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momondo – The DNA Journey

I’m proud to be English, my family have served
and we’ve defended this country and we’ve been to war for this country I’m really patriotic about Bangladesh I am 100% Icelandic, yeah, definitely This is a Kurdish wedding with my mum in the traditional Kurdish garb. We’re just proud blacks, so that’s it Yeah, I think we are probably the
best country in the world, if I’m honest Think about other countries
and other nationalities in the world are there any that you don’t feel you get
on with well, or you won’t like, particularly? Germany, yeah, I’m not a fan of the Germans You might think they’re a little bit … Particularly India and Pakistan probably
because of the whole, you know, the conflict Cause I have this side of me that’s like … that hates Turkish people – not people! But the government! But French? Nah We’re just the best, you know, it’s just fact I’m more important than you I don’t know you, but in my opinion I am strong,
and I am more important than a lot of people How would you feel about taking a journey based on your DNA? Yeah, I’d feel very intrigued What could you possibly tell me that I don’t know? So do you know how DNA works? So you get half from mum, and half from dad so 50% from each of them, and they get 50% from their parents and back, and back and back And all those little bits of your ancestor, they filter down to make you, you I need you to spit in this tube for me Just spit up to the little black line That’s a lot of spit The story of you, is in that tube What’s it going to tell me? It’s going to be, ‘oh yeah, you’re French’, and,
‘wait, your grandparents are French’, and, ‘wait …’ 100% Bengali Solid Iraqi I’m Cuban! It’s going to tell me that I’m English, like I’ve told you Jay? Can you come down and join us? I’m a little bit nervous, I have to say So are you ready to find out your results? Will you read it out to us, please? Wow, look at me! Oh my God Oh … wow … I didn’t expect that All of them Whoa … No … No … Caucasus? Which was … Turkish? Yeah Eastern Europe, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece I’m 32% British? What?! Great Britain, 30% … 5% … German I’m Irish? Yeah! So I’m a Muslim Jew Great Britain, 11% – are you sure these results are mine? Eastern Europe? Seriously? Iceland has definitely moved closer to Europe now I’m going to go a bit far right now, but this should be compulsory There would be no such thing as, like, extremism in
the world, if people knew their heritage like that Like, who would be stupid enough to think of such a thing as, like, a pure race? In a way, we’re all kind of cousins, in a broad sense In a much more direct sense. You have a cousin, in this room Uh uh … Turn around, and guess who it is Waj? Yeah, what’s that? Why don’t you come down here and meet your cousin? Oh my God … Did you know that? I didn’t, I had no idea … this is like … my heart’s pounding right now, I swear to God I’m Jay from everywhere by the reads of this I’m a real man of the world That’s beautiful, thank you So would you like to travel to all of these places? Yeah! Hell yeah! Oh yeah

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  1. I’m curious about my history, my last name is not common amongst the Latin world and I can trace it back to Ellis Island where my ancestors made the journey from wherever they came. I’m guessing Spain but not sure.

  2. you have more in common with world than you think … that says it all! Think before you judge someone!

  3. ⊙_⊙⊙_⊙⊙_⊙⊙_⊙⊙_⊙⊙_⊙⊙_⊙⊙_⊙⊙_⊙⊙_⊙⊙_⊙⊙_⊙⊙_⊙⊙_⊙⊙_⊙⊙_⊙⊙_⊙⊙_⊙

  4. DNA couldn't answer to the question "who I am". It's just a curiosity. If I discover that in my DNA there is a 2% Congo, and not 100% European, I'll be the same person as before lol

  5. "The participants in the video, which has more than 5 million views, are actors and extras Momondo found through casting agencies…But each one actually had their DNA tested and their reactions to their results were "spontaneous," the company said."
    I, too, found myself moved and touched by their reactions. There is so much distrust and hate and fear in this world. The power of discovering how related we all are can be transformative – if we let it in. Akin to the first picture of our earth from space, the "blue marble" bringing home that we are all in this together. Love transforms and unites. Fear distances and polarizes. Which do we choose to be a part of?

  6. so overdramatic…. this is only about borders…. this is ONE WORLD made of ONE NATURE. we set the borders and pretending now to belong to certain groups. all this DNA thing was made up for money reasons.

  7. Isn't this based on haplo group? How can they recognize ethnic from dna, like "British", "German", "Caucasian"…

  8. I know I’m a mutt. English, Irish, German, Dutch, Cherokee Indian, Scottish, Norwegian. I’m sure if I went back further, I would have a bit more to add. This is without testing.
    In past lives have have been many other races.
    They will. Ever get my DNA. Once they do, they will know your health issues or those you are genetically predisposed to. Then the insurance companies can denied payments.

  9. Hi momondo. Thanks for your wonderful ad. May I share these video on please? We have a professional channel named 人类分子学 means “Molecular Anthropology” We hope can share your wonderful video on our channel and hope to get your agreement. Thank you.

  10. The black dude should have not been surprised to see Africa on his dna profile. Cuban is not a race. The slave trade was heavy in the Caribbean.

  11. "When it comes to ancestry, DNA is very good at determining close family
    relations such as siblings or parents, and dozens of stories are
    emerging that reunite or identify lost close family members (or indeed
    criminals). For deeper family roots, these tests do not really tell you
    where your ancestors came from. They say where DNA like yours can be
    found on Earth today. By inference, we are to assume that significant
    proportions of our deep family came from those places. But to say that
    you are 20 percent Irish, 4 percent Native American or 12 percent
    Scandinavian is fun, trivial and has very little scientific meaning."

  12. Wow, that Icelandic dude is a douche bag. He thinks he is big and strong and therefore more important than a lot of other people, human beings never cease to amaze..

  13. 일본인에게 해당 검사를 받게 하고싶다.
    그러면 그들은 한국인들을 혐오하는 것이 줄여들겠지.
    I want to get genetic testing for Japanese.
    Then they may have lost what happened for the Koreanans.

  14. I was gonna say they must have looked for the most racist white guys they could find but uh… I forgot they're all like that

  15. Shout out to all the amazing people who came together to make this video. But the Icelandic one who said he was more important than others is a clear example of racism and hatred.

  16. This is probably an ad from a testing company. It's pretty obviously staged. At least some of them start pretending to be racist and then immediately become changed, something extremely rare for racists to do within seconds.

  17. Herkes hissettiği yerin malıdır, ne mutlu Türk olana değil, Ne Mutlu Türküm Diyene 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷 kimseyi zorlamıyoruz sevmiyorsanız eğer defolup gidersiniz biz bize yeteriz kendi içinde ne olursan ol

  18. How to tell if you might be one of the least important people on the planet: You say things like 'I'm more important than you'.

  19. “All religions, arts and sciences are branches of the same tree. All these aspirations are directed toward ennobling man’s life, lifting it from the sphere of mere physical existence and leading the individual towards freedom.” Albert Einstein

  20. An open mind rejects ethnicity. An open mind knows we are the same species. An open mind makes one step further and rejects even speciesism. An open mind rejects killing and eating other sentient species. Get there already.

  21. Besides this is all fake and they are actors, in general those things are true..

    On the other hand also you shouldnt forget that we for example share at least 50% genetic information with for example a potato.
    Even more with the meat you eat every day.
    Hope you all greet your relatives before the meal

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