Man Cheated on Wife of 17 Years (Full Episode) | Paternity Court
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Man Cheated on Wife of 17 Years (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Please be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is a case of
Thompson v. McKinley.
Thank you, Ron.
Good day, everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. Ms. Thompson, you are
summoning Mr. McKinley to court to prove to him
and his wife, that he fathered
your six-month-old son,
Legend. You say that
his wife is petty, and she is the cause
of his paternity denial,
is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Mr. McKinley,
you admit that Ms. Thompson
was an affair gone wrong, and you say Ms. Thompson
needs to leave you
and your wife of 17 years alone, and find her baby’s father. Is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. Now, Ms. Thompson,
how did you end up in a relationship
with a married man? Okay, I ended up
in a relationship with Terrell, and I wouldn’t
consider it a relationship. I would consider it
friends with benefits. I was on Facebook, and he was
always liking my pictures, he was commenting
on my pictures, he was always trying
to get attention
to be noticed. Wait, hold… One day… Excuse me,
I’ll let you talk. One day… Yeah, okay,
anyway, one day, I finally gave him a chance
’cause he was real thirsty, and I gave him a chance
because I was like, “Okay,
I wanna go out on a date.” TERRELL: Your Honor,
that’s a lie. So… I haven’t even
started talking, so… There is… That’s a lie. JUDGE LAKE: Let her
get this story out, then I’ll come to you,
Mr. McKinley,
I wanna hear your side. ‘Cause like I said I’m 25, and
I’m just trying to tell you
the story ’cause you asked me. So, I chose him
to go out with, obviously because he was
always giving me nice notes, because I wouldn’t
be here today, or we wouldn’t even be
asking if he was my baby, so yeah,
he was attracted to me. And she thought
she just… So, to make
a long story short, I dated him,
we had Rap in common, because I rap, you know,
and I write music, I sing. I took him to the studio,
we spit some bars, making a long
story short, we ended up dating,
having, um, encoun…sexual encounters. We protected ourselves
majority of the time. I had been drinking and we had messed around… Right, Your Honor… I wasn’t sober enough
to make the right decisions,
and he knew that… That’s a lie.
That’s a lie. That’s a lie. Okay, so wait a minute.
Did you know he was married? He told me that
he was separated. She lying. Which wasn’t true. She knew, Your Honor.
Can I speak? She lying. And he stayed in a room
in an emasculating house. She lying, Your Honor. She stayed in a shed. Hold on, hold on,
Your Honor… She lying, okay.
I went on his Facebook. She’s always
posting new pictures and this and that… (ALL ARGUING LOUDLY) I went into her pictures,
and I saw what
she would ask him. Okay, let me hear
what they’re saying. Let me hear what they’re
saying, Ms. Thompson. This is how it go.
From my knowledge, I post a picture of me
leaving a studio. Ms. Thompson
got in my deal. “When you gonna bring me
to the studio?” I said, “Well, I don’t know,
do you rap?” She like, “Yes, Terrell.” He can’t even rap. I said, “Well, okay,
I let her come in today.” He can barely talk. No I don’t. Later on that day,
I ain’t went. Then the next day,
she got in my inbox, “I thought you were
gonna bring me
to the studio.” She did a barrell
roll. She was
a side chick, okay? A side chick. I didn’t have to sneak
around with him, Your Honor. So, listen, listen, hold on,
that’s interesting testimony,
Mrs. McKinley, and I want some answers. Let’s talk one at a time,
let’s talk one at a time. So, out of the blue,
she just sends you
a message and says, “When you gonna take me
to the studio?” And you don’t know
who this girl is? No, I just knew she was
one of my friends on Facebook. I could tell
she was scheming off
of day one, because that’s all we had,
was on Facebook. He worked at the Goodwill,
why would I want him? He worked
at the donation thing
before he got fired. Why would I want him? He’s two decades older than
me. Y’all are two decades
than me. Don’t play with me. Mrs. McKinley,
I wanna know from you. How did you find out
about all this? Okay, ma’am,
one of the girls
up there told me that
my husband have a young girl in the room. So, I knew I had the picture
how the girl looked. So, I went over myself.
Knocked on the door, he asked, “Who was it?”
