Intermittent Fasting Effects on Wrinkles and Skin
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Intermittent Fasting Effects on Wrinkles and Skin

let’s talk about the effects of fasting
for your skin and especially wrinkles so I am basing this video off of several
studies I put them down below so you can check them out but there’s some
interesting effects that fasting has on your skin
number one it delays something called vascular cell senescence okay now what
does that mean it’s aging of your vascular system so in
young skin you have all this collagen elastin which is the elastic protein
that allows things to be very very resilient and flexible you have good
vascular system you have good hydration and aging skin you’re losing the
hydration you’re losing the nutrients losing the elastin the collagen and the
vascular system other than that you’re totally fine so number one you can delay
the aging of the vascular system number two it prevents oxidative stress now when you
do fasting all sorts of interesting things happen at the genetic level
because you’re mimicking starvation so the body goes into this repair mode and
your body starts building up its antioxidant defense and mechanism so you
get more antioxidants and that will prevent oxidation or oxidative stress
which is occurring from the environment from food to sunlight radiation and
other stresses with fasting you’re stimulating autophagy and that is a
condition where your body is recycling damaged proteins in the skin and the
cell and the brain all over but especially in the skin so you’re
actually able to recycle the old damaged proteins and your body is actually
making new proteins so it has an anti-aging effect on your skin also if
you do periodic prolonged fasting you can stimulate the stem cells in the skin
and that will help the body make new skin as well now the other thing that
fasting will do is increase dermal vasculature there’s a certain protein in
the body that is stimulated that will increase the blood vessels to the skin
which brings nutrients and oxygen because remember when you
have aging skin you lose the blood supply to the skin fasting will also
stimulate something called IGF insulin growth factor number one which will
increase the growth of collagen so we can increase more collagen there’s a lot
of other things that will happen with certain enzymes that get triggered
increasing more elastin which makes your skin more flexible and look younger
also your inflammation in your skin goes down if you have some type of
inflammatory condition less glycation that’s a situation where your proteins
become very very damaged and rigid and fasting will help decrease that effect
as far as the best thing you can consume for the skin especially for wrinkles it
would be cod liver oil you can get that in a liquid or in a capsule or in a
tablet or in a little pearl the cod liver oil has some amazing omega-3 fatty
acids DHA and EPA and also gives you vitamin D and vitamin A all four of
those things are great for the skin if you consume foods high in vitamin C
sauerkraut leafy greens you will also improve your skin and lastly vitamin E
is really good for the skin too just so happens that would be in leafy greens
certain nuts in certain seeds alright thanks for watching and I will see you
in the next video so I wanted to say thank you so much for watching my videos
I really really appreciate it now if you have benefited from my information or
videos and want to share it with the world I would love to have you write up a
success story so click the link down below fill it out and let’s let people
know the benefits of healthy keto and intermittent fasting

100 thoughts on “Intermittent Fasting Effects on Wrinkles and Skin

  1. Intermittent fasting has restored my joints and I looked at a picture of me in a photo from about 3 years ago. My neck skin was loose and I was beginning to get jowls. It dawned on me that my now tight neck skin and absence of jowls must be from IF. Retin a helps, but I had been using retin a way before that picture and was still using it at the time of that picture. Thank you Dr. Berg. By the way, it always hurt my joints to pick up my grandson and carry him around when I watch him once a week. I was telling everyone that I no longer hurt! I feel young again!! (I’m 61). I have been getting compliments from my children on my skin. I told them it was probably retin a. Now I will tell them that it’s probably also from IF.

  2. IF and keto has helped me pull out of an eating disorder and become healthy. This channel has been such a game changer for me. Dr. Berg and Karen are extraordinary human beings!!! 💚😎 Thank You is not big enough

  3. I really find your videos helpful but inserting pics of a plate with a clock or simulated body processes isn't helpful and detracts from your words. Better to keep the camera on you and the whiteboard. I hope you can take this criticism as constructive- no hate here! You are providing the world with essential info and I very much appreciate it!

