Man Denies Paternity Because He Already Has 13 Kids (Full Episode) | Paternity Court
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Man Denies Paternity Because He Already Has 13 Kids (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Please, be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case of
McKenzie v. Guy.
Thank you Jerome.
Good day, everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. Ms. McKenzie, you say
Mr. Guy abandoned you
and your daughter Ah’Niyah, soon after
she was born. And denies he’s
her father only because, he already has too many kids. Yes, Your Honor. Mr. Guy, you say you knew
this wasn’t your child from the moment
Ms. McKenzie said
she was pregnant. Is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: So Ms. McKenzie, when did you first realize
that he denied he was
your daughter’s father? Well, when I told him
that I was pregnant he, kinda like, was
shocked a little bit
and he was like “She gonna be
my 13th daughter.” (CROWD MURMURS) “How can I… “How can I take care
of all of them?” Oh, his what child? Thirteenth kid. Thirteen kids, Mr. Guy? No, no, Your Honor. I told her I had eight. He told me he had eight
and then, he said, when I told him I was
pregnant, he said 13. No! You’re definitely… You’re
definitely wrong about that. JUDGE LAKE: So you’re
saying, before he told you
he had eight. Yeah. And then, it was like,
they kept popping up, like, I even went to school
with one of his kids. No. You went to school
with some of his kids? Me and one of his kids,
we was in college together. And then like, when I… Wait, how old are you? I’m 28. JUDGE LAKE:
And how old are you, Mr. Guy? Forty-five. (AUDIENCE GASPING) (SIGHING) Oh, boy. Okay, so, when did you realize
he was denying your child? That he said, “This…
This is not my child”? MCKENZIE: After I had her,
he was at the hospital
and everything.When he brought us home,
he just basically set her
on the floor, in her car seat.
He was like, “I gotta go
run an errand.” He never
came back, so… He just left her there. He just left us there
for like, months. JUDGE LAKE: So, you come
in from the hospital Yes. And he puts her on
the floor in her car seat. Yes. And says, “I gotta
run an errand.” Yes. And never comes back. Exactly. So, you’re there,
just caring for this child. Caring for her. Are you calling him? Yes, I called him, like, uh… I called him so many times.
He even, like, at one point, just stopped answering
my phone calls. I didn’t speak to him
until she was almost
six months old and I had to call him
from my friend’s phone. JUDGE LAKE: So wait,
you had to trick him? You had to call him
from your friend’s phone so he wouldn’t recognize
the number, for him to answer because
he had not been
answering your calls. Mr. Guy, have you been
avoiding her calls
all that time? Yes, Your Honor. Why? She was harassing me. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) Harassing you about what? Baby this, baby that… ‘Cause she is your baby. That ain’t my baby, you know. MCKENZIE: Okay. Milkman’s baby, somebody’s
baby, but it wasn’t mine. Excuse-me. Why did you say
it wasn’t yours? Were you sleeping with her? I was sleeping with her. Were you using protection? No, Your Honor. So, how do you think you’re
excluded from possibility? Like, when the baby was born,
I was at the hospital, and… Looked at the baby, I said, “This ain’t my baby.” When we was
at the hospital, he said my baby looked
like his mom and his grandma. That’s what he said. Did you say that
at the hospital, Mr. Guy? GUY: I don’t recall
saying that. JUDGE LAKE: So, why are you
denying this beautiful baby? You say you were having
an intimate relationship
with her. Why are you saying it’s
someone else’s child? ‘Cause it’s just that…
(STAMMERS) I catch her telling lies.Like, uh, one time
me and my brother pulled up,
she was sitting
in the car with somebody. And they was there for a while
because we were sitting up
there watching them. So… What were they
doing in the car? I thought they was having sex. JUDGE LAKE: Really? MCKENZIE: Can I say something? That night that
he is talking about,
I called him and he told me to come over
to his house. When I got there,
he was not there. So when I was leaving,
my friend that lives down
the street from him saw me and gave me a ride. We were
parked by my house, in front
of our house, talking. Were you sleeping with
anybody else while you were… MCKENZIE: No! What is this relationship?
Are you boyfriend
and girlfriend, or what? MCKENZIE: No! I’m just putting it
out there, he is a user. He used me. He lived at my
house, he didn’t pay rent,
he didn’t have a job. He used me. I was there for
a second, but… So, why were you even over
there if you said the baby definitely wasn’t yours,
it was the milkman’s baby? They don’t even
deliver milk no more.
