momondo – The DNA Journey feat. Jay
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momondo – The DNA Journey feat. Jay

It’s the Tottenham boys making all the noise we are the ******* Tottenham boys! I’m proud to be English, my family have served
and we’ve defended this country and we’ve been to war for this country,
so, I know I’m English My parents and grandparents have
told me I’m English, so I don’t see there being any other option for
me to be anything else other than English So what makes you, do you think, English? The fact that I was born in England The fact that my parents were born in England The fact that my nan and granddad were born in England That’s me nan and granddad Both served in the army, like I said, navy,
Royal Navy they were both in Me in the middle, with my older brother to the
left, and my younger brother to the right Think about other countries and
other nationalities in the world, are there any that you don’t feel you get on
with well, or you won’t like, particularly? Germany, yeah, I’m not a fan of the Germans Why is that? Well probably, if you ask me, through
my parents and my grandparents probably date back to the war How would you feel about going
on a journey based on your DNA? What could you possibly tell me that I don’t know? I need you to spit in this tube for me,
up to the little squiggly line Right, the story of you, is in that tube What’s it going to tell me? It’s going to tell me that I’m English like I’ve told you Jay Excuse me Good afternoon Hello again Hello Are you ready? Not really but, I’m here now, so … Read those out to us then, Jay Ireland, 55% Great Britain, 30% … 5% … German And did you just put Turkey in there to wind me up? No! Germany … Germany I told you I wouldn’t want to be German or Turkish,
and I’m both of them, so yeah… It’s just a bit of a shock really to find out
how many different places I come from You’re more than just Jay from England, aren’t you? I’m Jay from everywhere by the reads of this So would you like to travel to all of these places? Turkey and German? Yeah Have a great journey, man Well … [in fun German accent], ‘it’s the German!’

100 thoughts on “momondo – The DNA Journey feat. Jay

  1. At first, our grand grand parent is Adam a.s and Hawa. r.a, After the greatest flood, our ancestor came from the sons of Prophet Noah. Actually i,m not surprise with the result of DNA test.

  2. What the f*** what y'all want to take this off the top Buzz for the show me and then put it on YouTube come on now you dumb m********** I have feelings too you b**** didn't think so when I have to see this

  3. Национальность – это воспитание и культура той среды, где живёт человек! Гены и кровь – придают определённые черты лишь внешности.

  4. 우리나라는 전세계와 달리 반 섬으로 통제되고 외국의 자식을 가지는 아기를 죽ㅇ는 문화도 있었기에 중국놈이나 일본놈의 피를 가지고있을리는 없다ㅋ

  5. I did it and I'm from belgium germany and italy. Lol wtf. And my name and surname are totally french. Even my old old old old grand parents were pure frenchs ._.

  6. Lol this is ridiculous, how is this a DNA Test if you tell the people about nationalities? Nationalities have nothing to do with DNA take that weird English guy for example about a 1000 years ago pretty much all of the English were either so called Germans(AngloSaxon) or Normans(Normandy), this videos are BS at least tell the people about being of Germanic, Celtic, Slavic etc heritage and not that nationality bogus

  7. So I’m Mexican and I am kind of against american (I mean people from the U.S.) people because of racism and so on, and maybe some spanish people (because they conquered us and I hate conquerers), and french people because based on my experience, they usually think they are superior just because they are European. Maybe some Italians because based on how they always change sides in wars it makes me think they are pretty coward.

  8. How can you just be one nationality? I`m English, Irish, Welsh, Turkish, Syrian, Georgian, Scandinavian , Russian and other places probably. idk

  9. im native american,italian,german,polish,french AND MORE IDK because my moms side was a pain and all they could get out of him was italian lol

  10. Following his logic, i would have to hate all allied countries and their people from WW2 as a german although i didn't even live at the time 😅

  11. This test is fantastic! Talking about the English guy I can say he is quite ignorant. English people are mix of Celts, Scotts, Pitts, Romans, Saxon and Angles both coming from Germany, Normans (which were probably mixed with Franks and Gauls/Celts). What a pure race….

