I’m a Fungi – SpaceLab Biological Entry
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I’m a Fungi – SpaceLab Biological Entry

Hello, Internet, my name is Mark Liang.
I’m 14 from San Marino, California… …and this is my YouTube
Space Lab entry. I’m looking at the effects of space on fungi
using the oyster mushroom. But, actually, I’m taking a closer look
at the mycelium, the roots of the fungi. What can fungi do? It’s waterproof, nontoxic, fire resistant,
stronger than concrete, biodegradable… …breaks down hydrocarbons,
sturdy and compact. Why this does matter for you?
Because it’s science. But consider this: mushrooms
can help crops grow in space… …filter water and air impurities,
taking our waste and, in return… …create medicine
and building materials. All of this is cost-efficient, self-sustaining,
and good for the environment. So here’s a question: What is the effect of microgravity
on growth and catabolic actions… …of the oyster mushroom,
Pleurotus ostreatus? Didn’t get that? Let me explain. You see, fungi uses mycelium
to break down the things around them… …and that’s how they get all their uses. However, I believe
that space and microgravity… …will have a direct effect
on mycelium growth… …which may impair
or even disable uses in space. So to recap. Mushrooms in space… …catabolic actions and microgravity.
Let’s do this. So here’s a basic summary
of what we’re going to do. I choose the butterfly enclosure
because it has airflow… …and I can control light
and temperature. To grow the mushrooms, we’ll use media
such as straw, grain, or even hair. The enclosure
will have three separate planters. The first being a liquid culture… …which is basically little bits of mushroom
cut up and sleeping. In stage one,
we’ll inject the liquid culture… …and let the mycelium fully grow out
and mature. Planters two and three
will contain hydrocarbons… …the basis of life, oil, and nematodes. Let’s kill them. In stage two, we’ll plunge these in
and let the mycelium decompose them. In stage three, we’ll change the weather
and sprout a mushroom. Mr. Expected Results Here’s the plan.
If we can do an identical ground truth… …we can compare all factors
of the experiment. I hope to see changes
in these three things. Almost done.
Here’s a final note for the judges. And here’s a photo of me
eating a mushroom eating a cake.

14 thoughts on “I’m a Fungi – SpaceLab Biological Entry

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  2. @robotonsteroids if I win, I get to go to a Boeing flight where they replicate space microgravity for 10 min…. 😀

  3. @trixtherabit That's the point of an experiment! 😀 Even if it fails, the world gains valuable insight about the subject of mycology. In your case, the weak or nonexistent roots proves that gravity affects organisms to the point of instability. The world gets to see the first microgravity-affected mushrooms, and scientists learn why and how we need to change space travel. But that's the worst case-scenerio. Thank's for your concern and feedback!

  4. 11,000 VIEWS!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!!! Remember to vote during the next two days. LETS HIT 20,000! 😀

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