Model With Albinism Inspires Kids With Condition | BORN DIFFERENT
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Model With Albinism Inspires Kids With Condition | BORN DIFFERENT

LEO: When you are growing up, everyone is
trying to fit in and naturally I couldn’t fit in. So even if I wanted to try and fit
in, it just wouldn’t work like that. LEO: Gold hair, cream skin; that’s why they called me, Mr. Hershey’s cookies and cream, you know. LEO: Albinism is known as the recessive condition.
So, you can only have it if both parents are carriers or have albinism and then it’s
a 25% chance that your child will have the condition. It’s basically just an absence of
pigment. See I got, like, I don’t class it as blonde hair. This is gold. COMM: 22-year-old, Leo, was born with albinism.
A condition which affects the production of melanin in the body. This results in less
or no pigment in the body’s skin, hair and eyes. LEO: I think when I was younger I used to
say, ‘I wish I didn’t have it.’ Just because it would have made a lot of things
easier when I was growing up if I didn’t have albinism. LEO: I couldn’t just walk to the shop without,
without literally getting into a fight. Yeah, on every single day I would get into a fight. We
were the first black family on my street and then, on top of that, three of us had albinism. COMM: Leo’s brother and sister were also
born with albinism. LEO: My dad just gave me this, this photo
album of a lot of the newspapers we used to be in back in the day. I didn’t even know
he had this. LEO: Yeah, we were in a lot of magazines and
a lot of shows back in the day. LEO: I understand it because I guess that’s what it looks like in a sense. But it’s just an ignorant way of putting things because we aren’t white. FAITH: My first son was born 1992. So, then
it was like one in 5 million. So it is very, very rare to have, to have a child with
albinism. So I was told I couldn’t have more. But I did. FAITH: I was so isolated because nobody around
me knows what to do. You know, so it’s very challenging for us as parents that we have
these children and nobody knows what to do to help them, you know. There’s, there’s
all kinds of things that, that people say that are cruel. But, you know, you just need
to shrug it off and move on. Because if you don’t, you get yourself into a depression.
I know they picked on him because of his albinism because knowing that we are black and this
is why children are very cruel. LEO: You know it’s so funny. They used to
say, Why are you trying to be black?’ Or, and then they would say, ‘Why are you trying to
be white?’ Sometimes it’s a bit annoying because you just can’t be invisible. Like
there is no way you can go and just, just walk and without someone looking at you or
staring at you. At the same time it’s nice that you can’t be invisible. COMM: Growing up with such unique looks, it
wasn’t long before Leo was spotted. LEO: I think I was always confident growing
up because of my parents, especially my mum. LEO: Modelling industry, now people want to
see more different people in the industry. But also there are many, many, many, many,
many brands that just like the generic, beautiful looking people. And I don’t look like that.
I look different. So, it’s always going to be holding you back as as well as pushing
you forward. COMM: Through his modelling, Leo has become
a source of support for other people with albinism. LEO: Yeah, we are just going to go and have
a conversation with one of the boys that I see sometimes and his parents. LEO: Hey! How are you doing man? You are good. OLASANMI:How are you Leo? LEO: I am good. OLASANMI: Good to see you. Good to see you. OLASANMI: They ask a lot of questions at school,
‘Why you, why you white?’ LEO: If you are already getting a 100%
then you can’t get 200%. So, as long as you are getting 100% then that’s
fine. You put your 100% in to it. You are getting 100%? MATTHEW: Nearly. LEO: There we go! MATTHEW: 80, 89%. LEO: Oh, that’s very good. OLASANMI: At times they don’t want to play
with him. They said, ‘We don’t want to play with you.’ So, it’s been very challenging
for us. Matthew is a brilliant boy that wants to go to school. But at times he came home
and he said he doesn’t like going to school. It’s very depressing for us as a parent. MATTHEW: There was one time I never, I never
talked to anyone. Yeah! That’s how I got bronze. LEO: Never talked to anyone? MATTHEW: Yeah. LEO: Oh, you mean, when the teacher is talking? MATTHEW: No, the whole day. LEO: You didn’t talk to anyone the whole
day? MATTHEW: Yeah. OLASANMI: It does change significantly since
we have met Leo. LEO: If you want to do this, you just have
to let it grow out and keep combing it. MATTHEW: Then I have to not cut my hair for
a year. LEO: He is just a normal child. He just needs
a little bit of accomodation. OLASANMI: Matthew is always asking when is Uncle Leo coming? When do I get to speak to Uncle Leo? LEO: Because I have actually gone through
it myself, I know exactly what someone would need. LEO: I feel like it’s my, it’s like it’s
my mission, it’s my purpose to make sure other people know this and just help as
many people as I  can. FAITH: Leo is helping children with albinism.
It’s a breath of fresh air because now my job is done. FAITH: It’s beautiful because they are good
role models for them. LEO: I just want them to know that, that they
are beautiful through and through, that’s it. And they are different. But just embrace it. OLASANMI: Thank you so much. You have been
a pillar of support. LEO: Yeah. OLA SANMI: Thank you so much. LEO: Of course anytime. OLASANMI: You thank Leo? MATTHEW: Thank you. LEO: I just want to make sure that any child
with albinism or adult or anyone with it just knows that it’s okay and that they are beautiful
and I want to reach as many people as I can with that message.

