100 thoughts on “Integrative Biology 131 – Lecture 18: Lymphatic System

  1. Hey idiot…a med student would take this course as a pre-med freshman. Make a stupid comment and it will be thrown right back in your stupid face…jackass!

  2. wow this lady is amazing in teaching she really does describe piece by piece thanks for this video now im sure to pass anp 2

  3. My gosh! Did she get CWP (Coal Worker's Pneumoconiosis) because of that calcium carbonate dusts? LOL 🙂 Poor Mrs Diamond! Notice her dyspnea. Great teacher indeed! Thanks for this great set of video-lectures.

  4. wtf ….is this called teaching ? all the time is spent writing on blackboard…she is too dry and too old .. even the subject is interesting she makes it very boring

  5. Madam, with all respect due, I think it is "Diastolic" pressure and not "distolic" ( 8.30 to 8.46). I don't know whether it is an American variation but what we read n know is 'diastolic'
    Thank you..

  6. She is speaking of systole and distole and this is how we learned them in our class as well. You are right in that it seems to be dubbed diastole now, but even my books say distole so she isn't wrong per se. I'm not sure where/when the change took place and why but like I said, it was taught distolic as well…

  7. I agree! Her lectures are in slow motion compared to the lectures at my university – but I love it! Going to lectures at my uni is pretty pointless, I don't learn anything because it's too fast.

  8. She is such a good teacher. I really like my own teacher, but thanks to these lectures I am getting 100+ on all my tests so far!!!

  9. God bless her and her patience….but does she write EVERYTHING OUT?!
    And, isn't it DIASTOLIC not DISTOLIC?

  10. you put my school in shame.my teacher doesnt metion any of this!!! thank you very very much..lucky students get you.

  11. Dr. Diamond is wonderful!
    thank you for sharing this lymphatic system explanation.
    i'm researching lymph edema future treatments

  12. i like the class but a picture is worth 1000 words. usually I have to look up other videos on youtube just to explain what shes writeing about and they do it great in only 3 or 4 minutes

  13. Thank you so much for the lecture Mrs. Diamond. If you are still teaching I hope that the university has provided you with higher tech rather than the old chalk and board. A teacher like yourself deserves better technology to deliver your lectures.

  14. @panzercow: You totally misunderstand Professor Diamond's intentions. She wants to lecture with a chalkboard and chalk. She lectures at the same speed that you can write and absorb the material. She doesn't want to use flashy powerpoint presentations that whiz by the student and do not sink in. She doesn't need high tech. She has brains–and personality! She is not only teaching you lymphatics. She is teaching you how to LEARN.

  15. This teacher knows her shit .. I pay for school .. and learn more from these youtube videos then a 6 hour day at my school .. pretty sad.. I wish she was my teacher !!!

  16. Great Professor! I would rather be taught this way than with useless power point presentations that do not allow time to absorb or capture one's attention. Thanks for posting!

  17. @sarahmarie1397 Nice to know you're doing something productive, trying to learn and study biology and the human body. Don't forget to get out of the house once in a while. Lol.

  18. Don't forget that information is the same as money–easy come, easy go! Your 3 to 4 minute vid with pictures shows a great overview. This old veteran ain't hear to show you a quick interesting clip with awesome animations; she's here to learn you the lymphatic system!!

  19. It is such a privilege to see this on youtube. I am a 54-year-old person who just wanted to learn more about the lymphatic system and I'm glad I stumbled upon this. It brings me back to my college days 🙂

  20. Professor Diamond is a superb educator! This is such a great lecture! Everyone should be able to take it. And now they can!

  21. Very cool. Check out a video by Dr Robert Morse ND on the Great Lymphatic System for sone extraordinary indights.

  22. She is so amazing! It's unbelievable how the teaching system has changed over the years. Power Point have made classes boring

  23. Professor Diamond seems to care much more about her students and their futures than any teacher I've seen.   At least for me, she's inspires me to want to study more and think what I can do in the future.  

  24. I feel so bad, this woman spends more time writing and breathing in that chalk dust than talking. But I guess this is how our parents and grand parents were schooled. God bless her. 

  25. Prof. Diamond has taught anatomy in almost every ivy league school, and Oxford university. she is a genius !  

  26. What an inspiring teacher, I found her very easy to follow and comprehend the information she delivers. Yes maybe old school but what a lecturer. I love her.

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