Logan’s Syndrome Trailer
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Logan’s Syndrome Trailer

People stare, I stare and so I wanted to do
paintings so people can stare all they want. It seems like he’s been drawing since I can remember. Soon as he could do it. There was a time where he went form someone who doodled to something that was very real and brilliant. He’s of course an amazing artist. He’s inventive. My name is Logan Madsen. I’m 36 years old and I have Miller syndrome. Miller’s is a genetic condition that affects
my entire body. I am one of fewer than thirty people in the
world with the disease. My older sister Heather also has Miller syndrome. When she was born and they put her on my stomach and I saw her bent arms, I thought, “I don’t want this baby.” The pediatrician slapped me on the leg and he said, “Congratulations. You just made medical history.” Life expectancy wasn’t all that good. We signed an autopsy report the first day. From that day on, it was all borrowed time. I learned to live with the unknown, in every
category of my life. But it helped me learn to appreciate them. Every time I’m with them, it could be the
last time I see them. Happy Birthday! Thank you! She’s just done whatever she can to make us want to live life. Logan got his magic medicine fifteen minutes ago. He’s feelin’ pretty darn good right now. You know, I want to change the world, in a
simple way. I would love to have at least one person’s
life be changed. That would be nice. Even though he has a personality that has
autism, a personality that has fears and anxiety and all that other stuff, that… you know like the ocean. You have the surface of the ocean that’s rough, but deep down underneath it’s calm. And that’s Logan.

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