How is it the milkman’s baby? (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) GUY: It was for convenience. I mean, it’s just,
it was just like… We was messing around. We were just steady
messing around. JUDGE LAKE: All right.
What is your doubt? What else, Mr. Guy? One time, I was getting off
of work, they let me
off work at… Maybe, like six hours,
uh, at 6:00 am, and I usually
get off at 7:00. So, I pull up to the house… And, I looked at my phone,
then looked back up. There was a dude
standing right there. I’m like,
where did he come from? I said, “Okay,
well it’s apartments, so “he might have came out
of any one of these apartments
instead of our apartment.” So, I’m calling there,
asked her “Was somebody here?” “No, nobody weren’t here.” But then, weeks passed… It’s the same dude! I got off work early again
because they shut
everything down. Got off work. He’s sitting on the couch. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) I said, “This is the same dude
I’ve seen that popped up. “How is he sitting
on the couch right now?” “Oh, he came over for a ride.” Who… Who is
this guy, Ms. McKenzie? I don’t know who
he is talking about. He keeps saying this,
there was never no guy, like. We had an apartment.
Two apartments here,
one apartment right here. There was some girl that
stayed upstairs, where,
if you come down, you’re standing
in front of my door. It’s the whole complex
and he just says, “Oh, this guy is
coming out your house.” This guy don’t
even know me. He never… He don’t know me. The guy was in the house, the same guy
was standing in front. In the house, you said… Okay. You said, “Oh, he’s
just a friend. “He came for a ride to work.” So, he passed all those bus
stops in the middle of winter, thirty degrees weather, then, come and get a ride
when he could have
caught a bus for cheaper. He had a house key.
If he got off at 6:00, why would I have somebody
laying in bed with me? He has a house key. No, because when I came
to the door, you took time
to open the door. You have a house key! So, he was sitting
there yawning. So, I’m looking
at this and say, “How long are you going
to take to open the door?” She had to open the door,
eventually. There is one
way in and one way out. How long did it take her? GUY: About 20 minutes. So, you stood there
for 20 minutes? Yes, then, about, what,
about 20 minutes. I wasn’t going nowhere.
I sit in my car and
if it took her hours, I knew something was going on
because why you take
a long time to open the door? He’s yawning like he’s
just getting up. I know your
eyes bloodshot, right and it’s 30 degrees outside. That led you to believe that
she was with other people
before the baby. That lead me to believe that you know, everything
that I’m thinking is true.
It’s true. She is messing around
with other people. This is your mom? MCKENZIE: This is my mom. Ma’am, stand please. Ms. McKenzie, am I correct? Yes. And you are Ms. McKenzie’s mother. Yes, I am. Yes, Your Honor. Ah’Niyah, your
grandchild is three? Yes, Your Honor.And we’ve been having
this paternity issue now
for far too long.
What do you know
about the situation?
I’m really upset
at Mr. Guy because he’s denying
my granddaughter. She really doesn’t even
know who he is. And I’m upset with him. And I did live
with them for a while. And he goes to the club. He might not even come here
for two or three days. JUDGE LAKE: Two or three days? KATHRYN: Yes. What’s with all these
disappearing acts, Mr. Guy? MCKENZIE:
He must be a magician. I was stressed. JUDGE LAKE: You were stressed? Yeah, she stressed me. MCKENZIE: Ah, he says
I stressed him because I feel like, if we have
a daughter and we live
together, we’re trying to build a family, you should be
doing your part as much as
I’m doing my part. If we’re a unit,
we’re a unit! And if he’s slacking,
I feel like I should
have to build him up. If he’s slacking,
I’m going to tell you,
get it together. If I’m stressing you,
it’s because I want
to help our family. If you got
all these other kids,
I don’t ever say, like… I’m not mean
to his other kids. I want my kid to
meet his other kids. You know, I want them to be able to be able to play with
their brothers and sisters, not growing up
dating their brothers
and sisters. So, if he’s doing something,
if he is getting drunk, “Tim, stop getting drunk
and go get a job.” Like, do stuff like that.
