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Katy Chapman KSRQ Radio Interview

Update I’m from the Northwest Minnesota
Arts Council joining me on the phone is Katy Chapman a professor at the
University of Minnesota Crookston campus and she joins me from Crookston hi Katy
hi and let’s talk about your background if we could would you wish to share with
us where you were born and raised well that’s a complicated story I was
actually born in California but we moved to North Dakota when I was in the sixth
grade so I consider myself from Jamestown
North Dakota okay very good blue j territory right yes
growing up in the Jamestown area were you involved in art in school quite a
bit it’s not too much I was I’m more of a science nerd honestly okay all right
and you will gone to college can I ask where you went to college for my
undergraduate I went to the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks and then
for my PhD I went to Purdue University in West Lafayette Indiana
all right part of the Big Ten and you are part of a Big Ten school in
Crookston at the U of M there I’m going to usually be taught at UMC I’ve been
here for 11 years 11 years and what responsibilities there at UMC I’m an
associate professor in biology and environmental sciences and I’m also the
director of sustainability on our campus now for those who are not familiar with
that in layman’s terms what does that mean
so from the teaching side I teach a lot of science classes so biology sometimes
chemistry and environmental science classes and then I also do so like the
University of the 3-fold mission teaching research and service so I also
do service to the community and to the campus and then I do research in the
area of greenhouse gas emissions actually so and then from the
sustainability director I’m doing a lot of things to help bring our campus
towards our goals of being a zero carbon emitters which we have quite a ways to
go what do you enjoy the most about education as a teacher I like seeing the
aha moment when you’re teaching something and you
that oh I got it that’s kind of one of my favorite moment again my guest is
Katy Chapman professor at the U of M in Crookston and our talk today deals with
the Arts Council and their grants available for area artists for various
things that they do and in your case it dealt with arts equipment and an artist
residency in fiber arts tell me about that well we applied for funding to get
a couple of spinning wheels and some drop spindles and things like that so
that we could teach our students faculty staff and any community members how to
do those things I’m using natural fibers so the idea being that anything that you
can sort of make yourself brings you to a more being sustainable part and then
being able to use that as an expression of art you know what does sustainability
mean to you and how does that come out in your artwork the idea behind it so we
had we needed some equipment and then we also have brought in some artists to
show us how to do various things like blending the fiber and dyeing using
natural techniques and those sorts of things so is this program through the U
of M Crookston yes whoever wants to come in the area okay very good
you might be a student on campus or live in the area and you’re most welcome how
often are these classes taught oh we meet once a week okay at UMC
and which building do you meet in on campus we meet in Hill Hall 109 usually
unless we are dying or blending or something like that or washing sheets
then we then we learn art you know in the hall so if listeners with a lot more
information about this and do I mean the register what would they do um they
could email me my email is [email protected] where they could call me two
hundred two eight one eight two six two wonderful and what’s the cost involved
in that community it’s free unless you want sort of bought yarn that’s free to
students but the community members would have to pay for their yarn yeah pretty
good deal free classes wonderful as these students produce
works of art can you describe some forests in our conversation here what
are they producing well our first project was mitten
so they made mittens and one of my students decided that she wanted to make
it like bear claws so she’s made like bear claws in there and with her own
little design and then she’s also spinning yarn and using like we used
that cochineal bugs to make red so she’s made some red color and she’s working on
making a sweater mixing all the different colors together and we just
recently made basket so we actually in the spirit of sustainability got some
old sheets that were no longer usable and they were torn up and we knitted
those into baskets I’ll show my age community that’s cool and again these opportunities for you
existed UMC in Crookston through Katy and her office there and before we leave
I like to have you tie in the northwest Minnesota Arts Council and their role in
promoting art in the region well they are able to provide grants not only to
groups like ours but also to individual artists so if you are wanting to do
something new you can apply for funding and get like a spinning wheel or
something like that um to get you started and then they also promote it
through their newsletters and such and different events that they’ve offered
there’s been others on campus that have been in offering through the Northwest
our foundations though they’re they’re pretty large and providing those
opportunities in this area and they promote these things on the radio tool
right exactly very good and to find out more about what Katy talked about when
it comes to support for the area arts and culture in Northwest Minnesota you
can contact the Arts Council they’re based in Warren Minnesota their phone
number is area code two one-eighth seven four five nine one one two one eight
seven four five ninety one eleven their executive director is Maura
and their website is Northwest Minnesota Arts Council dot o-r-g Northwest
Minnesota Arts Council Oh R and G professor Katy Chapman of the U of M
Crookston thank you so very very much thank you and Happy Holidays happy
holiday to you as well Katy Chapman honor update from the Arts Council every
Tuesday at 3:05 on pioneer 90.1

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