Marvel New Mutants Trailer – Marvel Phase 4 X-Men Easter Eggs Breakdown
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Marvel New Mutants Trailer – Marvel Phase 4 X-Men Easter Eggs Breakdown

what’s the last thing you remember Dani you said we had to run the reason you survived it’s because you’re a very uncommon girl you’re not alone not anymore do you know how mutants are would anyone like to shared their first time Rhaine? I was 13 I thought it was a dream but just
lost control Sam I’ve started panicking people got hurt Roberto my girlfriend, I burned her. Illyana, I killed 18 men one by one this isn’t a hospital it’s a cage it’s important we find out your power, so we can help you get better I saw something. I don’t think she wanted me to see I don’t think we’re here to get better this place takes your greatest fear it makes you live through it until it kills you he’s there we can get out of this together Welcome back everyone it’s Charlie this is
going to be my breakdown of the New Mutants trailer remember when this was a movie
that was coming out into theatres that we could watch so I’ll explain what’s
going on with the history of the movie is all this new footage we have a pretty
good idea for what’s going on with the movie so if you’re new to my channel be
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your favorite moment from the trailer on the video obviously this is now technically a Marvel film since Marvel owns all the Fox characters originally
it was planned to be within the x-men universe of films when they first
started making the movie a couple years ago originally they were going to have a
post-credits scene with Jon Hamm appearing as a version of mr. sinister and it was going to sort of be a follow-up to that x-men apocalypse post-credit
scene with essex Corp and Wolverine mr. Sinister’s people showing up to steal
Wolverines blood Weapon X presumably for some genetics testing because genetic
engineering is one of his big things in the comics but mr. sinister is not the
main villain of the new mutants movie it’s actually demon bear from the comics
they even shown towards the end of the trailer here so I’ll try to explain what’s going on because the new mutants movie is meant to be a sort of rubber
reality horror film according to Josh Boone the director and that’s a genre of
film where people don’t know whether or not their reality really is real like Total Recall or The Truman Show or The Matrix you see Illyana Rasputin magics character talking to Dani moon star
when she’s trying to push through that barrier like no no no we’re definitely
trapped here so it sounds like this mental institute is really just a mental
projection and they’re all trapped in this shared psychic reality by demon
bear who’s trying to consume them but this version of the trailer is much more
complete and gives you a little bit more to the idea of this story than the last
big trailer so you just go down the list here this person here that’s playing the
nurse ratchet character thinking about One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest because
this is technically supposed to be a mental institution that they’re in this is Celia Reyes she is an x-men character who has the ability to generate a
protective bio field around herself technically she’s a good character in
the comics but if demon bear really is going to be the main villain of the film
demon bear is capable of possessing people and consuming their souls that’s
one of his main things so he could be possessing in keeping them trapped in this fake reality part of the reason why I think
the demon bear is so important to this is because the first character that you
talked to the first member of the New Mutants team is Dani Moonstar in demon bear’s critical to her origin story in the comics she’s the first person you go
to in the trailer although technically it’s an ensemble film so they’re all meant to be main characters all the different types of visions that you see
them get when they’re trapped in this place or them reliving some of their
origin stories some aspects of it twisted in a really horrifying way one
of the big things about demon bear is the feeds off of negative emotions so
he’s probably just trying to freak them out as much as possible so that he can
feed on them Mirage in the comics is a Native American mutant who just has the
power to create illusions drawn from the fears and desires of people’s minds then
they go to Maisie Williams character she’s playing Rahne Sinclair aka Wolfsbane she’s playing a Scottish mutant who in this course of the film is
struggling to reconcile her religious beliefs with her power to turn into a
wolf so when they go to each of the different characters they give you one
of their visions that they’re experiencing in this psychic place and
she’s in this church because she’s supposed to be a really religious person
but she’s also in the process of turning into a werewolf make all the game of
thrones direwolf jokes you want I believe this was actually filmed around
the time that they were doing Game of Thrones Season 7 that’s how long ago this movie was filmed then we go to Charlie Heaton you probably remember him from stranger things he’s playing Sam Guthrie aka cannonball he’s a mutant who
can propel himself into the air and is invulnerable while he’s doing so he
starts using his power a little bit later in the trailer with sunspot – then you go to Roberto de Costa aka sunspot he’s a Brazilian mutant with the ability
to manipulate solar energy this is what he looks like when he fully activates
his powers I’m actually glad that they went with a little more comic book II
approach to their powers it wasn’t really clear from the last trailer if
they were going to do that then you’re all probably familiar with on a tail or
joy’s character Illyana Rasputin aka magic because she’s the younger sister
of Colossus now because we have a colossus in the Deadpool movies but we
also have a separate version of Colossus in the mainstream x-men films you can
pick which version of Colossus you think would be her older brother but since Deadpool’s version seems to be the main version now we’ll assume that
it’s him she has all kinds of crazy magic get it powers in the comics you see pretty much all of them on display
during the trailer like she has her psionic magical armor she’s the psychic
soul blade that you see and she can open interdimensional portals that you see
her dropping through later in the trailer when they’re fighting the giant
psychic version of demon bear I don’t know who’s playing the demon bear
character if he really is going to be the main villain but originally like I
said there was going to be that Jon Hamm mr. sinister post-credits scene it was
recorded that at some point during the production process they changed that
scene in the new post-credit scene was going to be Antonio Banderas playing an
unnamed villain so Antonio Banderas himself could be playing the demon bear
character for the most part all the stuff you see all the different scenes
are them reliving versions of their origin story in really tragic ways
because one of the themes up a lot of the x-men films is that when their
powers manifest they wind up hurting a whole bunch of people on accident
without meaning to society winds up demonizing them for it and they either
they’re helped by the x-men and Professor X or they’re found by some
villain group and taken in way before the Fox Disney buyout deal there were
plans to do a trilogy of New Mutants films I believe the original plans were
for the Hellfire Club to become one of the main villains for this New Mutants
team-up because you have Roberto de castas father who is attached to the
Hellfire Club in the comics for the most part it seems like the plot of the movie
is meant to be pretty simple they all find themselves in this mental institute
because they’re mutants they meet each other they get to know each other a
little bit better then eventually as it goes off the rails they start to
notice the reality crumbling around themselves like you see this door sort
of disappear like oh this isn’t real we’re not in a real place this is some
psychic projection someone’s trapping us here why are they trapping us here and
then slowly learn about what’s going on with demon bear I know a lot of you have
questions about how this fits in with the Marvel movies because technically
this is part of Marvel Marvel phase for now even though it was done at Fox Way
before the deal was ever done so what kind of exists in its own little bubble
of continuity I don’t know that there are plans to bring these versions of the
characters into the mainstream MCU any time soon I think they’re just going to
wait and see how the movie does but it is meant to be a legit horror film Kevin
Feige watched it didn’t make them change anything originally when the film was
still just at Fox they were going to make him do a bunch of refuse to water it
down and make it less of a or film so we think it bodes really well
for the movie that Kevin Feige saw it and said no no no this version is great
do it horror it’s awesome release it like this no changes and I think this
movie is actually going to be a good test case for how the MCU is going to treat the r-rated Deadpool solo films sort of off in their own little bubble of continuity
but loosely attached to the MCU through references but something to remember is
that this movie was made a couple years ago before the Fox Disney deal so it
wasn’t designed to be part of the MCU originally where as Deadpool 3 is now
being worked on the writing the script that will be designed with the MCU in
mind but everyone let me know in the comments what your favorite moment from the trailer and what do you want them to do with these characters after this film
if it’s successful do you want to see some of them pop up in an MCU film at
some point everyone click here to learn what’s going on with Quicksilver in Doctor Strange 2 in the Wandavision Series and click here to learn why Marvel can finally make a new Hulk solo movie again thank you so much for watching everybody stay awesome Happy New Year!

