Kid Genius Brielle Shares Her Scientific Discoveries
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Kid Genius Brielle Shares Her Scientific Discoveries

You look so pretty,
I love that dress. Thank you, you look pretty, too. Oh well that’s so
sweet of you to say. So it’s 2018 now, isn’t it? I haven’t seen you since
2017, what’s changed, what’s happened? I’ve had some of those out. Oh there’s is that
two teeth are gone? One’s coming in? Oh boy. Two are gone. Two are gone. That one’s coming in. Yeah it looks like a perfect
place to put a straw. You can just put
a straw in there and suck on like a
shake or something. OK. I put it in there. It’s been my birthday as well. Oh really, how was that? It was great, we
went to the snow. You went to the snow? Yeah. And did you do, what
did you do in the snow? Tubing, and we built a snowman. That looks like a
whole lot of fun. Yeah. That’s not, was that your
first time in the snow? Yes, it was. Really? It’s very cold in
the snow isn’t it? You look like you’re
having a lot of fun. I am. Those are some cool sunglasses. Is that so people
won’t recognize you because you’re famous? No. So I hear you’re
taking hip hop classes. Yeah. What is your
favorite dance move? I don’t know what it’s
called but it’s this. And this one. Yeah I think that’s Twitch’s
favorite dance move, too, I see him do that all the time. So you’re watching
my “Game of Games,” I understand, what’s
your favorite part of “Game of Games?” I like the buttons part. Oh when I push the buttons? When I make people
drop and stuff? How come you like that? I like it better
because they fall into the pie and
blindfolded musical chairs. They start dancing so crazy. I know, I know, it’s
so fun isn’t it? So I heard also that
you like scientists now. That’s your new thing, is
you’re following scientists? Yes, I got a book
from the bookstore and it had scientists in it. You’re six, right? Yeah. OK so that’s the
book you bought? Is a book about scientists? Yes. OK so tell me what
scientists you’re following. Who do you like? I think there’s some pictures
of ones that, who is that? That guy has a fancy name. But I think I need to
pronounce it like this. It’s French, Antoine Lavoisier. He recognized and named
hydrogen and oxygen on the periodic
table, but he’s best known for knowing what
oxygen does in combustion. Wow, OK. And who is this? That’s Daniel Bernoulli. Oh that’s right. And what is he known for? His principle explains
how airplanes fly. It’s because of the
shape of the wing. The wing is shaped so
that the air flows faster over the top of the wing
and slower underneath. It’s like the air has a
little slide to go down. Yes and who’s this? That’s Galileo. I love that drink. OK. Well it was named
after him, I’m sure. Tell me about Galileo. One of discoveries
was about motion. Something only has to
be pushed or pulled if there’s a force
slowing it down. So if you had a
ball on the ground, the ground would create
friction and the air would create the drag. But if that same ball
were up in space, it would keep going without
having to be pushed or pulled. K. And who’s this right here? That’s Isaac Newton. Look at his hair, he’s
got a lot of hair. Tell us about Isaac Newton. Newton discovered
the law of gravity. He even what about
a math version of his discovery to predict
how the moon, comets and planets move. Wow, OK. And this is who? You know what’s funny? I think that’s a
picture of Robert Hooke. You’re right, it’s not funny,
you’re absolutely right. What’s funny is you
know all of this stuff. That’s what’s funny. But, actually, I really
can’t say for sure. Because there isn’t an
exact portrait that exists. His friend, Isaac Newton,
either lost the picture or destroyed it. I see. So and he was the first
person to do what? He was the first
person known to see actual cells under
the microscope after it was invented. Wow, that’s amazing. But we’re not sure
if that’s him or not. All right. That’s my best guess
of what he looked like. Well if anyone watching is
related to him, knows him. Sir, if you’re watching,
please get in touch with us. Karaoke is your new thing to do. Yeah. So you go to bars and where
do you, where do you do it? At home. Oh at home. We have a special karaoke
stage in the corner. Oh Wow, that’s great. And so what’s your
favorite song? I like “Let it Go.” Of course you do,
that’s your go-to song. Yeah. I look foward to you doing
that in a bar one day. That would be–
all right, well I don’t know what kind of
machine you have at home. But we got you one. Because, I don’t know
what you have, but let’s see what we got you. Because nobody puts
Brielle in a corner. That’s going to be yours.

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