Marine Biology courses at the University of Plymouth
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Marine Biology courses at the University of Plymouth

So here at the University of Plymouth, we’ve got three different Marine Biology degrees, to suit your particular focus, your interest in the subject. So whether it’s the biology of the marine organisms themselves, whether it’s the ecosystems in which they live, or the ecological interactions between the organisms and their interactions with the environment, or whether it’s wider scale ocean processes that affect all of the creatures in the marine environment, we believe we’ve got a degree that’s particularly tailored for your specific interests. All of the degrees have got a high level of practical, hands-on experience, in the laboratory as well as in the field. They’ve all got residential field courses, we take students away to Portugal, to South Africa, to France, and to Sweden, to make sure that they’re getting first-hand engagement with a diverse range of practical environments and different habitats. All of our degrees are informed and taught by experts in the discipline, who specialise in a range of different aspects of marine biology, whether that’s: plastic in the marine environment, which is a focus of much of my own work, to the biology of deep sea organisms, the conservation of marine habitats, marine fisheries, or biodiversity. All of those experts will bring together knowledge and understanding that will inform your studies throughout the three years of your course, with regular interactions on all of those courses between the staff and the students. So we believe we’ve got some of the best marine biology degrees in the country, if not internationally. But don’t just take my word for it, see what our students say, visit the National Student Survey and find out their views. And if we’ve whetted your appetite a little bit about studying Marine Biology at the University of Plymouth, why don’t you visit our website to find out more.

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