Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
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Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is a theory in psychology. It argues that there are five stages of human needs that motivate our behaviour. Abraham Maslow proposed his theory in 1943 after studying what he called exemplary people such as Albert Einstein or Eleanor Roosevelt. First there are physiological needs, such as the need to breathe, eat, drink or sleep. The moment we got enough of that and we feel awake and our bellies are full, we get motivated by the next thing. Now we want safety. We try to earn money, build up resources and look for shelter that protects us against dangers. Once we are satisfied and feel safe, we have time to think about what we want next. At stage three we seek love and belonging. We desire to be close to family and friends, belong to a society or join a gang. But the moment we feel completely part of a group we already wish to be a little different than the rest. At stage four we look for esteem, self-confidence and respect from our peers. We want to be someone. If we have money, we buy a fancy watch. If we have a brain, we write or think or work a lot. Motivation to perform and compete is now at its highest. Students, sportsmen and inventors excel. Neil Armstrong even flew to the moon. only if we breathe, and drink and eat and sleep enough and we feel safe and part of a group and still special, only then we can reach level five: self-actualisation. Now we can relax, be creative, accept facts for what they are, give back or do whatever we want. No more pressure, unless of course there is trouble below. If you are leader and believe in the theory, use it. First make sure everyone has eaten well. Then make them feel safe and help them belong to a group. Once they feel they belong, they are ready to stand out and excel. Thanks for watching! Even if we try to keep it short, each video is quite some work. First we research and write a script. Then we brainstorm ideas. And after that we draw the storybook. Then it’s recorded, narrated and finally edited. If you want to support us to make more videos on Learning and Education, visit

100 thoughts on “Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

  1. The problem I have with this is that it says self-actualization comes from external circumstances rather than inner work.

  2. Looks like the first version was released when the first species of humans appeared,and starting from the Beta when chimps were still a thing.

  3. You just separated wheat from the chaff. Every important thing explained just in 2 minutes. Simply amazing.

  4. Can stages 4 and 5 be switched or mixed around because you can apply self actualisation before you have any self esteem

  5. Sadly not correct anymore. The current top is hate, second row, is hate and more hate. Third row is narcissism, hate and more hate.

  6. It's an amazing model, and sadly many people misinterpret it and say it's untrue just because there are many examples of us giving attention to say needs in tier 3 when a tier 2 is not fully met. But the way this model works is not that we need to gain a 100% satisfaction in one tier before we can move onto the next. In fact, we're giving attention to all tiers simultaneously, but the lower tier needs will take up more of our time, energy, and resources, because they're much more vital for survival. If those needs are satisfied, we can then allocate more energy and time to higher tier needs. This model is dynamic. The amount of attention we give each tier changes every minute, depending on how our environment and wellbeing is changing. But no, you don't stop being creative just because you are starving. You just spend a lot less time thinking about creativity and more time thinking on where to get food until that need is satisfied.

  7. Now here’s my exact problem. My parents feed me and give me a place to sleep but they don’t make me feel like I belong and constantly pressure me to do what they want

  8. Bullshit…me ve seen relatively poor people with low company high esteem and great peace in mind and also rich guys loosing their peace of mind by running after balance kitty party esteem Nd getting taunts from peers…

  9. Some people disagree with this concept but I think they missed the golden nugget that you gave.
    This principle can be seen from a leader point of view, it is NOT about getting YOU to the top tier but to help OTHERS to get to the top tier.

    We want our team members to reach their full potential and channel it for our team's output but if we neglect their needs in the lower tiers, it is very unlikely for them to get to the top.
    E.g. If you treat your team like trash, they won't fulfil their stage 3 and thus it is very unlikely for them to give the team the optimal output they can produce (which can only be attained after fulfilling stage 4 or even 5).

  10. Psychology is as absurd as quantum physics. Both are based on pulling hypotheses out of their asses. Hypotheses that can't be proven but if said by enough people with enough emphasis someone will believe them.

  11. (Hence, they should worship the Lord of this House who feeds them in HUNGER and provides them with PEACE in fear.) (Surat . 106, V. 3-4)
    Is it a coincidence?
    This is taken from the sacred book of the Moooosllemmm , almost 1500 years ago.
    These terrorists guys you mean???

  12. So is physical health stage one or two it feels like stage one but it parallels at two if you think about it as well.

  13. On a basic level it is as shown for the majority of people. Yet there are exceptions whereas one can skip some of the stages and reach to the last, self-actualization stage. Some even could fail to eat well or have enough sleep (stage 1), yet create a masterpiece (stage 5).

  14. Did you know that Pride is a learning disability? To always be learning is impossible for someone proud.

  15. This is not true.. 100 % people r happy till esteem level. Last stage seekers r not bothering about first few stages.. they can directly jump on last stage..

