Lihua Zou’s Lab: Linking Functions of Cancer Genomics
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Lihua Zou’s Lab: Linking Functions of Cancer Genomics

All these cancer cells tend to share
certain common strategies. We are computational biology for the most part,
but we trying to couple the computation biology and experimental strategy to
study cancer mutations. We have the compete genetic blueprints in front of us. Cancer has no place to hide. Now we know the big picture, we have the map we have
the map of cancer and we can now know how all these dots in the map connect to
each other and that just gives us really the feeling that we are very close to
understanding this complex disease. We can look at problem both from the human-patient perspective and also from the basic biology perspective and think about
what are the paths that we can actually take? What are the actionable targets
that we can translate this basic science knowledge into therapy?

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