100 thoughts on “Marvel New Mutants Trailer – Marvel Phase 4 X-Men Easter Eggs Breakdown

  1. Here's my Marvel New Mutants Trailer video and Easter Eggs. And and Explainer for where this fits in because of Marvel owning the Fox characters now. Here's my new Doctor Strange 2 video too!

  2. My favorite character was the guy with the solar power looking forward to seeing hiw you uses his power. Also can wait to see how this movie turns out with them making this a horrow film, will definitely go and watch this movie.

  3. I hope they keep them. A beginning connecting intro for Xmen, plus would be great if Magic is in Dr. Strange 2 too.

  4. I am def. Not excited or interested in this version nor want it to be in the MCU…have to introduce the other mutants first before branching out to the B, C or D teams

  5. My friend pointed out towards the end, after Illyana drops out of her portal from the demon realm, and the trailer cuts to show the dark cloud she's facing, it looks like a half-second clip of her dragon Lockheed flying to the left of the cloud, breathing its typical blue fire at it in a stream. There's also another figure I can't make out down and to the right of that possible dragon on the ground, behind the cloud. Looks male, so could be Sunspot possibly.

  6. Looks more like proteus will be the villain but if ya'll say demon bear whatever…no fuck that ya'll bugging the fuck out.

  7. I can't wait to see Rhayne's transformation and see what dropped from the ceiling and what comes up behind Roberto. Is Karma in the movie?

  8. Marvel could actually throw us a curveball and the real villain of this movie is Shadow King, since he actually fought the New Mutants and took control of Karma. Shadow King appeared first to Professor X, and then attacked The New Mutants, controlling Karma. Marvel might be trying to set up the Psi-War for future movies. I been wanting X-Men movies with Shadow King since before they even made First Class (which the first one was good even though they ruined some characters backstories by KILLING NIGHTCRAWLERS FATHER smh….) and the sequels went off the rails and they did horrible job with those.

  9. Personally, I feel like Marvel could use New Mutants as the best option for setting up mutants in the MCU.

    Like, think about it this way- Kevin Feige believed it was good enough without too much of his own personal touch, to put out. Now, if it does well (which I absolutely think it will), why waste the opportunity to have established mutants already in the MCU other than Wanda and Pietro?