I didn’t answer. So, he opened the door,
I went in there. She lay in the bed,
under the cover… Whose house was this? I took the cover
off her head and I asked him,
“What’s going on?” He like, “We were
doing music, sit down.” I’m like,
“No, I won’t sit down.” You doing music in the bed
under the covers? (OVERLAPPING CONVERSATION) We were doing music.
We weren’t having sex. …and that’s how I found out.
I had an idea it was her, ’cause she always…
I read his Facebook, they were flirting
with each other on Facebook. So, I’m like, okay,
I just had to put
a picture to the face. CRYSTAL:
Your Honor, since
I was having an affair, like they said,
how is it that me and him ended up
going to New Orleans and I met his entire family? Because you were homeless. Because you were homeless. You were going
places with him? I went to New Orleans
with him regardless. Yeah, I had a struggle.
I was struggling, and I had somewhere to go,
but I was with him, so I went with him.
When we went to New Orleans, he introduced me
to his family, his sister,
his cousins. I went swimming,
I’m talking about it’s like
I’m his girlfriend, you know, but in my mind,
I’m like, “Okay,
this man too old for me,” but at the time, it’s fun
right now, ’cause I’m young,
and I’m having fun, and I’m enjoying
his company. So I went to Tulane Hospital
because I wasn’t feeling good, he took me, I told him
that I was expecting,I did not say it was his.I told him that
I was expecting
’cause I’m a woman.
I’m gonna own up
to my crap. So I said, “Okay, it’s
a chance that this
might not be your child.” He was upset,
he got in his feelings.
This man is lying. Look at me.
He was all up in my face. He spent money on me,
he let me drive his car, and he didn’t have
no money for me, but
at the same time, it was… At the same time, I had fun
enjoying his company, and I had to spend no money. But he loves this child
and I know he does. But this woman here
is not gonna let him
love his child. Because she’s telling you
about my Facebook, my Facebook is private. She’s been saying
that I’m childish, yeah I’m upset,
that’s my baby right there. I love my child,
I take care of him. I have been
going through hell because all I want him
to do is be a father. I have let them see my child.They have some pictures
with my child.
Now, they’re in
the courthouse saying that,
“Oh, I don’t think
that’s my baby, “that ain’t my baby.”
That’s not true. They have been around,
I let her around. I don’t want your man. For one,
he too old for me. He ain’t even
attractive to me. He was just…
At the time, he was
just something to do. Let me tell you something.
I called him in the hospital on the second day,
because I looked at my child
and I said, “Damn, man, “I’m gonna own up today.”
I did not want him
to be the father, but my child sure
do got a lot of features. This evidence shows
that he has a stag toe, like he grew into it,
but when he was born, it’s a genetic thing. I asked Terrell
about my son. I told him about it.
“Oh, yeah, that’s me.” So, if that ain’t your baby,
take your shoe off. Let me see your toes. You wanna see my toes. Yeah, let me see.
Take ’em off. Did you put on
socks today? So, you say the overlapping of toes.
Stag toe… CRYSTAL:
Did not come from me. And it didn’t come
from you. CRYSTAL:He admitted
that he had stag toe.
JUDGE LAKE:It affects
an estimated 10%
of the population,
and it’s more than likely
that heredity plays a part.
And then
when children and infants
have overlapping toes, it’s usually the case
that one or both parents
have the same condition. Do you have an overlapping
toe, Mr. McKinley? No, I do not. No… CRYSTAL: Take your shoe off! My big toe too long.
That’s the only thing wrong. Something wrong with him.
Ain’t nothing wrong
with my toe. And I have this evidence.
We got this three months ago through a text,
telling my husband, oh, this Legend’s daddy
right here. JUDGE LAKE:
This evidence is a picture you said you saw.
Where? Um, she sent it… She sent it to me. It’s still in
his phone. As a matter of fact,
it’s still in his phone. So, you got a text,
and it was this picture, and the caption was, “Legend’s real father.
Goodbye.” I have nothing to hide.
I did not say that.
You can go ahead and prove it. So how do you think
they got this text
if it didn’t come from you? This woman made a fake page.
I have my page private. That’s how I know it’s gotta
be an app. JUDGE LAKE: Oh, you’re saying
they made this?
