39 thoughts on “Michael Knows Why the Point System Is Broken – The Good Place (Episode Highlight)

  1. That Tomato was purchased from Food and Stuff where Ron Swanson buys his food. It also says that it was bought in Indiana.

  2. What if the reason the point system is so complicated is because they started using the machine

  3. but it's not always as simple as just doing the research. i mean what if the guy were homeless and had to buy this food as quickly as possible to prevent his family from dying of starvation? not only would he not have time to do the research, he wouldn't even have the means to do it. that's the real problem with the point system: it doesn't take into account each person's unique situation. also, in this scenario, they forgot to add some bad place points for polluting the environment after driving to and from the store. i mean, yeah, he could have walked but most people don't so i think it's a safe bet he took the car.

  4. You know i just thought about a depressing fact. Since no one ever got into the good place in 500 years that means that children also went to the bad place. Even babies!

  5. "Micheal Micheal, what are you doing?" " The backpack kid dance it makes people happy rrrriiight???" It didn't make me happy

  6. Season 1: whoa a bad person got into heaven, how wacky is that?
    Season 3: there is no ethical consumption under late stage capitalism

  7. I may kids of coarse I know that’s not backpack kid dance is the backpack kid dance but It’s Called the floss

  8. It's like my mum could be adding to global warming every time she takes a flight back to to help her older sister – she's suffering from early dementia, she has to be in care, she doesn't know what's going on half the time, her body isn't really working and she looks 30 years older than she actually is, and mum has to keep going back to Sydney to help sort things out with her doctors, her possessions, her finance, everything. You could say "Get a train" but that would take too long because the newer, faster trains haven't been finished yet. You could say, "So she should just stay with her sister" but her job and her whole life is here. You could say "So get her sister to come live with you or at least in the same city then she wouldn't have to take so man flights" but she's too sick to be moved.

  9. If no-one has gone to the good place for 500 years, then that means Paul Eddington didn't go to the good place….he was an English actor best known for his role as Jerry Leadbetter in 'The Good Life' and as Jim Hacker in 'Yes Minister' and 'Yes Prime Minister'. He made thousands of people laugh, he was a happily married man most of his life, when he was a kid he refused to partake in military exercises at school because it went against his religious beliefs, and when he was diagnosed with a rare form of skin cancer he kept it hidden from the public for years. In the last interview he did he said that he wanted 'He did very little harm' to be written on his tombstone because 'That's not easy. Most people seem to me to do a great deal harm. If I can be remembered as having done very little, that would suit me." And if you're going to tell me that after making so many people happy and suffering so much (look at him in his tv shows and then look at what the cancer had done to him by the time of that last interview) and being so brave and going on with his life that he's still going to go to the bad place, even with that hope written on his tombstone, I'm sorry your honour, I love you and you're my favourite character on this show, but I'm going to have to pull your hair out.

  10. Good Trailer, Short enough I had no idea about the storyline but wanted to know more and binge the whole series.

  11. TL;DR: Chidi's entire Thing is pointless because the universe works almost purely based on outcomes no questions asked.

  12. i wonder if they added the dance in before or after the actor learned it. In a behind the scenes thing, they mention teaching it to him

  13. Personally I'd recommend growing your own vegetables, even if it's just basil and parsley – you know if there are pesticides or not and every plant can give us a few breaths more of clean air.

  14. >people stopped going to the good place around the time global colonialism became a major economic factor.

    >colonialism, particularly in its current form of neoliberal globalized capitalism, has widened the gap to be absolutely impassable for any human as they are not allowed any choices in consumption that don't ultimately contribute to exploitation, even if its consumption limited to the bare minimum needed to survive. Individual actions such as consumer activism (I.E. 'vote with your wallet') are ultimately powerless to make an effect on such a state of affairs.

    >there is no ethical consumption under late capitalism.

    >inb4 Zizek namedrop in season 4.

    I see where you're going with this, and I like where this is headed.

  15. I agree, he does. Which Michael though? Some are just connections to better…. perhaps all of them. Or none, you decide seems fair enough.

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