Medical Minute: Sensitive Genetics
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Medical Minute: Sensitive Genetics

Hi, I’m Dr. Jennifer Gaudiani. Last week
we talked about survivor genetics in which some patients find that no matter
what they’re doing in their eating disorder, their body doesn’t show it. This
week we’re going to talk about the opposite which is called “sensitive
genetics.” There are some people who at the first sign of any eating disorder
behaviors whatsoever developed severe complications or their weight changes
dramatically. These patients might have their eating disorder voice say, “that’s
not fair, I’ve seen people who are X, Y, or Z more than me, why do I get sick so fast
and other people don’t.” The eating disorder is always going to find fault if
somebody starts developing medical problems that seem to get in the way of
the eating disorder. The fact is, bodies are diverse and we
celebrate that. For more go to

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