Like, why am I not supposed
to if I’m your girlfriend? Okay, so you said, I’m
not your girlfriend, so why
would I be stressing you? You don’t get
stressed from a fling. JUDGE LAKE: Well, Mr. Guy? Yeah, uh… What do you have
to say to that? I kept jobs. I mean, basically… Since, like, she know me, she say,
“Well, it’s on and off.” JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Guy… I am trying to understand,
why you are doubting. Now, you’re 45 years old in a relationship with a girl
that is the same age
as one of your children. Hmm. You’re over at her house, you’re accusing her of
cheating on you before she’s pregnant with
your child, potentially. Where is the doubt? What is
she doing wrong? I’m just not
understanding from you.You say the guy was
sitting in the house.
That didn’t
sound too good. But, what else? It’s instances that… When I was sitting there,
taking care of the other siblings… She had to go to school
in the morning time at, which, you know, she had tell me
a certain time. And, coming in
at 12:00 a.m. So, I… I looked up
the schedule at the school. There’s no way she could be taking
night courses ’cause there
ain’t no night courses. JUDGE LAKE: All right.
So, you brought an exhibit. Is this what this is about? Let me see this. Step over
to your exhibit, please. This is exhibit A. (CROWD LAUGHING) Oh, is it exhibit A? Yeah, this is exhibit A. As you see right here,
Your Honor. 7:45. This is the actual schedule they’d be having. 7:45 a.m.,
that’s when classes begin. And 4:55 p.m., that’s when
classes end. The last class. JUDGE LAKE:
So the last class is at 4:55?
GUY:Yes.And you say she didn’t
get home till midnight? She didn’t get home
till midnight. So, where are you… Class don’t
last that long? GUY: Your Honor,
I… I have no idea. Did you get missing
after class, Ms. McKenzie? I would like to say,
okay, yeah. If we can point to
exhibit A, as he’s saying, 7:45 is when I started school.
I had to take my son on
the bus to my mother’s house at 5:00 in the morning,
get back on the other
side of town at, uh, 7:00, start
my class at 7:45,
got off at 4:45. Went to pick my son up and came back home and did
my homework and I did
that every day. As far as him saying I got
home at midnight, when I was
going to school I was also working. Third shift, cleaning
college offices downtown. GUY:
I don’t remember that job. ‘Cause you weren’t there! You even told me, his friend,
his friend even worked
there with me. His friend worked
there with me. He makes up stories
because he… He has to counter,
he has to make me look bad
for the fact that… JUDGE LAKE: So, what you’re
saying is, is… You were not sleeping
with anyone else. MCKENZIE: No! There is
no other possibility. No. JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Guy. I think it’s
a lot of possibilities. Why do you think there are
a lot of possibilities? Everything she said
is inconsistent. Look, as I said, I was there. MCKENZIE: You was not there. GUY: But… MCKENZIE: No birthdays,
no Christmases. Nothing. Nothing! He hasn’t spent
Christmas or birthdays… She don’t know who he is! She doesn’t
acknowledge him? He comes to our city, where
we live and I have to call him and say, “Do you want
to see your kids?” “Yeah, I come get her.”
He never showed up. He came and got them
for Thanksgiving. How does it make you feel that
Ah’Niyah is three years old and has absolutely
no relationship
with her father? It angers me! It does,
it infuriates me because… Why not? What did she do? Like, what did she do? Why would you… Why would
you sit here and say she is
not your daughter? Am I… Like, I don’t understand, why? Look at my daughter,
she’s like, amazing, she’s brilliant,
she’s smart, she’s funny.She has dance classes
that he never even
been to.JUDGE LAKE:When you look atthis beautiful little girl,
Mr. Guy, and you
hear Ms. McKenzie talk about all that
you’ve missed and you haven’t
been a part of… I… I just
feel that I don’t wanna really be attached to a child
that is not really mine. JUDGE LAKE: And you truly
believe she’s not yours? Yes, I really believe that. If he didn’t believe it,
why would he sign
her birth certificate? Are you on
the birth certificate? I don’t remember signing
the birth certificate. (MCKENZIE LAUGHING) MCKENZIE:
He’s on her birth certificate! You’re lying! I bet she signed it because… In the state of Michigan,
when you get ready to sign that birth certificate,
they… “Hand me your ID.” You can’t sign that
without him being there. JUDGE LAKE: Jerome,
let me see that evidence. I don’t remember signing
the birth certificate. He signed it, he know he did. He even said, after I had her.
