Matt Damon Shares the Results of His Family’s DNA Test
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Matt Damon Shares the Results of His Family’s DNA Test

Wow, that was wonderful. Thank you. You’re surprised. [LOUD CHEERS, APPLAUSE] I haven’t had a movie
come out in a while. Yeah. No, they didn’t
know you were here. They’re very happy to see you. All right. [CHEERS, APPLAUSE] Oh, man. They’ve had a very good day. Is your eye OK? You look like you’re
itching your eye. You’re fine? No, I am. I was in France working on a
movie, so I’m just jet-lagged. So I don’t know where I am. This kind of feels like a dream. Well, you’re in my home. These are my friends and family. It’s crazy that you have
them in your living room. [CHEERS, APPLAUSE] That was the deal this season. I always heard
your house was big. Yes, this is the foyer. [LAUGHTER] What are you doing in France? How long have you been there? How much longer
will you be there? I’m done there, which is
great, because I was– I have this two-week rule
with my kids and Lucy. What does that mean? Those are my kids and Lucy. Oh, they’re bundled–
your kids and Lucy. This is how I see them. I see. [LAUGHING] A little glass– They’re just a little– –container. –I keep them in a
menagerie that’s– [CHUCKLES] So sweet. Yeah, so– but on this one,
we violated our two-week rule for the first time. How long were you
in France, then? Well, I was there
for a few months. They were there at the
beginning, for the first month. And then they came back, because
they had to start school. And then they came for
a visit in the middle, but it still was three and
a half weeks on each side, which just got– it was very– I didn’t like it. No. Do you speak French? No. No. I said that in
French, by the way. [CHUCKLES] No. No. But it was kind of
French, like no. No, because I had attitude. I know, because you
moved your shoulder. I pictured you in a beret
and maybe a mustache. No. Are you growing a
mustache, or are you– what’s happening there? [LAUGHTER] I just literally
was back there– because I all I did
for promotion today was some podcasts, and I had
the weekend and I was at home, and I was like, I
forgot to shave. Oh, this is just one
day of not shaving? No, the weekend. So manly. Well, not really. I mean, this is– if you gave me a week, it would
look probably about the same. Oh, really? [LAUGHS] Those Northern European
Swedish and Finnish genes. Is that what you are? Part– yeah. Have you done the
testing of the– My brother did. Yeah, my brother did, and
everything pointed kind of to Finland, so that’s
where our people are from. Did you know that? I knew that my mother’s
father was 100% Finnish. I thought my mother’s
mother was 100% Swedish, but she’s Swedish and Finnish. And then my dad was– Never mind. This is boring. [LAUGHTER] This is all going
to get cut out. Yeah, I thought,
what am I asking for? I don’t care. [LAUGHTER] Have you done 23andMe? [CHUCKLES] I want
to know everything about where you’re from. People did do it for me. I didn’t ask, but I’m
related to some fancy people. Really? Yeah, like a king or something. Yeah. A king? Any– A really important one. [LAUGHTER] That’s fantastic. I forget. Somebody– but it was– anyway, I want to know about–
you spend a lot of time with the Hemsworth boy
in Australia, Chris? Yeah. Yeah. And he says that you’re
extremely bad luck, because every– first of
all, Australia– everything there can kill you. We know that. But he said he’s
lived there forever and nothing’s ever happened
until you’re there. Maybe he has really good luck. I don’t know. (AUSSIE ACCENT) Mate, I can’t
believe this happened to you, mate. I’m like– I stepped on a snake
the last time I was there. A huge python. Yeah, like an 8-foot python. And I was getting out of a car. That’s how many things
in Australia are crazy. I was getting out of a
car in a neighborhood that was bordering a little area with
trees going down to the beach. And we were going to the beach. We were going to hike
down this little trail. And I got out of the
car, and I stepped on something that felt
like a giant piece of wood. And I looked down, and
it was a snake that big. And what did it do
when you stepped on it? It didn’t even really
notice that I was on it. [LAUGHTER] I jumped off of it
in my flip-flops, and it just kind of kept going. I wouldn’t be wearing
flip-flops if I were you. Well, I was going to the beach. I mean– I know, but it’s Australia. It’s true. You should wear full
armor at all times. Yeah– [LAUGHTER] –that’s what I’m saying. Who was the one
that the jellyfish– was it your daughter– My daughter Stella, yeah– –that got stung by a jellyfish? –by a jellyfish. Yeah. And then that’s also horrible. And someone– did they
have to pee on her? No, it was interesting,
because I’d always heard that. I’d been stung by a
jellyfish once in Hawaii, and I was on a– we were fishing for the day
with some friends of mine who were all like,
I’ll pee on you. [LAUGHTER] But it turns out that’s actually
just something that somebody made up because they
thought it was funny. And it’s actually–
what you’re supposed to do is put somebody
in a really hot bath and get a sponge and gently move
the little– because there’s these tiny little needles
that are in you know when one of them stings you. So you brush them out. Brush them out. Yeah. OK, so nobody needs to pee
on anybody if you get stung. This is a very important
show to be watching today. Or just stay In America
and you’ll be fine. No, of all shows to watch,
this is the one today to learn something. It’s a safety show we’re doing. It’s a very special Ellen. And we find out the Finnish
qualities of yourself and– That’s getting cut
out, by the way. I’m sure you’ll get that– Now I’ve decided I’m
going to keep it. [LAUGHTER] I’ve decided that’s the
most important part. [CHUCKLES] I’m just going to
only keep that so they’re like, god, he doesn’t really
have good stories, does he? [LAUGHTER] That guy is about as
boring as they come. I thought he would
have better stories. He managed to do a bad
interview on Ellen. Like, who does that? Yeah. So but you went camping
there with them, right? And did anything
else bad happen? No, it was great. We went to Western
Australia, which is really desolate and beautiful. You’re kind of in a desert kind
of going right up to the ocean. And no, it was great. We had to pack all
our food and water– What’s that? That’s not– Oh, that’s one of the tents. So it’s glamping. There’s a wood floor because– To dance, you can dance. –so you can dance in there. Well, there’s a bunch of beds. We were in there with all
the kids, but it was amazing. But you spend a
lot of time there. You spend– look at
all the children. What is– That was at a place
called Double Island. Who are those people? Are they family? We bumped into
these people there. I swear, this is true. And a lot of them were former
surfers from the surf tour. And they were on a reunion trip,
and we just bumped into them. Well, that looks beautiful. And what lucky people to
run into you and Chris. Well, you haven’t seen me surf. I was the entertainment. Oh. [LAUGHTER] Again, what lucky people. Yeah. [CHUCKLES] Yeah. All right, we’ll take a break. More with Matt after this.

