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*Music* Hello, everyone it is international, international? No, national dog day. I don’t think it’s an international holiday I don’t really think it’s really even a national one, I’m pretty sure it’s made up, but I’m going with it. Chiara, Can you come here? Chiara, what are you doing? Chiara? Chiara? I know you can hear me. Chiara. Chiara. Chiara. Chiara. Chiara. Chiara. Chiara. Hi, come here. Since it’s national, uh, or international as I called it dog day- Why are you smelling me like that? Since it’s- Since it is national dog day, I’m gonna have my dog in this video. And this video is about dogs. So we’re just dogging it up. Can you stop smelling me like that? It’s weird. Stop. Chiara, be normal So I couldn’t get myself to- I couldn’t bring myself to film this, like, earlier for some reason so by the time this video gets out It will no longer be International National Not even really actually dog day. Whatever the name of the holiday is. It’ll no longer be dog day I got my dog’s DNA tested. Not this dog right here We don’t care what she is, but my other dog Kita because everyone thinks she’s a Weimaraner And she’s not a Weimaraner. I just keep trying to tell people, “no she’s a doberman” and people will be like “no no she’s Weimaraner i know it. I know my dog. Blah blah blah” So I went ahead and got her DNA tested because I wanted to prove everyone wrong I got her DNA tested and the results came back And I’m going to view them with you guys so we can decide what she is Hi, oh shut up hurricane, we’re fine Hi, I know you’re comfy, but I need people to see you. Hey Hey She looks so done. Hey babies What? what kind of dog are you? she’s like, I really don’t care What kind of dog are you? Don’t go bother her, she’s sleeping. I mean, I bothered her but don’t you do it. Okay? Bye Go back to bed And you can decide what you think she is and you can leave a comment below right now telling me what kind of dog you Think my dog is, okay? I’ll give you a minute Even though you could just pause this video. I’m just gonna give you a second to leave your comment because I’m nice and considerate Okay, that’s enough time my friend Paige did this video a while back And that’s where I got the idea from I saw her do it and I was like wow. That’s a great idea I’m gonna do the exact same thing and copy you so It’s what I’m doing. I’m wearing my dog shirt national dog day dog shirt dog video I got I got I got I got doberman inside my DNA. We are on their website. This is um This is Keita’s genetic signature. *Random sounds* Whatever cool Let’s start, so this is this is what the results say. It says she is 75% Doberman Pinscher 12% rottweiler and 12% mix breed and the mixed breed group is mostly from the guard, hound, or herding group Funny thing about this, back when dobermans weren’t a breed yet They used rottweilers with great danes and a few other kinds of dogs, bred them together and made dobermans So it’s like she’s a doberman with a little extra rottweiler in her I guess um So this is her family tree. Which is interesting this is Kida, and it looks like you know dad or whatever was a doberman, mom was a doberman rottweiler mix and Then it just goes back with doberman doberman doberman doberman doberman in my DNA I got doberman doberman doberman doberman doberman and it just goes back with more dobermans and rottweiler mixes And then a possible mixed breed all the way back here So what it says is as part of our di- as part of our *random noises* as part of our analysis, we- it says as part of the MMM-hmm It says, as part of our analysis We have considered whether Kita’s results are consistent with a purebred doberman pinscher Samples in our database using a variety of tests. The results are in, our findings show that Kida’s results are similar but not Completely consistent with purebred doberman pinchers in our database. However, the results are not completely conclusive This can occur when the dog from a foreign or rare family line that has been bred far away from Doberman Pinscher families Represented in our database so basically it’s saying she could be a purebred but if she is she came from a line of Dobermans that were bred a slightly different way than most Dobermans were, but she also could just be mixed I don’t even want to try to read that to be quite honest with you, or that. I’m just Not in school for a reason That either. I just want words. Thank you So this shows doberman pinscher and that she’s 75 percent doberman. It says the doberman pinscher was developed in the 19th century and the breed has Developed became known as a doberman pinscher the breed combines the color, shape, and strength of the rottweiler and great dane See, like I was saying. and The German pinscher and a few other things so like what I was saying that used some of the other breeds qualities And it shows that she is 12% mixed and that its most likely a mix from the guard group which, the first example was a Boston terrier I don’t think that that one’s it. I just have a gut feeling that she’s not part Boston terrier or American staff shire Which I love that breed, that’s one of my favorite dog breeds ever, next to pit bulls I love them both so much. My top favorite breed is probably a Shiba inu But I love pit bulls and staff shires, and then it shows some other ones She might be part of, which is the herding group in the hound group and these dogs in particular So this shows all the breeds they tested against, so there was none in the asian group which includes all of those dogs She has no no DNA that matches up with any of them. None of the companion dogs Darn, she’s not part pekinese. I really thought she would be. Guard, specific breeds found Doberman and Rottweiler and that’s it. None of the middle east and African dogs, none of the mountain dogs None of the sighthounds. She has no evidence found to be part of the sporting group which, look Weimaraner, ooh No evidence. She has no evidence found to be part of the sporting group Which is where the Weimaraner comes from. So there you go, my dog ain’t no *Tries to say Weimaraner* Weimaraner I thought it was wymanimer. whymannheimer. I thought it was- but it’s like- How do you say that? why-mer-aner ry- ryman- I thought it was like whymer- Rymanhy- Rhyminhymer- I can’t say it anymore now that I’ve like looked at it and tried to read it. I can’t Whymannheimer. Ryman- Wymanimer. Rymanimer. Weimaraner or weimaraner. This is a statement of Authentication to show that my dog is authentic. I have a real dog here 100% dog and that’s it So there you have it. My dog is not a Weimaraner -imarhymer imanhiemer imenhiemer or however the heck you say that dogs breed weimaraner or *Clip plays* Weimaraner. If you guys don’t know, I did make a second channel I post vlogs on there now, please please please please please please please please please please please go check it out That’s enough pleases because I really will be using it a whole lot And I’ll be posting a whole lot of extra content on there I have two videos out so far, but I have a lot coming I have so many videos filmed and ready to go that I just need to edit together that I’m going to be putting on there and yeah, I also have merch still out now if you want to go ahead and check out my merch, the link will be in my bio, so thank you guys so much for watching. I hope you enjoyed it and learned something about my dog. Goodbye Thank you. My dog is not a Weimaraner. thank you have a happy national dog day. Goodbye It’s already over because it’s a day late. I’m posting this a day late okay. So now you know that my dog- ow *Kendrick Lamar – DNA. Plays* Doberman Pinscher and Rottweiler