  12. С первых минут ролика увидев его я подумала что он немец из Германии.

  13. I don't undestand the shock these people get… didn't they learn basic human history or use some critical thinking? we all originate from a common ancestor, it's not like there was an adam and eve for every country.

    dumn nuts….

  14. He is a bigger national socialist than any of the knew generation of germany i can tell you that much

    so the reason why he might could hate us as a whole nation is just non existing
    but for me as a world open German thats a reason to hate him
    and not only because its My home country i would hate anyone for being a dushbag with false national pride

  15. well kudos to him, he took that well… I think that one was like telling a white supremacist he was half black lol
    I do hope someone explained to him the way he actually had the different nationalities in his DNA

  16. This English skin head was very defensive only to find out he's not 100% English!!! Lmao He's Irish, British, German & Turkish haha!

  17. He doesn't even look that white if that makes sense hw looks like this guy I might who is Puerto Rican idk or someone who is mixed with black and white

  18. This guy obviously had no idea from where the Saxons went to Britain neither who were the first settlers on the British islands, many centuries before Celts, Normands, Saxons and Vikings :// I have no clue why he has Turkish ancestry unless is a very modern migration.

  19. This man is English because he grew up under English culture. It doesn't make any difference that he has 5% German DNA because he is culturally English. DNA is redundant when it comes to culture. Culture makes one who they are not DNA.

  20. All English ppl came from greater Germania why they hate their own kin as a Indian I don't understand it's like Germans hating Austrians

  21. Well Europeans are the most mixed people in the world. Sorry white nationalists and nazis, but you’re not superior just because you lack melanin, and are not lactose intolerant. You’re the least homogeneous people on earth. And ironically how you hate Middle Eastern and Africans when you’re ancestors came from these places…

  22. I like his expression he took it better than the guy from South America who claimed he was Cuba

  23. It should come as no suprise to him to discover the roots of an Englishman, I'd say he skipped history at school.

  24. I’m human that’s mean I’m from this earth 🌍
    I’m happy to be me
    No matter what I’m from exactly Hmd

  25. When he entered the room, my first thought was he is German, he looks like one, his face features, just check out the famous German music group Ramstein and then he has negative feelings towards Germany based on history, no good, he should live here and now. Btw. Im not German, Im Slovak. 😀

  26. Even I would like to take this test…..please guide me through this test as to how to acquire this test

  27. Eventhough it is hurting hear him saying he doesn't want to be Turkish while I am Turkish, i still would like to meet him in Turkey and show him around , and our culture of course. Personally i like English people 😌

  28. If they tell Jay that he is German, I think he might slap the he** out of them, then storm out the room

  29. The moment of the truth for this arrogant not so Brit-ish guy. God taught him a little lesson. 👍🏽 And the way he was spitting in the tube was absolutely vile. 🤮

  30. “I don’t want to be Turkish” well fuck you we don’t want you either (im just kidding y’all before anyone attacks me)

  31. You know I don't understand why humans think they are pure. If I have history correct there are 2 races of people kinda pure and they are Chinese and Natives? Could be wrong would like to see some of these people.?

  32. As I said on other videos, these look extremely staged. From the speech, the nationalities and how basic the test is. You cannot say someone is from Turkey or from Germany (or any other nation) that precisely. Borders changed.

  33. The thing he doesn’t know is that his stubbornness and pride really reminds me of the Turkish mentality … the Turks are really hard headed just like him … Special salut to the the Turkish people ..,

  34. So reading some retarded stuff on here let's remove remove religion
    We have the celt and they date back ( 3000 BC on time team) some think our ancestors may have migrated from Egypt and Spain but that is more Ireland and Devon but the northern ancestors they are of the oldest tribes of the land

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