  4. IF helped me lose a lot of weight but I also lost a lot of volume on my face and ended up having lose skin in my jowl area thus making me look ten years older than my actual age. All this while I was eating healthy and taking collagen…. 🙁

  5. Thank you so much for these videos Dr Berg. 🙂
    Could you please do a video on Eustachian Tube Dysfunction?
    I've had popping in my ears 24/7 for two years now and I've seen very expensive specialists and nothing has helped so far, if I can avoid grommets/surgery that would be great.
    Would fasting help?

  6. Hey Dr. Berg! Appreciate your videos. Do insulin spikes from intermittent fasting have any correlation with the effects on the skin? Thank you sir.

  7. I recently started doing intermittent fasting about 4 weeks ago and lost about 10 pounds. I was about 140 and am now about 130. I do the 20/4 principle. I eat between thr hours of 5:00 PM and 9:00 PM. I now need to work on gradually changing my food intake to healthier food choices. Furthermore, I started working out at home during my fasting period to maintain my weight and not get too skinny.

  8. It's the " 16 hours " fasting enough to get this ..and other health benefits ? ( For someone who does NOT want to lose weight.. ). I normally do " 15 or 16 hours fasting ". So many videos are about weight lose… that's why it's confusing sometimes. Thank you😊

  9. Great Shirt on you! 💗Thanks Doc! For all ur gr8 vids! Been with you for a couple yrs now, but beginning this yr got serious! Now eat one meal a day for 5 days and the two days OFF work, I fast. Cuz when off work, I used to eat everything, all day long. This has helped me lose 20 lbs in two mths! Stubborn thyroid issues and carb addiction has always plagued me. Thanks for letting me know how much coconut oil to consume in a day and that it doesnt break a 'fast' or I could never have done this! 😍👍👍🎉

  10. Another excellent video, thank you. I can tell everyone that this is true. I have been doing omad for over a year and I am now seeing big difference on my skin.

  11. Make sure no fruits until u get used to longer fasting windows…watch DrBergs video on how to break fast…its important too..thanks DrBerg

  12. I wonder if a 12-12 Intermittent Fasting is enough to set off autophagy. Semanticly, I am not even sure whether 12-12 IF qualify as "fasting".

  13. I started intermittent fasing for a month now. 16:8.and believe me today 28 day i lost 5 kgs. And my eyelid fold is gone. Means looking much better. Even i do little cheating during fasting😄

  14. Love your short and to-the-point videos! You often talk about the benefits of IF (and I do it anywhere between 16/8 and 18/6), but you never say how long to fast to get the benefits. Knowing this would help me fast longer, if necessary. BTW, I'm thin like you (female) and do IF for brain health, as I have a strong family history of Alzheimer's, and I'm going for autophagy and ketones for my brain.

  15. I do not understand..accoding to this..poor people who eat much less than the rest of us..should be more healty and look younger..What is No case!!.

  16. I never was interested of intermitted fasting until i saw Dr Berg talking about how it can help with depression and anxiety. I am 26 years old and have been all my life almost on prescription medication, but when i started doing intermitted fasting every month for 1 week i can feel so much better and happier and slowly more realizing i can come off of them. so happy i found this channel, always so interesting to listen and look:) thank you so much for posting videos😊

  17. How many wish Dr. Berg, was their a actual doctor? My health has taken a turn for the better since discovering your Channel Doc. Thank you very very much.

  18. I like these bits. It's important keeping youthful vital organs. I read selenium & B5 were great for skin health too.

  19. I eat one meal a day — around 200 pm. I exercise 4-5 days a week (45 minutes of cardio and 20 minutes of weight resistance). I recently gained 20 pounds, and I have been unable to lose more than 4 pounds… I am middle-aged, and quite frankly, look 10-20 years younger — depending on who is doing the looking. Why can't I lose more weight. By the way, I am a pescatarian, and have been for over 20 years. Help!

  20. What directly affects glycation beside fasting? I have huge issues with stiffness and joint pain to the point of having to use a wheel chair or cane to get around.

  21. I take all those and I fast and I must say I have turned back the hands of time. I'll be 32 on the 19th of this month but I look 21 21 years old. I look so young people can't tell how old I am.

  22. So happy to have found your channel Doctor Berg!
    May I please ask, I'm actually a bodybuilder and I do need more protein, more than the average person.
    How would fasting affect me and the protein content to build muscle? Thank you so much!
    Dean 🎸

  23. Keto but carnivore style ,with all thise greens you can have OXALATES overlod ,it happen to me. I still liste to dr. Berg , but I can not eat all thise greens .

