Introduction to Exercise and Physical Therapy for Inherited Neuropathies
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Introduction to Exercise and Physical Therapy for Inherited Neuropathies

Hi. I’m Steve O’Donnell. I’m the founder
of the Therapies for Inherited Neuropathies and a board member for the
Charcot-Marie-Tooth Association. I am here in Salem Oregon with my good friend
Mike Studer putting together a PT video for those affected with CMT. I, like many
other people, fight the symptoms of Charcot-Marie-Tooth every day. With the
help of Mike, a world-renowned PT expert, we have put together a program
broken into five segments with different levels of people with CMT. This is just a
starting point. It’s up to you. It takes dedication. It takes commitment. It takes
hard work. I struggle just like everyone else but your body can endure more than
you think it can. When you’re tired, rest, but don’t stop and keep going because if
you continue to do this and you continue to work at it, your lives will change
because it’ll enable you to do more than you think you can do. The most important
thing is you have to believe and not quit because I’m telling you from
personal experience that the hard work will pay off. I hope
this will inspire you to get moving. Hi. I’m Mike Studer physical therapist
and neurologic clinical specialist. I’m proud to bring to you today a
comprehensive fitness package for people with neuropathy. We’re very pleased to
bring to you this comprehensive fitness program that’s going to cover
flexibility, balance, strength, endurance and function specifically for people
with neuropathy. I hope that you’re going to find applications directly for you in
here of all different levels of capacity. No matter what your current levels of
ability are, you will be able to find a way to work on each one of these
components of fitness. Some of the activities that we’re going to
demonstrate for you today will be a little bit out of your reach right now.
They’ll give you something to work toward, something for you to progress
yourself with. Some of the things that we’re going to demonstrate for you will
be a little bit too easy for you. That’s fine. I’m certain you know other people
that have neuropathy that could benefit from this as well, so watch the video,
engage, find yourself and challenge yourself. Today you’re going to be seeing
this comprehensive package but don’t keep it a secret.
Spread the word. Thanks for watching.

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