Insane 3D Printed Brake: NERO 556
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Insane 3D Printed Brake: NERO 556

What’s up everybody, thanks for joining us out here today on the VSO gun Channel I’ve got something very interesting to show you guys. This is the Nero 556 and as you guys can see it’s a very unique looking piece of muzzle equipment compatible with the ar-15 or the AR style rifle and This thing is designed from the ground up to eliminate and equalize That muzzle climb that you experience when you discharge your firearm this thing is all 3d printed out of inconel and that allows them to do some very interesting stuff inside this brake and Because of that, I’ve got a whole bunch of testing designed for this thing to see what it can do And that means that this video is gonna be very heavy on the testing. So we’re gonna hop right into this thing and get going As previously mentioned the Walker Nero five five six is an inconel muzzle device produced through additive manufacturing This process allows for geometric combinations that would otherwise be prohibitively expensive or impossible through traditional manufacturing means the purpose of this device is to maximally reduce the muzzle climb associated with firearms discharge particularly for Applications using modern 556 caliber carbines during sustained periods of fire to cut to the chase and evaluate how well this device Accomplishes this goal, we constructed an apparatus to suspend the test firearm from its fulcrum point right over the magwell Allowing it to balance with no external forces present but its own mass For this we tested the Nero against a standard A2 birdcage and a flash hider Through this test we can see an appreciable reduction in the overall muzzle flip compared to the other devices the theory is that the device diverts the gas into the front baffle driving the muzzle down and away from the shooter as the bullet passes through the muzzle port then vents The excess expanding gas out of the parallel slots in the sides further compensating for the inherent rise of the muzzle So you may asked how does this affect in the rest of the blast characteristics of the device? First we tested the blast diversion from the prone position to determine if it would kick up a bunch of material present on the ground We found this test to be inconclusive as all of the devices seemed to react the same to our play-sand mock-up But this is as good as it gets during monsoon season here in ohio However, we did notice that very little material was disturbed from in front of the muzzle Shooting a few inches from a cardboard target and then again at point-blank Confirms this especially relative to an open comp. One thing I will say is that the lateral blast of the device is quite appreciable as You can expect by looking at the design and imagining how the gases would vent Of course the next most logical question is how does it do at night After we got under the IR we tried it against several different devices and found that for the most part It performed a little worse than a flash hider but a little bit better than a full compensator Given the increasing popularity of frangible ammunition these days, we also performed some quick tests to determine if the comp. was compatible with frang. And we found no issues So what I got going on here is the Nero 5.56 on the stag 15 Valkyrie You guys might have seen a video on this gun previously but when I think of .224 Valkyrie What I think of is take the .224 projectile and what can we do maximally with it before we need to move to a 6 millimeter projectile? And since this is a 5.56 brake, I wanted to see what is the Max Capacity look like on this thing? So if we take it outside the realm of anything that it was ever going to experience How does it work on like the max cartridge potential and that’s what we’re gonna do right now So I’ve got this thing loaded with some 90 grain and I’m gonna feel how the recoil impulse on this thing Looks like before we get dark You guys see that? That was pretty impressive No recoil whatsoever and I think what we’re gonna do now before we go dark is I’m gonna go ahead and over there and throw this thing in the sled on the Valkyrie and see what we look like as far as like muzzle climb and all that sort of stuff is concerned and This is where the Nero really showed its full capacity significantly taming the Valkyrie relative to the A2 To wrap this up We’re gonna throw this thing back on the SBR and meet up with Wombat at the dynamics range to determine how practical it is in a multi target environment Wombat in the house. Hey-o Got what we got going on here? We have the Nero five five six muzzle break there and what we’re looking to do is See how it performs as far as mitigating muzzle climb it’s designed with a channel cut into the roof of the muzzle brake so that those expanding gases are directed downward and would mitigate muzzle climb when you’re doing some faster shooting So we’ve set up a course here with a little bit of a mix where we’ll incorporate some double taps and things like that try To see how well that performs as far as muzzle climb Sounds good, man. Are you ready? Sure. Fight! It’s a tiny target. Got it …got it. I was about to say I didn’t hear so many tings on that one. Not so many and I could tell you exactly why. Why? After I take all this crap off. It deflects the muzzle down. You think so? And it’s counterintuitive, because I’m wanting to drop that gun back With a regular muzzle break this drops it down if I would just slow down it would bring it right back up Okay, so it has a negative impact so it has a really really efficient. Yeah Negative press that’s pretty does what they said. It’s gonna do Yeah
It’s so counterintuitive for me because I’m actually you can see they’re in the dirt and that’s because I’m dropping it down And just in my head I’m used to shooting targets at this range. It’s almost automatic For me to just make that slight adjustment on the weapon end up doing it. I don’t need to yeah, so Really? What it is is you are deflecting the muzzle down because it is cancelling it for you. So sweet Well, I don’t think we can get any better endorsement than that. That’s pretty sweet. It did it, that’s legit. Sweet. All right, bro You dingem-a-bob is all wobbly yeah, but I Was trying to see how it does and uh on rapid fire it does it. It does it, It definitely does it. It takes like getting used though, cuz I’ve never shot anything that does that That M-Lock though…

42 thoughts on “Insane 3D Printed Brake: NERO 556

  1. Could've done without the gay porn star music in the beginning. But that brake does kind of look like an exotic butplug. Eliminated rectum climb. LOL. Awesome

  2. yeah muscle climb sucks!…oh wait the music? muscle climb? …what are you really trying to tell us?! ….we wont judge….much lol

  3. I think it is amazing……BUT…..$179.99 are you serious…….for a 3D brake….. I don't get the price, and unfortunately at that price I wont ever get the brake.

  4. What would it be like if they made one for Mac 10/11! Would love to see the effect on guns with very high cyclic rates.

  5. This is cool but if it's 3d printed it's being made for a fraction of the price, why is it $200 bucks for a brake Lol VERY cool but it's sad when companies like this over charge because it's unique. Cool video tho, thanks for the upload!!

  6. Wow, been a while since wombat has been on the channel. All you need to do is bring Tactics bacon back for a full on reunion lol

  7. OK, just how do you 3D print something in the alloy Inconel? I get how you do the print with powdered Inconel. I don't believe that will give you the strength of a hammer forged and finished machined part. 3D printing is "so special," but how do you heat and then anneal the part? How do you machine finish the hard as the hubs of hell result to final tolerances? And how does this later part change tolerances?

  8. For those not yet familiar with inconel, these two links should explain further…

  9. If this is pushing the muzzle down then that is not the brake, that is the recoil spring and buffer. Go to a lighter spring and buffer setup and it wont slam back into battery as hard and drive the muzzle down. With the right combo this thing would be fucking amazing!

  10. To be tactically useful you can't have that horrendous side-blast happening, it's outrageous, it needs a blast diverter can to be used in concert – like the Lantac, the only question is will that reduce it's effectiveness.

  11. But who shoots with hearing protection other than the range ?
    But without it it would blow yer ear drums out yer ass.

  12. Maybe next time mute your slow motion videos, you're already doing a voice over, there is no need for the slowed sound.

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