  16. Whenever I lose my positive energy I read this hierarchy of Maslow and get energised.I like this theory v.much.In my opinion we have to follow this theory in each day of our life.There must be time for food, get along with family members, meditation and so also other stages according to our life pattern Viz,family life,monks or nuns or bachelors.Then only the theory has a value.Otherwise how many can reach last stage.Very few.A theory has good value when it help people to develop their personality by leading good pattern of life everyday.We can achieve something at the age20 or at 40 or at 60…all these has no guarantee.So work for each day with the features of this hierarchy is well and good and appreciable.

  17. You only achieve the fifth if you feel desperate and accept the fact that you couldnt reach any better of what you've achieved in other words gratefulness for what that is

  18. There's nothing to believe. Creativity or art are are effects of a life of deprivation. Think of the slavery of Afroamericans and the music. To get self esteem is not necessary to satisfy the basic needs.

  19. I'm different in that if I cannot fulfil one step, I will pursue something from the step up to compensate.

  20. i have to disagree with the claim that one has to have prestige and respect from others before being able to reach stage 5… Zen masters do not seek such ego gratifications and they live in a self-actualized way.

  21. Nah, man. That's not it. It goes…

    Stage 1 — YouTube videos
    Stage 2 — Food
    Stage 3 — Finding my rolling papers
    Stage 4 — FOOD!
    Stage 5 — Wait…what?

  22. Really? A theory?

    An illiterate claiming that illiteracy answers questions?

    Universal Language, Internet Archive.

  23. Dostoevsky disagrees… he was poor while on stage 4. Actually, there are thousands of examples that can throw this theory in the garbage with ease 🙂

  24. What a great channel! Wonderful content. I wish I had found this earlier, but as they say, it is better late than never. 😊 ❤️ Love from India 🇮🇳

  25. I mean, it IS interesting and a pretty cool video, but i can't help but respectfully say that i think It is more deep and complex then that. Some people form part of a cool group, they have all they need to survive, and even a special talent that makes them stand out, yet they are not satisfied. This can relate to leaving problems aside and not resolving them, acting not totally accord to what you really love or what truly drives you, not understanding certain things, and many many many deep matters which may be interwined with fear, identity, seeing certain terrible things in life, etc.
    Life is a maze and this pyramid is okay for the basics, but every single color and word goes through us and some of these stuff make us unsatisfied or change our behavior forever, you are where you are after all, like a musical note in a composition. Of course, the video merely explains this theory, and It is a well done video.

  26. stage 3: SJW
    stage 4: pretending to be liberal, forbids free speech to others, doesnt know its own gender, communism

  27. It's more simple than that. It's the selfish (self) vs the altruistic (out there). For example, the selfish vegans (health) are a huge percentage of vegans and the ethical vegans (concern for animals) is a small percentage of vegans. Both groups are about equally fit in society. Being fit is society is not the same as giving back; in this case giving back to the Species Planet. Altruists are found at all levels of society.

  28. I have a simpler hierarchy; a square, with the bottom half oxygen, and the top half money.

    We need oxygen. Money gets you the rest.

  29. My health teacher asked what a relationship means to us, and I said "it satisfies every level of maslow's hierarchy of needs." And she said she was speechless. (Probs cuz I just used vocabulary from the last chapter. XD)

  30. Et l'envie d'chier c'est pas un besoin ça !!! Personne n'y échappe et tu n'en parles même pas! Pas crédible ton topo!!!

  31. Thank you so much….. Amazing video !
    And so simplistic explanation without any Psychological Jargon !!
    Like Subscribe n Love from India 🇮🇳 !!!

  32. You should have also said this theory is highly criticized, it's mostly a speculative theory.

    One of the main issues with this theory is that it assumes the needs are only fulfilled by increments, you need to achieve step 1 before achieving step 2, and so on.

    The ERG theory is worth reading as it simplifies the Maslow's pyramid and doesn't relies on this step by step approach.

  33. Not quite accurate on the Heirarchy Pyramid. Left out SEX on the first level (described as a need you don't know you have until you don't have a partner)… and the needs are just a little out of order.

    Psych 101. Up next… Pavlov's dogs and Mickey the Rat.

  34. Es increíble y admirable la forma final de los vídeos. Son muy buenos para comprender y sobre todo fijar los conocimientos. Todas las veces descubro algo nuevo sobre el tema tratado. Enhorabuena! 🍀🔱

  35. Nonsense theory , at the level 5 u can't feel relex bcz that time u have lots of tension of all below level 🤣😂

  36. Those loving children, wouldn't allow war in tolerating religious fanatics and cults, which are sadistic terror and abuse by violent mob, uncivilised, sadistic, brutal and used to war. Racists, which are as criminel as is mob of brutals in terror to animals and children also and in abuse of animals and humanbeings as their prey to be even tortured, beaten and damaged in full Intention to do so.

  37. This theory is OUT DATED long ago.
    Linear Life never works. – one after the other



  38. Fake and gay, it doesnt apply to every single person, there are different people in different parts of the world living under many different circumstances and variables.

  39. The pyramid is actually not taken seriously by researchers and practitioners of psychology alike. It's too simplistic.

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