100 thoughts on “I Watch 3 Episodes of Mind Field With Our Experts & Researchers

  1. I tried watching 3 episodes of mind field with my friends and all they did was smoke pot and play games on their cell phones… This is what I've been dealing with my entire life…. You might say "get new friends" but, this town is full of people that don't have the same values as the intellectual world.

  2. Its always so strange to see Michael interact with other scientists/professionals, because he so extroverted and excited all the time 😂

  3. Don't you think that if you spread awareness about this placebo effect, children like those will have this in mind that there is a possibility that this treatment could be fake.

  4. You know, the vsauce memes are funny, but I hate when kids at school say “ hey, vsauce Michael here” without watching ONE episode off of him

  5. Maybe it’s just me but taking antibiotics is not quite the same as having your head surgically removed and thrown in a vat of liquid nitrogen in the hopes of being revitalized in a future period of time that a) isn’t shitty and b) has the technical know-how to construct a body that can be controlled with what remains of your nervous system. Actually would the payment cover a new cybernetic/synthetic body?

  6. ‪I would love to dialogue with vsauce. I’d love to share him some thoughts he made me think. He inspired me a lot on my dream! I am willing to pay him like 1000 bucks just to talk to him 5 minutes! pls I am really willing to pay! I am a poor student and thats how i would like to spend my money.‬
    ‪I know i might sound crazy. But if you read this please consider me! id pay or do anything! its been my dream since i am 15 and it would be the best present if you could share this to him ❤️if you are reading this pls help me with sharing so that he can see this! Happy Christmas y’all! 🎁🙏‬

  7. 2:40:55 – It was REALLY obvious that Michael was playing League of Legends when that episode first released. The 'champion select' sound was used, and despite the blurred footage I can tell that Michael is playing Ashe Bot Lane and firing her W.

  8. But if you tell the person that the machine is sham then it defeats the purpose.. they'd know that the machine is doing nothing..

  9. I think a good theory to pursue in the Terror Management Theory episode would be to study if the effects of the consideration of death activated specific parts of the brain responsible for certain types of thinking which are now primed when they answer the questions.

  10. In the year 2162, every single person that can make it into a cyro tank in time is granted the right to be cyropreserved for a future date when there is enough space for every person from that day on. For some where they thought suicide was their best option, many cut their existence short in their current time period in the hope that if they wake at some point in future things will be better.
    A couple of thousand years later the year 3500 arrives and they are all set free on various new planets across the galaxy as nitrogen begins to become in short supply. The lower status resurrected are given the roughest conditions mankind ever has to face, but it eventually turned out for the greater good of humanity as they were the only ones to survive the next 10,000 years.

  11. vsauce rocks. and ppl trying to keep their shitty twisted grotesque genome immortalised- "how much more do you want to fuck up nature you good for nothing freaks. no matter what you do every time, you reincarnate you would have to get that plastic injected into your fake body to make you look like your real desired image because genes don't code plastic you fuck ups". being rich isn't always going to be a survival criteria in that world you will wake up in and i hope you all wake up to the rudest awakening. humanity is such a waste despite the humongous brain. its an abomination the way it is used. we are smart but ironically our brains will be our downfall. " not quite smart enough after all".

  12. Vsauce and All involved are ALL the Real MVP's. These guys and all they do have not only inspired me to want to gain knowledge and move towards a more prescient life, but at the time of this message 15.1 Million others. Because of you guys (indirectly) My Little Sister Just Graduated Collage. She aspires to teach our youth and inject the love for learning and discovery into the world of tomorrow. I couldn't be more proud. Thank you vsauce !

  13. Wow, why would you play league of legends? It's possibly the most toxic pile of angry self hating projection machines to ever pass a turing test.

  14. FBI: "Come with me"

    Michael: *pulls UNO reverse card*
    Also Michael: "We don't deceive the children, we just allow them to deceive themselves"

  15. Just finished all Mindfield episodes and the additional bits of this one. It's December 24th and 4 in the morning. Thanks, Michael! Now, how do I get into fMRI studies in general, and how can I get a readback image from Michelle at 40:00 by Dr. Kamitani?

  16. Oh Michael, i knew it the whole time that you didnt have batteries in there. even tho you were really convincing when using the remote! almost got me 😀 but yeah! thanks for Vsauce! and thanks for sharing your wisdoms for free!!!

  17. So this is what I understand of how to properly hypnotize someone
    If I told a child that "you can do (insert command here)." And if that child believes in me and whatever I say is true then the child is hypnotized.
    Now I've told the same thing to an adult but they have no real reason to believe in me, then they are not hypnotized, although if I use the magic of MRI and told them that the machine will make them do (insert the command). If belief in the MRI will do what I said it will do then he is hypnotized.

    So that means that I've been hypnotized up til now, for the pass 15 years believing that my dad will return with milk.

  18. MICHAEL im near your adge 12-17-1986 i remember watching your videos and was like this older man is making these videos and wow i love them, now ive gotted older i wanna be something better than i am in life keep it up i have nothing but time and i wish i had a chance to be what i know i can

  19. There was a big change from labyrinth one to labyrinth two.
    Its so important that it should affected the data even more, yet the control group wasnt affected, or in fact performed worse… some how.
    1st labyrinth was in a cloudy day, making all the surfaces with smooth shadows, 2nd labyrinth was on a sunny day, making distinct hard shadow patterns, that would help identify even better the paths, and also create a bigger sense of orientation for were is north or south, because of the suns position; but yet the control group still performed worse… weird.

  20. I have watched pretty much every Vsauce video on this channel in one year from 9 years ago to pretty much soon watching the fear video and after binge-watching this channel I plan on binge-watching Vsauce2 and then Vsauce3 and finally Ding.

  21. I live in montreal and i just want to know, can this machine help with depression? I live severe depression and i'm trying to get rid of it. They keep talking bout children and i am eleven so that's done. Just to presice, I have been in depression for 2-3 years now but it wasen't been verified by a docter cause i haven't seen one in like 3-4 years. Love your channel!!!! (Sorry if it sounds like i want attention cause i really don't. I just want the pain to go away)

  22. I think this was an amazing idea, but it would be even better with a facecam of Michael so we can feel more like we are watching “with” him and see his reactions. Who agrees?

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