Molecular Shape (VSEPR) (Example)
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Molecular Shape (VSEPR) (Example)

We want to determine the structure of arsenic trichloride To do that we need to know the number of valence electrons in each species, so from the periodic table arsenic has five valence electrons so let me write them this way. Now chlorine has seven so if we’re gonna form bonds, in a Lewis structure chlorine, two three, four, five, six, seven. And so the same idea for chlorine to form single bonds. Arsenic atom Now each of the atoms has eight electrons surrounding And so the structure, we have of course the lone pair here, chlorine, then let’s draw this to mean chlorine out of the screen, and then make this chlorine that way So if we look at connecting what the physical structure then of this compound, as we see that it’s form a triangular pyramid. So the structure would be trigonal and then pyramidal. And just use the Lewis dot structure fairly quickly, and get an idea of what the molecular structure is

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