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Insight – Genomics at Exeter

One of the strengths of studying at
Exeter is that we have very close links with NHS colleagues who are actually delivering the genomic service today. Not only that, one of the national genomic medicine centres is located in Exeter, and our Centre is recruiting patients for the 100,00 Genomes Project. Staff working within the Genomic Medicine Centre and
also the diagnostic NHS service provider will be involved in teaching on the
course. They come and take guest lectures, help with workshops and so on.
So students are very much part of that partnership between the NHS and the
University in delivering this course. Secondly we have a huge research
expertise at Exeter. The University is invested heavily in technology for
genomics at Exeter and we have five strong research groups working in areas,
from epigenetics to rare conditions, to some of the most common conditions that have a genetic component, all located within the University here at Exeter. We also have recently been awarded a Gold Award for teaching excellence, therefore, our academics are really committed to giving the best education possible to our students. Exeter is very well located for students who want to access the course from all over the southern region and we provide travel bursaries to those who travel more than 50 miles. Some of the teaching occurs in our Bristol collaborators’ location and so we really
try and help students access the course from a very wide geographic area.

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