54 thoughts on “Integrative Biology 131 – Lecture 04: Skeletal System

  1. yea, she is wonderful. im sure this information is more beneficial to us in this format, rather then a classroom setting. right?

  2. She means that the piece of bone that would have been the body of C1 is attached to C2 instead of C1, forming the odontoid process of C2.

  3. Many, many thanks to the professor and to UC-B for sharing these lectures. Most of us aren't lucky enough to get instruction of this quality.

  4. Prof is using chalk n board in her class which takes too much time don't you think? How about using a laptop to key in notes that you can project to a big screen?

  5. @TheGerryjoy no. more people wud prefer this because its slow and steady and proper learning theory is applied. using a damn laptop and doing things fast is a problem

  6. Professor Diamond is a perfect example of why people still so value an education at a great school like Berkeley. The only thing better than this would be to have a seat in the front row of her class. I found a Diamond!

  7. This teacher is so awesome see teaches knowing that every learner is different includes visual learning , auditory learning my bio teacher college level i melbourne is lazy. just points at the lecture notes and basically reads them. what good is that! I AM JACKS FRUSTRATION. Professor diamond please come to melbourne!

  8. Of course! Students get more time to think about the material and absorb it while taking notes "the old way". I might have to break out the old chalk for my next course.

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  10. Awesome! Several months ago I had jury duty and the plaintiff complained of ripped tissue within the Lumbar Inter-vertebral disc. At that time I wasn't too sure what to picture in my head but now I finally understand.

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  12. awesome. would be better of the cameraman would keep up with her when she moves around so can see what she is Point to on the skeleton or demonstrating. I learn better this way. my AP teacher has her own lectures but they are just PowerPoints with notes and her saying what I can just read In the book. which is boooring and uneffective learning for me

  13. Me: Climbs into time machine (TARDIS?) set for 2005, brings Professor Diamond hot lemon tea with honey, sets mug on table, returns to present. <3 😉

  14. THANK YOU FOR POSTING THESE LECTURES! I am studying anatomy to learn how to draw the human body better and I needed a more interesting way to learn than picking up an anatomy book.

  15. It is the cameraman that I don’t like. Professor Diamond is a diamond. I quit this lesson. I skipped a lot of visual info not filmed by the cameraman

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