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Life and Molecular Sciences Career Fair

Every year we organize a career fair that is actually more of a niche event where it’s focused on biology, chemistry, those kind of students. So instead of a massive fair where it’s a whole variety of jobs and students might feel a little out of place, if you are interested in some capacity in the science industry this fair is for you. It’s for freshman through seniors, so it’s not something where you’re only at the end of your academic career trying to get a job. Typically you’re going to see companies that are more on the lab side, so you’re getting that lab technical research experience. Some organizations are actual schools, so they’re more on the graduate and professional programs. Some of them are non-profits and so they are looking for people who have a well-rounded skillset, so they have that science background that couples with maybe a passion for policy or whatever it may be, so it’s going to be all over the place. The goal of this fair is to get students to think outside of their normal bubble. We try to look for things that are a little bit different, just to break that barrier of what they are thinking. So I have students that come every single year which is great because we’re never going to have the same. If you’re wondering what in the world you can do with a life science degree, this fair is where it’s going to all happen for you. Come check out internships, research, jobs, everything is going to be here.

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