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Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology – UCSC Majors

my name is Jessie I’m a grad student in
Zahler lab and I study RNA splicing the department of molecular cell and
developmental biology MCD is comprised of 28 faculty members and three lecturers
whose work focuses on questions of how information in DNA is packaged read and
interpreted in living cells how those cells are built and regenerated and how
cells work together to comprise a whole organism the molecular cell and
developmental MCD biology major is designed to prepare students for
graduate programs in biomedical research medical and other healthcare
professional programs for careers in the biotechnology industry this major is
more structured than the general biology major and requires that students pay
careful attention to the prerequisites required for upper division biology
courses program learning outcomes students who successfully complete the
MCD major will be able to demonstrate knowledge of how biochemistry genetics
and molecular biology are used to elucidate both the function of cells and
the organization into tissues recognize that biology has a basis in chemistry
physics and mathematics describe how scientific method is used to explain
natural phenomena use effective oral and written language skills to communicate
scientific data and ideas understand safe laboratory practices and perform
basic molecular biology techniques generate hypotheses evaluate data and
design experiments to investigate a scientific problem and present advanced
knowledge in the specialized fields of molecular and cell biology it is
essential for MCD students to participate in conducting biological
research outside of the classroom setting there are many opportunities
available on and off of campus start by talking to graduate students professors
your academic advisor and fellow students ask how you can get involved in
research or if they know anyone looking for assistance you have access to the
UCSC undergraduate research opportunities database and the other
research opportunities webpage our undergraduate programs also strongly
support research training and careers students from underrepresented groups
for more information visit the minority access to biomedical research careers
website in addition you may want to check out some helpful resources that
the Career Center provides visit the UCSC Career Center located on the third
floor of Bay Tree building for pre health coaching where you can prepare and apply
for medical and professional programs write your personal statement get career
advice find extracurricular experiences access resources to help you become the
best candidate for health related professional schools and graduate school
get help in deciding which major is right for you create a resume cover
letter and more we are excited to meet you and partner with you and support
your academic journey at UCSC go slugs

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