JADA: Genomics In Dentistry (Preview)
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JADA: Genomics In Dentistry (Preview)

now there are companies out there that
are offering tests for common diseases you know as a as a consumer I can go
online and I can take a bit of saliva and I can send it into a company and
have it analyzed for many different diseases and I’ll get a report back that
I may have some gene or some genetic low site its associated with some diseases
that does not mean by any means that I’m going to get the disease and this is
where it’s it’s it’s important to understand the difference between single
genetic variants and complex diseases that and common diseases where you have
many different genetic effects with them so and there are also tests available and
they’ll become increasingly more available for dentists to determine
whether or not perhaps their patients may be more susceptible to disease
currently everyone at the conference agreed that there is no genetic test
that can determine sucess susceptibility or progression of either periodontal
disease or carries we’re just not at that level quite yet

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