Juris gets caught fabricating the DNA results | Sino Ang Maysala (With Eng Subs)
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Juris gets caught fabricating the DNA results | Sino Ang Maysala (With Eng Subs)

– Attorney.
– Hi! Very convincing! Your client is an expert
at playing the victim. Attorney Juris,
what are you doing here? I met someone in my office. Don’t worry,
I’m not here to spy on you. Maybe now, you regret
ignoring my advice. I told you, your track record
will be sullied if you accept Fina’s case. You sound so sure. The battle isn’t over yet. You can fight
all you want, attorney. We both know
where this is headed. Fina will be convicted, and there’s nothing
you can do about it, no matter how good you are. Attorney Juris,
why do you try so damn hard to make me give up Fina? Do you feel threatened? Are you scared
that you will lose to me? If there’s something
you should know about me, I’m not scared of anything,
and I never back down. If that’s the case, then you’ve finally met
your match. Detective Roman? Attorney, good news. I’ve found the person
you’re looking for. Thank you. Drei. Juris. – Drei.
– Juris. – Drei, we have a problem.
– What is it? I’ve just been informed
that Mario is going to testify. What? How’d they find him? We must not allow him
to talk, Drei. He won’t. I know him.
His loyalty is with me. Let me make this clear
for the record. According to Zoila, you came to her
with a “job” proposition. And that job is to have
her adopted child, Christi, pretend as Joy,
Fina’s missing daughter. Is that true? Yes. I present to you this baby shirt previously marked
as evidence number two. Can you tell the court
what you know about this? Yes, I recognize that shirt. I gave that to Zoila so she can give it to Fina and convince her
that Christi really is Joy. Mario, where did you get
this shirt? Who gave you this shirt? I don’t know. May I remind you
that you are under oath? If you’re lying,
you can be charged with perjury. So let me ask you again,
who gave you this shirt? I don’t know. You don’t know, or are you
scared of revealing it? Is the person who ordered you
to deceive Fina Baniaga in this courtroom right now? Is the person who ordered you
to tamper with Christi and Fina’s DNA test
in this courtroom? Objection. The defense
is badgering the witness. Sustained. Please identify
who in this courtroom orchestrated this hoax
to deceive Fina Baniaga. Who are they? Objection, Your Honor. On what grounds? That question is irrelevant. Overruled. Mr. de Leon,
answer the question. It’s the Montelibanos! Senator Matilda
and Attorney Juris! No! No, that’s not true,
you liar! – Order! Order! Order!
– Liar! You liar! Your Honor, in light of the
new testimony of Mario de Leon, we believe
the defense has proven the Montelibanos
had ample motive to orchestrate the plot
against Ms. Fina Baniaga. We request that the court
orders another DNA test so we can find out
the truth once and for all. I will take your request
under consideration. I will give
my verdict tomorrow. Hearing adjourned. Mario! Juris, whatever
you’re planning… Why did you
testify against us?! I told you to disappear! You compromised us! Juris, people are coming. I don’t want them
to see you like this. Mario, we’re not finished. But for now, get lost! Don’t let them find you again! You surprised us with
your witness, attorney. Even I was shocked. Everything happened
so suddenly. I had no chance to brief you
that Mario was going to testify. I called Agent Yandro first
because I needed his help to force Mario
to testify for us. Attorney, how did you
find Mario? NBI! Mario de Leon,
you’re under arrest for conspiracy to commit fraud,
and child abuse. Cuff him. He had no choice once
the NBI took him into custody. We filed for a subpoena so he could be
our defense witness. Mario’s testimony
will help prove Mario’s testimony
will help prove that Leyna’s DNA test
was tampered with. If the test proves that
Leyna is your daughter, there’s a big chance
you’ll be acquitted. Not only that, but you’ll be able to file
multiple charges against the Montelibanos. If we prove they were behind
the fake DNA test, we can file charges of
obstruction of justice, conspiracy to commit fraud,
and even kidnapping. Judge Molina will give
her verdict tomorrow on our appeal
for another DNA test. Fina, before Judge Molina
gives her verdict, I want you to take the stand. Make an appeal directly to her as a mother who lost her child. Do you really think that
will help us, attorney? From what I know, she lost a daughter
20 years ago. The child was
the same age as Leyna. She has to hear
what you have to say. A plea from one
mother to another.

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