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More Random Acts of Kindness | The Science of Happiness

-As per usual, we gathered
our selection of subjects and gave them a test to measure their current level
of happiness. Then, we planned out a day
jam-packed with kind events. For their last act of kindness
for the day, we had them think
of somebody they knew who is in need of a little
encouragement right now. We had them call them up
and say those kind words. [ Phone ringing ] -Hello? -Hey, Zion. How you doing? -Good. -Hey. -Hey. -It’s me, your sister.
Hi. -I know who it is. -Hi. How are you? -Hi. -I wanted to tell you that,
about your fear of flying… -I had to do a project
with a famous baseball player in the old days,
and I picked Jackie Robinson. -I heard from your uncle —
your other uncle, Patrick, that your progress report
wasn’t that good. -Yeah. I had some U’s and X’s. -How come? Why did you have
those grades in those classes? -I’ve been talking in class. -Oh. -Just remember,
if I can’t be around or anyone else can’t be around,
you’re not alone. Literally you’re not alone, but, you know, in spirit,
I mean, as well. -Oh, okay. So do you have any advice for me
if I do have to fly alone? -I think just deep breathing,
reading a magazine, doing some meditation
beforehand, or thinking of
dancing puppies. -Have you ever felt
fear of flying? -Yes, I have. -And you’re being so
independent, and it’s wonderful. -Thanks! -[ Laughs ] You’re welcome. -[ Laughs ]
That’s so nice. -I know. -You’re so nice. -You’re so nice. [ Laughs ] -I know. -But yeah. -Did you ever see the movie
“Say Anything”? -No. -Okay, well, if you ever do,
Lloyd Dobler, who’s the main character, says, “As soon as the plane takes off, as long as you hear the ding,
you’re home free.” And that’s what you should do. As soon as you’re up in the air, when you hear
the “no-smoking” sign — or is it the “smoking” sign? —
whatever, and you hear the ding
saying it is now safe — -Seat-belt sign.
-Yeah, the seat-belt sign. It’s safe for you
to move around your cabin. I think you’ll be okay. -[ Laughs ] It’s safe,
so now smoke your cigarette. [ Both laugh ] -What is this — 1964?
-[ Laughs ] -I love you, Zion. -I love you, too. -Have a good night. -Have a good night. -Bye. -Bye. -All right, bye. -Okay, bye. From her. -How do you feel? -Good. It’s good to say those things to
her ’cause they’re all true. I am really proud of her,
and I do really admire her. She’s amazing. She’s super independent
and wonderful. -All right, gang. Now each of you is going to
go up to a complete stranger and tell them something nice
about them. -Excuse me, guys. SoulPancake! Subscribe! -The time to be awesome is now. One month, one million people,
all helping the homeless. Sounds awesome to me.

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  2. This is by far the most awkward thing to do on camera because you're trying to keep your composure and sound "good."

    I definitely would have to write down bullet points so that I won't have the uncomfortable phone silence feeling.

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