  24. Great video Doc.
    I wonder if you could help answer a question, my Neuro Dr, when I told him that I was IF 18/6 he ONLY counted the no of hours that I was awake the next day before I broke my fast , and Not the total time between the last meal and the " breakfast ".

    So if I finished eating say 8pm the night before.
    Went to bed at midnight, woke at 9am, and ate at 2pm , he claimed an IF = 5hrs! ! , not 18/6.

    I know that I had a head injury when I had a Cardiac Arrest, but I'm not sure that his method of " counting " is correct! !
    Please confirm my IF period.

  25. Thanks for all the great content. I would like to see a segment on weather it is better to eat certain foods raw or cooked. Like spinach, kale, cabbage, toasted or raw nuts, fish etc.

  26. I am 50 .i love eating dattes every day. But i m worried about sugar ⬆️.
    Please dr Berg can u talk about dattes in your next videos.

  27. Autophagy is by far my the most favorite benefit from doing IF and prolong fastings among another bunch of increadible benefits that provide

  28. Thank you dr Berg for your information. l have been fasting for I year and half now, and started doing a little bit of Keto for about 4 months I lost a lot of belly fat., but on sundays is hard for me to fall asleep early so I end up getting 2 to 3 hours of sleep and I wake up fine with energy is that normal?

  29. Following and practicing Dr Berg recommendations, today my age was guessed by almost a decade less! Doing IM/ keto since August last year. 8 kg gone since then. Thank you Dr Berg!

  30. I agree! I’m 37 but look at my profile pic.. people won’t believe I’m that old. Been IF and OMAD fasting for 3 years + keto.

  31. I have been doing intermittent fasting every day for 8 years and now twice a week I am prolonging for 24/27 and has been great! I noticed my skin looks like more smooth and even! I am always thin and I can cheat once while! Haha

  32. just a thought

    during this video, i remembered a video about stressed olives, which were denied some water, some sunlight, and they became "stressed" and the food quality of the olives went way up, instead of down. Such stressed olive oil is available and expensive.

    is it correct to think of our bodies as being "stressed" by fasting, and our bodies becoming better and better, just like olives ? is there a system to fasting that would maximize the value of the stressing ?

    fasting: easy and free.

    thank you

  33. Dr. Berg a year ago-
    " keto, keto, keto is the answer to everything"
    Dr. Berg now- "intermittent fasting, intermittent fasting intermittent fasting is the answer to everything."

  34. My cheeks are rosy naturally now, more color to face. Skin is super soft and clear. Feel I no longer need makeup.

  35. After a few days of taking CBD oil (couple drops under tongue 2x day) I can see my skin texture looks smoother. Also natural relaxant without being tired.

  36. my brother is 45 he looks 25. he eats one nutritious meal a day, and doesn't eat anything for 24 hours once a week. and he's the healthiest individual in the family.

  37. Hi guys,
    My name is Sara, cooking is my passion. I used to be a restaurant owner, now I am a home cook. Doing the best I can to make cooking easier and healthier. Share some of my Mediterranean recipes. I learned a lot from the best chefs, books, grandparents even from little kids. Thirsty to learn more. My dream is to motivate more people to cook healthy dishes for themselves and for their loved ones. I'm new to you Tube and I need your support to spread my passion by viewing my videos and subscribe. Thank you and God Bless you all

  38. Can you talk about how to chose a good cod liver oil? Whenever i look online I only find the type with synthetic vit A&D. I'm outside the USA so my resources are limited as well.

  39. I break my 24-36 hr fast with a can of cod liver in its oil + coleslaw + lots of lemon drizzle. It's easy to digest, keeps me on ketosis, maximize the absorption of vitamins.

  40. I’m on a roll, not even hungry. 43 hrs so far. What a lovely reward for fasting…no wrinkles? I’m all in! Thank you Dr. B for the info & motivation 💚❣️

  41. Now I know why those bony fashion models always have such perfect skin!! I always wondered because they don't look like they eat ANYTHING at all therefore getting no healthful benefits for their skin. Guess i was wrong!!

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