  1. 3:22 she said that they were with grate dains and others which were wimeraners also i have 3 wimeranaers ( no hate ) love you ❤️

  2. I hate people. They try to tell me what my dog is too. It's like NO ONE asked you. No one consulted you. Are you the breed police?? Out here policing people's dogs. It's ridiculous. Shut up. You do not know. Good on you for getting her tested 💯

  3. i know for a fact by my years of ptsd training that that dog is a dead baby.
    (jkjkjkjkjkjk kida is adorable and her breed is dawg)

  4. I have such an affinity with dogs that I seem to be able to instantly identify their mix. Its always a mixed dog that I'm instantly sure about. for eg… Yesterday I saw a dog and saw that it was a staffy cross jack russel. The owner was so amazed I got it right because people usually can't pin point his mix. Its happened a few times and its always a weird or rather, unusual mix too. just thought I'd share

  5. I can see she's a doberman. People are getting hung up on her colour. why is colour so f….ing in the way for humans?? she's gorgeous and so is the little one too xx

  6. how lunch did it cost to get her tested and can you give me the details for the company please. xxx thank you xxx

  7. People are saying that you're dog is a different breed even though your the owner of your dog and could prove that wrong 😂

    And you own 10+ more pets soooooo…. Ye

  8. I would have used Embark for the DNA test though…. Wisdom panel is kind of iffy. I have a fawn Doberman as well. I just laugh when people try and tell me she is a weim. We've even gotten greyhound and vizsla.

  9. I think it is the kind that you say it is because i love all dogs the same not fighting over what it is people

  10. When I looked at the thumbnail she is weimaraner.
    Mostly weimaraner maybe lab and great dane that's my guess before the video.
    Oh she looks like she is part Doberman part weimaraner.

  11. I knew she was a doberman when i was ur vide feeding your animals bcuz i could see the doberman brown lol

    idk why I said that it didn’t make sense but all I,m saying is I love kida

  13. I feel bad for Taylor because like she knows her dog and then everybody else is like no its another dog when she knows her dog that’s what I’m disappointed in and I believe her I think it’s a doberman

  14. She looks like loved for baby. She looks like a cross between my great Dane, Lourdes Maria, and my min pin, Emma Gene! I love your little girl!

  15. How do people always get the comment hearted by Taylor they so lucky btw love u Taylor I just wanna say if all your subs left which the never will I’d never leave I’d always stay ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  16. She doesn't even look like a weimaraner. She has the long muzzle and the tan points. She's got a diluting modifier gene causing her black to express as blue. She doesn't even appear to have the "hound" appearance. Whoever said she looks like a weimaraner needs to study the breed standard… and while they're at it, study the doberman breed standard to see that they come in blue.

  17. i can tell that kita is a doberman by her patterns but people assume weimaraner because of the color she could having a pale or weak color marks on her fur
    and for those who say other wise you dont know about dogs oh and its her dog im pretty sure she is right about HER DOG !!!!!

  18. I OWN A FAWN DOBERMAN…KITA IS DEFINITELY A FAWN/RUST DOBERMAN WITH NATURAL EARS. The Fawn coloring is the rarest out of the 4 colors, which is why you ignorant idiots have probably never seen one. OKAY HAVE A GREAT DAY.

    I know this is an old video, but I am constantly explaining to people the same fucking thing.

  19. WE HAVE THE EXACT SAME DOG, and everyone at the dog park is always like weimaraner?? and we're like she's a doberman, except her ears arent cut and she's fawn colored and they act like we dont know what kind of dog she is. THANK U for this video

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