momondo – The DNA Journey feat. Aurelie

[Sings La Marseillaise, the national anthem of France] I live in London now, but my family is all from France Those are my grandparents on my mum’s side Quite a while ago Very French So if you could be any other nationality except French what, in your imagination would you like to be? I don’t know … I quite like Italians, cause you know, they’re
super fiery, and crazy and loud and … I’d also quite like to be British, you know,
being, obviously, in London and I really have a great love and respect for
that culture, so that would be interesting So Aurelie, how do you feel about going
on a journey based on your own DNA? Yeah, I’d feel very intrigued, I think I need you to spit in this tube for me Right, the story of you is in that tube What’s it going to tell me? I think it’s going to be quite a boring story It’s going to be, ‘oh yeah, you’re French’, and,
‘wait, your grandparents are French’ and, ‘wait, your great great great
grandparents are French’ Shall we go on that journey Let’s go Aurelie Sit down Hi hi Hi Good to see you again Good to see you too Nervous? I didn’t think I was going to be nervous, and literally
you called my name and I was like ‘uuaaah!’ Well you want to find out what’s in that envelope? I really do Are you sure? Yeah, 100%, absolutely And read those out loud to us Oh my God Oh … wow … I didn’t expect that Sorry, oh my God I’m 32% British?! Excuse me! I’m 31% Italian-Greece? This is not me, you guys, like … Hold on, where’s French? There isn’t any French Shut up … I’m really happy actually Because I live in London, and I’ve never really
felt at home in my own country, in France And if you remember, two weeks ago,
I was actually saying I’d love to be Italian and I’m 31% Italian-Greece Yes It’s almost like my genes know better than I do So would you like to travel to all of these places? Oh yeah … hell yeah! Have a great journey Thank you You’re more British than me!

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