They created this? She made up a whole fake page. All of this that they doing
is to make me look bad. But I’m really upset because
I could care less if he
in his life or not, I just wanna know
who the father is so I can get the help
that I need, because
I’m struggling with my child. If you wanna meet her,
that’s fine. But she don’t got to
tag along your coat-tail just to go see your child. I didn’t have sex with her,
I don’t mind her
coming sometimes, but she thinks
we are sleeping together.
I don’t want him. This is not
about Legend. This is about her
with my husband. She calls me on my phone,
she calls me and my husband,
we let it go to voicemail. She calls us.
I got voicemails,
I got text messages, she call… I think she should be
more mature than that, and take into consideration
that stuff happens, and she doesn’t need to be
a pain in my behind. Let me ask you one question.
Have you ever been married? No, I’ve not been married. JUDGE LAKE: Okay. (OVERLAPPING CONVERSATION) No, no, no.
That’s all I wanna know,
that’s all I wanna know, bceause I can understand now, why your perspective
is so one-sided, and you don’t understand. JUDGE LAKE: I’m accepting
your mouthing off, because I know it comes
from a place of hurt,
because I can see you. It’s just yabba, yabba, yabba,
yabba, yabba, yabba, yabba, and I’m trying to re… I’m trying to refrain from beating you down because the truth is
you are a young girl. You stand her now and it’s, “I want him, I want him.”
You slept with him. You knew
he didn’t have no money. You knew he worked
at the Goodwill, you knew he had a wife, and you knew he didn’t have
anything… No, no, hold on. I let you talk all day,
now I’m gonna talk. You knew all this
about this man, and I’m not saying
he’s right, ’cause he’s wrong
as the day is long. But what I’m saying to you
is that, as you speak… At first, I wanted you
to get the chip
off your shoulder, ’cause I thought maybe
after you got it off, we could get to really
who you are
and how this happened. All in my mind
is I’m saying is, what are we gonna do?
How do we do that? JUDGE LAKE:
Of course you did. I made a mistake. Of course you did. Now, if you all
are trying to see the child, that’s what I wanna
get to next. Legend’s born. You say you wanna be
a part of Legend’s life, until you figure out
if, in fact, it’s your
biological child. You’re attempting to do that, Ms. Thompson’s saying
every time they come, the wife has to come. I realize what that’s
rooted in, it’s insecurity. What in the world’s
gonna be going on
when she go over there… So, I get all that. How often
have you seen Legend? TERRELL: Three times. Twice. JUDGE LAKE: In six months,
three times? Before I left New Orleans
to return back to Dallas, I called Ms. Thompson, “How’re we gonna handle this?” I said the same way
you don’t trust Legend
around my wife, my wife don’t trust me
around you. But that still should not
involve Legend in the
middle of this fight. I said like, right now,
you say you don’t want me, well, what the problem
you have with my wife
being with me? You know? I mean,
it’s about Legend. I want a DNA test,
because… JUDGE LAKE: Because
you’re saying, and she’s
admitted in court today, that this child
may or may not be your biological son. TERRELL:
That’s what I’m saying. JUDGE LAKE: That probably,
is the most sense
you’ve made today. It didn’t make no sense to me. Of course, it didn’t,
Ms. Thompson,
of course it didn’t. You don’t have to feel sorry
for me, because God has been
blessing me and my children, and I have been
taking care of them. I put a roof over their head
and I don’t have
to explain it. You do not know me,
but you’re
looking piti… You’re looking at me pitiful,
like you feel sorry for me. Don’t feel sorry for me. I do. And I have this anger built up
because he does not
take care of his child. So, if he doesn’t or does, I’m gonna take care of him
anyway, and he’s still happy. I’m so glad
we’re here every day, Ron. That’s all I can say. RON: Me too. I’m so glad we’re here
every day. I really am. I’m glad God woke me up
this morning to be here. I’m sorry, honey.
