician don’t believe in evolution, I’m okay with that. Why is tax money being used to dissuade people from their religious beliefs? Why are you incessantly propagandizing people?

  24. Do you own research and then made your mind up. Don’t listen to this man or any other man or woman. Science is a lie. God loves all of you at less you could read his word and think for yourself. I didn’t learned about God in church. I learned by doing my own research and listening to real men of God. One is paster Murray on YouTube and Godinanutshell
    Woodward TV on YouTube

  25. Professing to be wise they became fools! DNA=DNA Replication, Cell Division, Sexual Reproduction, Species Perpetuation does not evolution make.

  26. Can't bypass the laws of information or thermodynamics. Zero proof for the origin of life. Zero fossil evidence. Laws of thermodynamics effectively kill the theory of evolution at every level.

  27. It took 20 world class universities 20 years just to map out the human genome.
    And they now claim that 98.5% of our DNA is junk.
    What stupendous arrogance! Reminds me of the vestigial organ argument for evolution. Eventually all of the 200 or so "vestigial" organs have now been proven to be useful.

  28. Throughout my studies of the evidence for Christianity vs Evolution, I have not come across convincing evidence for evolution, until now. I would also like to settle a misconception about Christianity in regard to evolution: if Christianity is true, then evolution cannot be true, and vise versa. Genesis 1:25 says, "God made the wild animals according to their kinds" (NKJV).

    I assume that this information is true and was researched beforehand.

  29. This is a man made up dream from the devil himself. They put money bones with humans bones trying to make people believe this BS. Please pick up a Bible and read it. Go to other sites to see what they have to say. You are pushing myths and lies.

  30. Here's something interesting: which came first in evolution: a protein, or a ribosome?
    (Try answering this yourself before looking at my answer)

    Neither; they both came about at the same time. In order for a protein to exist, it had to be made by a ribosome, but ribosomes are made of proteins!
    Check out this video for more interesting dilemmas for evolution as described above:

  31. Also, here's a quote from a philosopher of science:
    "There isn't a single example anywhere in the history of the universe in which information came from anything other than an intelligent source" – Stephen C. Meyer

  32. Another interesting book is "Unintelligent Design" by Robyn Williams. It gives a convincing and sometimes humorous explanation for why biological flaws are more likely to be a result of evolution rather than design.

  33. You're an idiot. Where did the information in the DNA come from? When did the woodpecker develop a pad in its head, before or after banging his head into tree?

  34. I miss spoke. I should have said hardware of the computer. I do understand the word of God. I am just trying to open your mind because I want you to know God loves you and so do I. I’m going to give you the YouTube channels. Woodward TV , God in a nutshell. Do your own research and think for yourself. Don’t let me or anyone else tell you what to believe. I know if you really want to know the truth about God you will go to these sites and others too. If you just want to go back and forth with me then I will not do it anymore until you do some research yourself and then get back to me. God bless you

  35. Science without history = assumptions.
    You need observation, test, and verification.

    There has never been a fish nor any animal to evolve nor to produce another kind of animal.
    The theory of evolution cannot be observed, tested, nor verified.
    Only assumed.

    Read the Bible.

  36. The way DNA behaves in nature is proof that it arose naturally and is not the work of a designer. There shouldn't be any errors in DNA replication, because that would suggest imperfection. The fact that errors occur from time to time means the supposed designer was unable to come up with something that was faultless. Unless people are happy to believe in a designer who makes mistakes, the more likely explanation is that DNA is a result of natural occurrence.

  37. Every assertion in this video starts from an evolutionary framework and uses evolutionary assumptions to "prove" evolution. It's circular reasoning.

  38. If nothing created everything than it would be random because nothing doesn’t have a source, and if evolution was true than things would probably still be evolving because their would be no order because it would be random if nothing created everything.

  39. OMGoodness!
    Going by this DNA Evolution THEORY presented, there are two take aways:

    1) All books with approximately the same number of chapters; that use similar looking letters in it's script… All in essence have the SAME plot…. (Sounds Boring)

    Where is "diversity is our DNA strength"?

    Plus a lot of the chimp DNA was tossed out before the so-called human & ape DNA were compared… Look it up!

    2) The words "DNA EVOLUTION" IMPLIES IMPROVEMENT… With that "being the case"… WHY then All the "BROKEN" Bits?

    "BROKEN" IMPLIES DETERIORATING… as in Spiraling Down; Not Up.

    Though the mental pretzeling done here is beautifully contorted & I am sure took a ton of thought to show how DNA that is "BROKEN" is supposed to demonstrate "EVOLUTION".

    ~~ ASK QUESTIONS; Especially WHY? ~~

  40. The Software of an early 486 PC is 95% similar to that of the 286. Did the first evolve from the 286? Of course not. So why bring up this as an argument for evolution. The idea of genetic "leftovers" has also been refuted. So all this is stupid nonsense

  41. The scientific information is very thorough and informative to those who lacked the knowledge. However the facts presented in this video regarding biology do not prove evolution as the title states. The video presents evolution as a commonly accepted answer to how the biological commonalities exist. This is not surprising when one presupposes evolution to be true and all other explanations to be based on myths and magical beings. This contents of this video could have been just as easily presented offering intelligent design as the explanation for the biological commonalities.

  42. It is ok to be smart. Don't be ashamed to be wrong, just think it through again.
    Remember, either coincidence or design…..
    Did you really chose smart?

  43. I love both the account of creation and evolution. They both have very good scientific evidence to back them up. I hate how this topic is always demonized by biased individuals. It frustrates those of us who actually want to learn and hear both sides of the topic.