I had my baby in an hour,
no drugs or nothing. He was there when
I had my baby.
He drove me to the hospital He took 35 minutes
to get me there. But, he took me
to the hospital. When he held her… He said, “She look
like my mom and my grandma.” Father’s name,
“Timothy Tarell Guy.”You… You’re right here.GUY:That’s not my signature.So, you’re saying
they just gave your name,
that you never executed it. Yeah, I… I don’t
see nothing… His signature is on there.
On Michigan’s
birth certificate… You have to sign
your signature and
then they type it. His signature is on there,
that he signed. Were you at the hospital? GUY: Yes,
I was at the hospital. Do you remember them having
you sign an affidavit or an
acknowledgment of paternity? GUY: No. JUDGE LAKE: You never
executed anything? No. Just somehow, your name got up
on that birth certificate? MCKENZIE:
He held my hand through birth. He was the only person there. (GUY SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY) He was the only person there
when I had my daughter.
He held my hand during birth. JUDGE LAKE: And then,
just dropped you off
at the house? Like, like we was nothing. Like we was nothing. Why did you even come
to the hospital? If it wasn’t your child,
why even show? ‘Cause he was at my house. ‘Cause he was living there.
He was at my house
when I went into labor. I went into labor at home. JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Guy… I am trying to figure out… What redeeming
qualities you have. MCKENZIE: Honestly,
Your Honor, I get so angry at myself.
I don’t ask him for money. I don’t ask him
for anything but time. I get so angry at myself
because maybe I did make some mistakes
in our relationship. Not as far as like,
sleeping with other people
but being a B. You know, like, cussing
him out or getting angry
because he wasn’t… He wasn’t doing what he was
supposed to for our family. So, yes, maybe if I
stressed him out, it’s
because I was angry. And I’m angry at myself that
I allowed myself to get
pregnant by him when I knew that maybe, he wasn’t
capable of being a father. This is the first time since
her birth that I ever
asked him to do something for her birthday. And I just asked him
for a little bit of money
so I can get a gift and say, “It’s from Dad.” That’s all I wanted.
I don’t want no big… JUDGE LAKE: But you shouldn’t
have to do that. She should have gifts
from her father… Exactly! …that her father has bought. MCKENZIE:
I feel wrong for that. And that’s why we have
these answers for you. We’ve got to figure out… I feel wrong for that
’cause I felt like I was young and stupid
and I wanted so bad
to be a family. Like, I wanted a family. Part of figuring out
how to move forward is understanding
where we are now and how we got there. And so… We’re working on that, we’re
working through it and I have
the results for you, that will, hopefully,
help you figure out
where to go from here. Thank you. You’re welcome. These results were
prepared by DNA Diagnostics and they read as follows. She don’t know who he is. JUDGE LAKE: In the case of
McKenzie v. Guy
when it comes
to three-year-old
Ah’Niyah Guy it has been
determined by this court Mr. Guy, You… …are her father. (MCKENZIE SOBBING) Now what, Mr. Guy? (SNIFFLING) (SIGHS) Um… JUDGE LAKE: Speak! I feel… …pretty much ashamed. I would like to be
a father to her. So what are you going to do?
Where are we gonna
go from here? I got to first start by making up time with her… JUDGE LAKE: Yes. My daughter. JUDGE LAKE: Yes. When’s the last time
you saw her? Maybe, two years ago. JUDGE LAKE: Two years ago? Let me tell you something. Get yourself together. Really. You know, good and well, if there was a possibility
that you were
that child’s father, you should at least
check on that child. But, in two years,
not even laid eyes on her? He comes to our city and he don’t see her.
I call him and
say to him, “Come. “You want to get the kids?”
He says, “Yeah.”
He never show up. JUDGE LAKE: So, now
you’ve got to make this up
to this little girl. And you can’t
run away, Mr. Guy, at the first obstacle
or sign of rejection. ‘Cause she’s not gonna just
run up to you and be Daddy! You’ve got to prove to it!
You’ve got to earn it! You are also responsible
to help Ms. McKenzie care
for her financially. Don’t miss this opportunity. This is a huge opportunity
to re-introduce yourself
or introduce yourself into this beautiful
little girl’s life and
be the father that you have to be. You understand? Court is adjourned.

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