Meselson Stahl Experiment – Molecular Basis of Inheritance – Biology Class 12
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Meselson Stahl Experiment – Molecular Basis of Inheritance – Biology Class 12

Do Subscribe To Ekeeda Channel and press bell icon to get updates about latest Engineering HSC and IIT-JEE Mains and advanced videos. Meselson Stahl experiment basically laid a very funky theory said that DNA was semiconservative when it’s a semi conservative send me means half and when it’s a conservative it means of the previous part what an insolent trap style basically said about their experiment after the experiment was done by is whenever dealing applications takes place the new strand that is formed or against the new progeny that this form will have one strand which is from the old parents turn and one new strength so every DNA strand so every DNA strand that was formed in Meselson Stahl experiment would conclude one parent in strength one new strand this was semiconservative now how they did that experiment what Meselson Stahl did is they took two isotopes of an 15 and 14 out of which and 15 was the heavier episode ops and and 14 were selected isotopes and they continued this density gradient centrifugation with the help of cesium chloride the highway I saw talked to to its heavy weight would settle down but as the licensor I Soto didn’t slide weight would come up in the solution of cesium chloride he took a petri plate containing media nutrient broth all the serums all the necessary requirements and he inoculated equalized species in that media that media and equal a species he added food the heavy as well as the light isotopes yeah at the end 15 as well as the end 14 isotopes and he allowed the equalized species to utilize the food source and grow and observe the results if Nelson and cells we’re trying to prove that Dana was semi conservative then at the end of their experiment both the DNA strands the progeny or the hybrid that is form one should contain the light isotopes and one should contain the heavier isotopes that would be fair and quick to say that DNA was semi conservative during Nelson installs experiment what they try to prove is that DNA was semiconservative now this experiment provided the conclusive proof that DNA was semi conservative he used an N 15 heavy isotope of nitrogen and n 14 light isotope of nitrogen and culture it with e.coli species in a media along with this isotopes and did successive studies for few generation the e.coli species with n15 DNA isotope for transport or were kept in ordinary and fourteen containing DNA replication isotope species and what he observed was that for the DNA samples after successive introspection or after success in building equally indifferent and 14 and n 15 higher so coke media for successive generations once it was done that Nelson installs what they did was they took the DNA samples and then the samples were sent to huge to observe the intermediate densities that bit sample was transferred in Richmond a heavy DNA width and 15 in both the strands would have to settle down or sink down in the solution of cesium chloride well as the light and 40 would rise up higher level students this was the basis on which Nelson and stars experiment was done now what he did was he took the light in it that was n 40 and along with that DNA he also took another DNA or you can say two isotopes one was n 50 and under was 840 once the N 14 and n15 DNA or you can say isotopes were included in equal at medium equal and medium would take that DNA or you can say that isotopes I donated me and what we observe was you got an hybrid in this hybrid DNA has both the Strand the one strand was made up of n 14 whereas another strand was made up of n 15 whereas the panel strands that the pressure initially had only 10 14 and n 15 so as you observe hybrid DNA had both in 15 and n 14 and once the e.coli produced its progeny or daughter cells this hybrid DNA could be observed in insulin stands experiments so students if I have to submit this or up to some of this in one sentence I could say this that Nelson installs experiment proof that DNA was semiconservative one strand of DNA had one pair or you can say one part that is old parental part and one part which is the newly formed part I hope you all are clear about this Nelson and starts experiment thank you

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