Inside InSight – Mars Science and Space Tattoos
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Inside InSight – Mars Science and Space Tattoos

How we build the instruments to take the data
that teach us about the universe. My name is Troy Lee Hudson. I am a planetary scientist and I also design,
build, test, and fly instruments to do geology on other planets. InSight is a mission to study Mars as a planet. To look deep inside and understand how Mars and by extension terrestrial planets form and evolve. This is a full-scale model of the HP3 [cubed]
support structure. An instrument to measure the heat coming out
of Mars’ interior. The mole would come out, hammering itself
millimeter by millimeter and measure subsurface Mars temperatures, thereby telling us about
the engine for geologic activity on Mars. I have been fascinated by space, planets and
rocks ever since I can remember. This tattoo is a map of the solar system at the
time of my birth. Positions and diameters are to scale. Direction to Earth here. I’m interested in the questions that we ask
but also how we answer those questions.

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