100 thoughts on “Model With Albinism Inspires Kids With Condition | BORN DIFFERENT

  1. I once did a project on albinism in 9th grade. It was really interesting to learn about it. He is a very brave man with a heart of gold ❤️

  2. It is beautiful I love you LEO keep being a positive advocated! Your more beautiful then people will ever get the opportunity to know inside and out!❤️

  3. I wonder if Leo speaks at the schools and show his modeling pictures, if it will change how the kids see people with albinism? They'll start seeing it as the beauty it is and as being cool. And maybe the little boy will gain some friends. Unique is always beautiful. And I'm happy he's able to see the beauty in himself and share it with the world.

  4. This brought tears to my eyes, this guy is amazing & extremely sexy. I love a unique look and I think he's gorgeous

  5. My son has albinism. My wife was gone for months on a vacation, and she revealed she was pregnant while in vacation. My coworker went along with her.

    w a i t.

  6. Such a beautiful young man; courage only comes to those who face adversity!!!! Prejudice on every level BLOWS!
    I'm stoked to see the uniqueness coming front & center! Much ✌🏻💚

  7. I don't get it. People with albinism aren't that different. Basically Johnny Test with the bone structure of a black man or woman.

  8. I have albinism…. and ive always wanted to be an actor for some vampire movies or to be used as an american horror story type of show. I wish i knew how to do all that. I need help with that kinda stuff due to being legally blind because of my albinism. Seeing this just inspires me more!!!! But if anyone knows what i could do to maybe try out for this type of work…. please send me info! I would appreciate it so much!
    I am a Mexican albino. Lol. 😋

  9. I honestly don't see anything wrong with him. he's completely normal, he just has a different colour skin

  10. Oh I think he's just lovely. 🙂 kids are mean – but it makes me sad that adults can be too. He has a FANTASTIC attitude.

  11. At my college there is a blind girl with albinism her hair is like platinum silver and is so gorgeous honestly. I see on occasion and my Fiancé's sister goes to a school for the blind and he says there are several kids with albinism there. What is amusing (to me) is my natural skin color is about as pale as as his seems to be in the video except I have a ton of freckles

  12. I know this is random but a 6:20 Leo and Matthew were playing murder mystery 2 in roblox. I dont understand why people think people with albinism are ugly. Leo is very beautiful, so I dont get why people say things like that.

  13. Leo you are such a very nice young man. Our society might say to look pass our differences but is it not best to look right at our differences and understand no two people are alike? I have friends who are identical twins. At a glance they are the spitting image of each other. Look closer, I can tell them apart as one has a small mole on her arm. Irrelevant to your albanism of course, but reiterates that every single person is different. And that is what we should love. Our differences.

  14. Can we all just take a moment to appreciate how breathtakingly adorable Matthew is!! 😍 I wish I could make this world a better place just for him! 💗 I know that children can be very blunt, distant, and sometimes even cruel to their peers who are different. But I also honestly struggle to understand how any human being can be cruel to such an innocent child. Especially when it's adults who disrespect such a beautiful soul, just because that person is in some way different. My very first instinct when I saw this perfect little boy was wanting to hug him close and protect him from all the evils in this world. I don't understand how anyone, especially an adult, could treat him with cruelty or go out of their way to make him feel unwelcome or unwanted. Just because of how his condition effects his looks. I guess that's a big reason why I don't understand racism, which unfortunately can be very prevalent in my home region of the southern U.S.A. And at the end of the day, how children and adults react towards people who are "different" always comes back to how they were raised and their education. People should spend more time teaching their children that meeting someone who is "different" is a good thing. They're someone that we can learn different points of views from and broaden our own horizons. Someone that can potentially make us better people. But unfortunately it seems that parents are still teaching their children that "different" is something to be feared or mocked. Whether that's intentional or not, I don't know. But it's a great indicator that we as a society have a very long way to go. I truly hope that within Matthew's lifetime we start making monumental progress in the right direction. Because if anyone in the world deserves feeling wanted, it's this perfect little boy! And I sencerly thank Leo for working with children and educating the public to help try and accomplish that goal. 💗 The world will be a much better place once we all realize that we're all very different, some more so than others, but we're also all the same. We're human beings, and we all deserve the same love and respect. ❤💛💚💙💜💗

  15. Everyone is beatiful including u your just a bit differant and thats okay i like different who wants to be boring and normal 🙂

  16. You are very cool and sound like a nice person. Greetings from an old crazy lady in Norway

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