19 thoughts on “Integrative Biology 131 – Lecture 14: Hematology,…

  1. thanks thanks for the one who posted this video because really its so usefull especialy to a medical student

  2. Thanks Dr. D and all you future doctors. Learn more, help more and heal more. Especially, about diseases like Sickle Cell Disease.

    It hurts more than your blood. Learn more at:

  3. Thank you Professor Diamond, and thanks to the staff at Berkeley for posting all of the awesome lectures. The classes are invaluable. I can take all of the time I need to absorb the material. Thanks again! Highest regards, John

  4. thanks doctor u r one of the best lecturer i hv ever heard.ur lectures r really useful to understand the fundamentals in anatomy.

  5. i'm from malaysia and i'm thankful to you professor diamond, forever and always. you are easily one of the best teacher i've ever seen. all the best!

  6. i'm studying medicine at imperial college london, and i can safely say she has probably helped me more than any of the lecturers have here. i think its the blackboard scribbing that makes her a cut above. 🙂

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