    I think taking these relatively (but still somewhat obscure) mutants, sticking them in a film together, isolated from the rest of the MCU (similar to how they did with Guardians of the Galaxy) is the best way to progress the mutant side of the MCU. Then we can get appearances from other mutants in other films throughout the next few years of films. Wanda coming into full realization of her power and finding out she has always had powers but they were activated and amplified by the experiments done by Strucker and Hydra.

    Then you got Namor and Professor X rumored to be Doctor Strange: In the Multiverse of Madness. Maybe Storm showing up in Black Panther 2. And so on and so forth. Then when they are ready, they can bring the New Mutants back. Maybe even set the new mutants in the future of the MCU, but mutants will start popping up in films that technically are supposed to take place before the New Mutants story within the MCU.

    Just my thoughts though.

  10. I thought this was a great idea when I first heard about it. New Mutants always had that dark, edgy factor with Mojo, and Illyana going to hell. Demon Bear is a great choice for a villain-obscure and esoteric enough to be nightmarish (like the bear in Annihilation).

  11. This could be good cause if it does well then Disney might give Marvel more leeway with the kinds of movies they can make.

  12. No no no everything need to be connected just imagine it "hey ur were just fighting on that part of the earth of a whole universe"

  13. Maisy Williams as Wolfsbane! Absolute brilliance! 😍 I read New Mutants back in the day and I think this will be excellent if they can pull it all together! 😎

  14. I totally see it as a multi verse thing. Something they can use dr strange as away to bridge in. Or they could use this horror style of movie as a way to compete with Dcs new dark movies like joker

  15. When Feige was at the Brazil's Comic Con he said that the MCU should have a brazilian superhero soon. I think that he really liked The New Mutants and is hoping for it to be a success, and only if it is a success I believe they will "officialize" the NM as part of the MCU like they are doing to Deadpool.

  16. Always loved Wolfsbane… so glad to see her being done correctly for this film. From The New Mutants Graphic Novel, Rahne was intended to be religious.

  17. Plot twist : Dani Moonstar is the villain but she dosent know it. Its her mutant power, to create illusions with peoples worst fear. Dani's worst fear is the demon bear.

  18. I hope Magik is in there trying to save the others. And at the end we find out Colossus had been searching for her, if not working with her.

  19. My favourite part of the trailer was the few seconds where there was something other than an almost entirely black screen. You can do horror without literal darkness.

  20. I would love to see Deadpool, Colossus, and Nega-sonic show up at the post-credits scenes to tie them into their X-men franchise.

  21. Hands down, favorite scene, Illyana Nikolievna Rasputina summoning her sword. She was always one of my favorite characters back in the day. In full hell battle armor she looks AMAZING!

  22. My theory(for now):Demon Bear could be from the nightmare dimension and he was possibly released by Wanda after she made her own alternate reality and due to her doing this their reality starts to crack and bleed into other realities and dimensions merging them

  23. Colossus: “Crazy must run in the family.”

    Deadpool: “Uhh isn’t your sister locked up in a loony bin for mercilessly killing 18 men?”

  24. I wanna see them have there own Disney Plus series. Wouldn't that be dope? An it could tie cloak an Dagger, Runaways, Spider-Man etc young characters together like the arrowveurs.

  25. The theater chain where I live has an Imax, and I notice that on occasion they show 2 different versions of a film in the same auditorium. The have a few showings in 2D and a few showings in 3D throughout the day. This same chain of theaters has large format auditoriums and also on occasion plays 2 films throughout the day in that same auditorium, as in a PG13 film during the day and an R rated film at night. I think Sony/Marvel/Disney/Fox should attempt an experiment of releasing one of their films, such as New Mutants, Morphius or Venom 2 in BOTH PG13 and R rated versions at the same time, allowing movie goers and parents alike, the option of which version they want to see. This can also give the studios an idea of what the audience wants via box office totals from both rated versions. Just an idea.

  26. If we can't get Daredevil and Punisher in the MCU yet, then I'm good with this not really being connected to the MCU and standing as a one-off.

  27. Ok here is what the movie will be like. CGi with more CGi with lots of unnecessary exposition as tho we are blind and dumb and everything will be so dark so you can't see anything and captain Marvel will make an appearance.

  28. Wolverine," why do we keep showing of these new kids with powers?"
    professor Xavier , " Simple, teenagers are highly influenced, gullible and dumb and there counterparts pay our rent through the box office""

  29. My favorite sequel would be the New Mutants meeting the Shadow King. That way Karma could be introduced in MCU films.

  30. When I saw Magic I got goosebumps. My favorite X-Man character hands down. And she looks absolutely baddass in this trailer. I'm Psyched.

  31. I think he liked it or it wouldn’t have gotten out. If it’s successful they’ll tie it in with what they’re doing. Lol.

  32. Anya taylor-joy Magik has to be the younger sister to Deadpool's Colossus since we saw she had a Russian accent in the trailer and that the mainstream Colossus is American while Deadpool Colossus is Russian

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