Malaria : #humanhealthanddisease class 12 biology (Part 4)
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Malaria : #humanhealthanddisease class 12 biology (Part 4)

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graphics biology this is our fourth part of human health and disease chapter four
previous videos you can check the description box to get the link and
watch that full video in this video we are going to discuss about malaria it’s
causing its symptoms and its treatment so let’s have a quick look on our video
without wasting our time there are totally four types of the
Plasmodium which causes a malaria in his Plasmodium falciparum which you can see
in this screen is the severe causes for malaria and the Eneida 3/1 are
plasmodium ovale Plasmodium vivax and Plasmodium malaria which you can see on
the left side of our screen for the lifecycle of malarial parasites or
Plasmodium it involves two hearts it includes human beings and female
Anopheles mosquito if the infected female Anopheles mosquito bites a
healthy person and religious a sporozoite in RBC’s or a blood it will
result in two malaria female Anopheles mosquito feed on the blood while the
male musk white on the in Turin Brakes an infected person know
anybody’s an infected person what happens it seeks advice so it’s awesome
like that is how investors phone so the so that must credo is actually getting
his food in the form of blood when the same time it is also taking the gap in
to size along with the blood and what are these gap in two sides these lamina
two sides are the gap we do science of Plasmodium so these are still inside the
body of the mosquito now what will happen inside the body of
the master suite of these Kavita sites will form gametes
gavin’s we all know one exam it’s the other sex cells that is the way that the
female sex sells these Garrido science will produce the gametes as the same
cells and then these damaged the London confusion and they will form this whole
kind it which will form the whose cysts so and this entire process of
fertilization and development will take place inside the body of the mosquito so
you can see that that means the two so what is the Plasmodium is actually
living inside the body of the mosquito so you can say that must we – is of
course embarrassing now has the loosest is for happens also released from this
now what happens to these gurus oils which are released now what happens is
this mosquito the same mosquito goes back and bites another person who is
maybe another person who is not suffering from malaria
now many buying samples and these foods which are being produced inside the body
of the mosquito the sores are sued in the celebrity you have these for production they keep
multiplying not blood now now a sexually production these are each red blood cell
to see inside each red blood cell production will happen the symptoms of
malaria include the following which have been shown on screen
for the best prevention of malaria we can use insecticides insect repellents
or by preventing mosquito bites malaria lay eggs on the contaminated or
standing water if you consume that water it might result into a malaria for the
best prevention is we must avoid the use of contaminated water and use gumbush
piece or a Masuda fish for the digestion of a larva which has been realized by
mosquito in a lake or a nearby water reservoir please don’t forget to Like
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