What did you say? CRYSTAL: I’m glad
I woke up to be here. Absolutely. I’m glad I had the opportunity
to speak my mind. Right. Right. You got your moment
to be able to say
what you need to say. That’s what this moment is. I feel better. Listen, not, not… Crystal! Ms. Thompson. Don’t miss
your moments in life. I won’t. Don’t let hurt, anger,
frustration… You get bitter, your teeth
so clenched, you just…
(EXCLAIMS) It was like your head
was gonna pop off. Yeah, I was upset. JUDGE LAKE: I could see. And that’s why
I just brought it down, because I knew
there was another you
in there somewhere. I’m not gonna cry.
My make up pretty. I’m not gonna cry. (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) I want to, but I’m not. JUDGE LAKE:
You do look pretty. You do. You’re a pretty girl,
you’re a young girl, you have dreams for your life. Look… When you get so hard sometimes
and you get so angry, you can’t let anything in. You’re trying
to keep the bad out, but sometimes,
you can’t let the good in. I just get overwhelmed, ’cause being a single mom
and doing the right thing, going without, to make sure
that they have, which I do, and most women
my age don’t, it’s overwhelming. And especially
to have extra drama. All you gotta do is
take care of this child and wait
till the results come. You didn’t have
to do all this.
But I was willing to come and I’m getting it
taken care of. So… JUDGE LAKE: Yes! You got in a situation, okay? You and Mr. McKinley
got in a situation. Like I said,
he ain’t off the hook, but I’m more concerned
with you, because
he’s got support. So, when you think
I was focusing on you, because I was most angry.
I thought you were
most at fault. No, I’m focusing on you
’cause you standing there
by yourself. And I thank you
for understanding. Absolutely.
That’s why I’m here. All right, are we ready
for the results? CRYSTAL:
I wanted to say something. I had made a rap
about the whole situation. I wanted to see
if I could express that
with no interruptions. Can you hold somebody
in contempt… Ladies and gentlemen,
Ms. Thompson has
the courtroom.♪ Let me tell you a little
something about me
♪ Pretty mac who likes soul
and one beat
♪ I made up my own Facebook,
he invites me
♪ Tryin’ to see if he
could take me out to eat
♪ I’m knowin’ this dude
wanna get in them sheets
♪ I’m from triple D
so I’m so discreet
♪ Make the dude say
he wanna marry me
♪ I don’t got time
I’m on my grind
♪ Money, money, money
That’s on my mind
♪ He got me pregnant
Stuff got hectic
♪ I got on that phone
and start talkin’ reckless
♪ I can’t help it
I be stressing
♪ But my kids, yeah,
they a blessing ♪
And that’s it. JUDGE LAKE: Yeah! CRYSTAL: Thank you. Very good. Very good. Excuse me, Your Honor.
Can I say something? No. (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) No, I ain’t trying to rap.
I just wanna talk. JUDGE LAKE: No, I heard what
you had to say, and I’m not cutting you off ’cause I don’t want you
to have your time, I’m cutting you off
because your last statement had you right in the place
where I feel like
we can make progress. So I’m holding you there.
The envelope, please, Ron. Yes, ma’am. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) In the case of
Thompson vs. McKinley,
when it comes to
six-month-old Legend, it has been determined
by this court, Mr. McKinley, you… …are the father. And he’s a handsome young…
He’s a handsome baby. He get compliments
all the time, so… JUDGE LAKE:
He is beautiful. In the spirit of that beauty
and that innocence, let’s go forward,
better than we have before. CRYSTAL: I don’t want drama.
I never did want drama. It just hurt me
when I asked for something
and they don’t do it. JUDGE LAKE: I wish I had
little boxes and I could
wrap it up for you all, put a bow on it, and send you
out like life is perfect now, but no, that takes work. It’s gonna take you all
to stay in this place. I see tears in your eyes,
Mr. McKinley. TERRELL: Yes. I’ve been wanting
to be a part,
but she been limiting it. JUDGE LAKE:
But we not talking about that. We’re not talking about that.
You see what I’m saying? Don’t go back. Yeah, let it go forward. JUDGE LAKE:
We know there were issues.
Don’t go back. Look, she has given
this young man
a very strong name. Legend. This child has gotta
live up to his name. You all don’t have time
for this pettiness,
this bickering back and forth. I want you to take advantage
of the resources and take care of that beautiful,
beautiful baby boy, and good luck
on your career. Thank you. All right.
The best of luck to you.
Court is adjourned.

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