Living Organism Found on the ISS! Why is no one talking about this!?
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Living Organism Found on the ISS! Why is no one talking about this!?

15 thoughts on “Living Organism Found on the ISS! Why is no one talking about this!?

  1. Watch the endless ISS bloopers that show stuff appearing in and out of their hands, CGI screwups like hidden float wires and you'll realize this is all Kabuki theater and lies. Look up the lunar landing tapes of Neil Armstrong faking the window masking of Earth from low earth orbit pretending they were on their way to the moon. Look up the temperature of the heliosphere and the melting points of materials used in the Apollo missions. And finally, look up astronaut Pettit proclaiming we've "lost the technology to go back to the moon and have to rebuild it. WE'VE BEEN OUT OF EARTH ORBIT. Two weeks ago, I would have laughed anyone out of the park saying what I am now saying.. Ask yourself this.. Never to the moon, fake ISS live feeds.. literally a million bloopers to see there.. NO HUBBLE. (those pics are fake as well) LOOK ALL THIS UP FOR YOURSELF. IF I told you the reason behind all this you wouldn't believe me, so I will ask you to dig for yourself. You will be terrified of you begin to understand. But sorry, this is NASA drama at it's worst. Keep looking up people, never look to Antartica, there's nothing to see there…….

  2. Let me amend what I said, I meant to say WE'VE NEVER BEEN TO THE MOON. Look up the fake International Space Station bloopers, this is FILMED IN A STUDIO. LOOK FOR YOURSELVES AT THE HUNDREDS OF F*CKUPS NASA HAS MADE WITH THEIR AUGMENTED VIRTUAL REALITY TECHNOLOGY ( it's truly laughable), Hands disappearing, a Teletubby type doll magically appears floating in front of the astronaut. They used to use airplanes (aka the vomet comets) now it's all done in studios with CGI and augmented reality contact lenses. Do your homework people, DON'T TAKE MY WORD FOR IT.

  3. Thanks for this information. They probably not talking about it because they want to use it's survival technique to make another weapon for war.

  4. nice brother but yes ive heard of thi s i cant remember when but its fd up that this stuff isnt more well known this yt shit has even gotten worse now vidme folded its beginning to feel a bit stifling we have to do something to organize some sort of defense or offense

  5. Have be be careful here with this story.. seems the use of outer space is wrong.. the earths atmosphere technically goes further then iss. the gases get less and less. but even water droplets exist and could easily come from earths carried on water droplets. the only way to say its alien then bacteria is truely alien if it dont match earth variants. the fact is they dont no how far from earths atmosphere goes as it get more thiner but theres a good chart that shows the names and km/miles it goes. so we dont know if it came from spanspermia or drifted from earths surface up and up on water and helium gases or even carried there by rockets and men from earth.

  6. I hate 2 b the 1 to shatter yr dreams , the iss is fake man – & the sooner use get used 2 it , the better ??
    F.T.N.W.O. ?? ??

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