  44. Disproves video in the first two minutes, then makes stuff up.

    So, what you're trying to say, is that intelligent design went into the creation of humans? Sounds like a good argument for gods existence to me.
    Just fyi, we are de-volving physically, but evolving mentally.
    Look at history. Elephants came from mammoths.
    Sharks came from megladon.
    There are not millions of fossil records transferring from shark to elephant though, are there?
    We went from really big strong creatures, to smaller versions of the same creatures.
    Species to species creation never happened. Birds just create more birds. They might have different breeds, but not species.
    Darwin was a hack.
    God is not dead.

  45. Haeckle's wonderful drawings showed how all stages of evolution are apparent in our early embryonic stages. So he would have loved to hear that the little red pieces in our eyes are a leftover from reptilian eyes. When the human genome was first mapped, scientists discovered that 98% of it was junk; it didn't have any purpose at all. (They were mistaken)

    This presentation purports that leftover unused genes in our DNA match those of apes. Well, 70% of our genes we share with dandelions. What does that prove? Are we descended from dandelions?

    The fact is, nobody has a clue how evolution by mutations and natural selection occurs on a molecular scale. It has never been observed, measured or demonstrated by science. It has only been postulated as a likely occurrence. If macroevolution happens, it happens on a molecular scale. Chemistry is all about valances and predictable reactions. It is not about ambition to improve.

    Oh, and Haeckle was discredited for falsifying those drawings but they still show up in textbooks.

  46. The chromosome was welded together 🤣. Gene welding, brought to you by evolution. Natures miracle worker. Gladly adopted by a lost world, fixated on self worship. The all powerful, mysterious force that the universe uses to guide along the development of all species. Greatest of all, this omnipotent force doesn't judge you or tell you what you should be doing. In fact, it encourages you to be savage. #allhailevolution, the 21st centuries golden ticket for doing whatever thou willest.

  47. God created humans and animals
    Thats why he said to take animals in the arc of noe a pair so that they will help us to survive
    The human being didnt changed at all
    We have intellingence when it got cold we wore cloths
    Animals are the ones that had evolution in a natural way to adapt

  48. Groan, assertions of theories presented as facts. Talking about chipanzee chromosomes, that fusion of chromosomes has been refuted years ago, by gene sequence actually. Care to update this?

  49. My life is too short for me to describe the stupidity on display by humans such as this one, he is a mouthpiece for Satan as is PBS, don't be scammed by the biggest scammer of them all while he laughs at what he can get you to accept just by suggesting it and using the magic word "science".

  50. For all of you guys pretending to be so smart but believe a flawed theory, I would love to hear your thoughts on this video by one of the best sinthetic chemists in the world

  51. So how exactly did this happen in the real world? How exactly does a species fuse a chromosome, and still go on to reproduce and create a healthy population. Every incidence of similar observed chromosome mutation that results in a loss (or gain) of chromosomes always leads to severe deformity and sterility.

  52. science is based on real experiments which give the same results at the same conditions not on bedtime stories and statistics
    evolution is real at explaining some phenomena but still fails on others especially when it comes with human

  53. Creationist stories and the truth of evolution don't have to be opposites. Billions of years of gradual evolution and creation could very well be 7 days of time in the eyes of whatever god(s) you may or may not believe in, and the complex connected beauty of evolution is exactly the kind of glory a theoretical heavenly power might create. I think the determination to tell creationists that our stories can't coincide is part of why creationists have been so stubborn in the face of evidence.

  54. So, how can we be sure that these presumptions (fused chromosomes, genes coding for a protein that chickens also use, etc.) won't be proved wrong down the road? It's not without precedent, as there are innumerable things that scientists previously thought were true, but were controverted by further evidence .
    For example, we were told that our appendixes were evolutionary leftovers (vestigial) that had little or no purpose or function. Now we have no idea how many people died from having their appendix removed unnecessarily and were left without its valuable assistance to our immune system. Only later did we discover the truth.
    The logical fallacy principle that led to this error is stated "the absence of evidence equals the evidence of absence". Simply because one does not see the purpose of something does not mean that it has no purpose.
    The same error was made with tonsils (i.e. "We don't see a purpose or function for tonsils, therefore, they have none. Jerk 'em out guys!") Again, we have no idea how many lives would have been saved had they restrained themselves from unnecessarily removing this valuable assistance to our immune systems.
    You would think that after making this error a few times, smart people would see the error of their ways and avoid this fallacious reasoning. But alas, the fallacious reasoning persists. With the sequencing of the human genome, scientists could find no purpose or function for 98% of our genes. You probably guessed it already, but it was confidently (but foolishly) announced that since we saw no purpose or function for all of those genes, they, therefore, had none (and that 98% of the genome was derided as "Junk DNA"). Then, after finding the purpose of many of those genes in that 98%, the error was simply recalculated.
    This is just an incredibly small sample of the things that we have been taught were true, only to be later controverted. The number is very large, and it continues to grow. One only has to google the phrase "SCIENTISTS PREVIOUSLY THOUGHT" to get a snapshot of the many things that we were taught were true, but turned out to be false. The damage being done to good science is immeasurable.
    The bottom line, is that scientists are afraid to say "we really don't know".

  55. Over the years I've wasted so much time trying to use logic with creationists, I don't anymore because they're unreasonable, now I just tell them to stop using antibiotics because it's produced based on our knowledge of evolution.

  56. I'm always curious about these dead branches of evolution.. how crazy different they were from what we encounter today. Those failed experiments of evolution.. i need a time machine.. now.

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