100 thoughts on “Matt Damon Shares the Results of His Family’s DNA Test

  1. This was one of the rudest interviews of Ellen Show, tbh. I wanted to hear about his full story of DNA and it wasn't boring at all, that part is exactly what grabbed my whole attention and she just cut him off. Grrhhhh!

  2. Someone who can be "rude" and funny is Graham Norton. Ellen is just awkward and dumb. Her show is for kids. Go back to your war criminal friend George Bush.

  3. Please whoever sees this i beg you i need contact email, number.. of Ellen i need to voice out my issue.. im a mother of two suffering from injustice here.. i need to leave the country with my boys they wont let me.. please i need to talk to Ellen please help me

  4. I'm not sure how I ended up on this clip, but I genuinely do not like Damon because he has believed since the Bush times that the rich deserve the biggest tax breaks.

  5. I don’t care this is boring??? Really Ellen? 🤦‍♀️ that was totally rude! But it’s cool to find out that he is Finnish a little bit too….pity he doesn’t display pride in that. He doesn’t have the right to Finnish sisu 😂 kidding! Don’t get all huffy 😂 Jessica Lange is also of Finnish descent 🙂

    Sadly, I won’t watch Ellen again. I used to love her. But she is way to full of herself for me now. Sorry Ellen. But let me guess you don’t care 😂

  6. Finding Your Roots and WDYTYA are great shows! I was into Matt's story and then Ellen cut herself off from a rare opportunity, eh? I haven't watched her in a while but, she has gotten a bit snippy cranky..

  7. Funny thing, just found out that I'm a 9th cousin to Matt – says the Danish/Finnish girl (who lives in Sweden..). We're related on my Finnish side of the family (grandmother's side). Would've been really fun to hear more about his roots in this interview

  8. Our family calls Australia – “NOPESTRALIA” …. they got huge killer snakes! – NOPE!
    They have huge scary venomous spiders! NOPE! …. teeny tiny deadly jellyfish called “Iracangi – “NOPE! All they way to the huge deadly Box jellyfish! Double nope !!
    They also got killer kangaroo, huge birds that can disembowel a human w/ their beak ….. so … Nope! Not gonna visit Australia ( Nopestralia) LOL 😂
    Nope 👉 🐍🕷🦟🐜🐙🦑🐡🐗🦅

  9. The DNA talk wasn't boring, it was actually quite interesting. Genetics are fascinating and you never know what you'll find.

  10. Ellen, please let Matt continue about his family next time. It was so fascinating to listen to it, especially to me coming from Finland.

  11. I still don’t really forgive him for what he did and Minnie driver, yes it was a long time ago. But I yeah I’m probably the only one here who doesn’t think that he’s so great, at least not as a human being.

  12. Matt Damon is a really interesting guy … there’s no need to cut him off in mid conversation… just let the dude talk Ellen !! Geez 😒

  13. Lol I mean I’m sure Matt and Chris are great, but those are lucky people to be graced by their presence? Are celebrities that much more special than the rest of us?

  14. 8’ python is not huge!! Sorry Matt. But you should look up what huge is considered when dealing with pythons. Come to my home and I’ll show you huge pythons.

  15. Hot water is correct but for immediate help, vinegar is best. This stops the venom from the tentacles releasing and killing off red blood cells. I always take a small bottle to the beach and have had to use it on someone that's been stung…. Aussie oi oi oi …

  16. how does she stay on tv. she is horrible at interviewing, and she's not funny. She did a lot for the GLBT movement. but she has no talent that I can see.

  17. Well that was a bit rude of her, unnecessary I think. I was interested to hear more about his Scandinavian roots. Maybe consider changing the title of the video Ellen?

  18. Ellen! Zip it! We wanted to hear this. Here's the deal. He comes back and talks about his family history to an audience member sitting in your seat, while you sit quietly in the audience. Can you manage that?!

  19. The genetic story was interesting. I've hearn the Hemsworth's story a couple times before on Kimmel and Conan's. So, booooo Ellen

  20. Got stung by a jellyfish in Hawaii, says "…better yet just stay in America." umm Hawaii is the 50th state in the United States of America. How do you like them pineapples? to paraphrase Good Will Hunting

  21. it was so good it broke records dude it got sold out at the box office the story was so good it worked too well

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