Mother Told Lies About Paternity For Years (Full Episode) | Paternity Court
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Mother Told Lies About Paternity For Years (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

You may be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case of
Bouman versus Bouman.
Thank you, Jerome.
Good day, everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. Ms. Bouman,
you’ve dragged your daughter Kalena to court
to save your relationship. You admit after years
of deception and confusion, you now must
prove to her that her actual biological father
is Mr. James Stewart who passed away 18 years ago, is that correct? ANGELA: Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Ms. Kalena Bouman, you say your mother’s
paternity lies have jeopardized
your relationship and you don’t believe
her latest claim that Mr. Stewart
is your father. Yes, Your Honor. Mr. Stewart, you say there’s no way
that your deceased father is Ms. Bouman’s
biological father and want to clear
his name in court today, is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: So Ms. Bouman… Yes, Your Honor. Why are these results
so important for you today? Over the years, I have,
uh, lied to my daughter and for the past four years, it’s become very hard
on our relationship. I used to be real close to her and, now,
it feels like I’ve literally tore it completely apart. And I need to prove to her
that her father is James Stewart
and is deceased. You say over the years,
you’ve lied to her. I’ve told her that another… Uh, Mr. Watson
was her father. JUDGE LAKE:Explain.ANGELA:It all started
when she was little.
When I was…When I first met Mr. Stewart, I was… Met him at a company
that I worked with and we started working,
became friends and everything, real close. Then we became sexual. It got to where I found out
there was somebody else. I decided to break
apart from him and move to another job. I needed to get away from him. Uh, so I started talking
to Mr. Watson then I found out after
being with him for a while that I was pregnant. And I told Mr. Watson that there was a possibility
that it wasn’t and at the time,
it didn’t matter to him. At first, he was like, “Okay. “Whatever.
You know, yeah, it’s not mine. “Yeah, it is mine.” And it’s…
It kind of ran like that. Ms. Bouman. KALENA: Yes, Your Honor? So, you’re having
a difficult time having a relationship
with your mother? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Explain to me the nature
of that relationship. It’s been hard because of
the simple fact, I don’t know
when she’s lying or telling the truth anymore when it comes to my life. And so,
she told you another man was your biological father. KALENA: Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: And you believed
all these years Mr. Watson was your biological father? Yes, Your Honor. So, when did you find out
that he was not? I found out at…
During the summer going into high school that he was not my father, while I was forced to be
taken out of my mother’s house and go to his house
where I had no contact
with my mother. And then, when I finally
was able to go back around to my mother,
she told me that it… He might not be my father and that James Stewart
might be my father. JUDGE LAKE:Take me back
to that day, what happened?
That day, I was taken
from my mother’s house by Mr. Watson and was not able
to contact her for two months, or get on social media,
or anything to have contact with her,
my boyfriend. JUDGE LAKE: Really? KALENA: And then when I was able to go back
around that day, she was like, “Oh,
he might not be your father “and it’s a possibility
that James Stewart “is your father. “And we’re gonna go downtown “to take to court.” And I was confused
because all these years, you told me that
Mr. Watson was my father. KALENA:And then when we wen
to go take the test,
when the test results
finally came back, after two weeks, I was nervous
and didn’t know what to think. And I read the results
even though
she told me not to. And when I read them,
it said that Mr. Watson wasn’t my father. And I broke down, and I was just hurt, why did she lie to me
for 16 years. And I didn’t know what to do so I stopped talking to her
for a month and a half. JUDGE LAKE: So, Ms. Bouman,
take me back to that day. Your daughter was crushed. I mean,
she says it just broke her. ANGELA: At the time, Kalena had just
came over to my house. She had just moved in with me. And I happen to go
to work one day, and Mr. Watson had
recently got married. And his wife, she told him, “That’s your child,
you go get them.” So, he literally
walked up in my house and, yes, he did come
in there and take her. I wasn’t there. He told me, “Well,
since you wanna sit up here “and say this ain’t
my daughter, prove it.” I turned around,
and I went downtown, and I requested
a paternity test. The results came back, and I sat there
and I told her. I said, “you know,
I didn’t do this to hurt you.” And so, is it your
assertion that you knew all of the time
there was a question or you knew for certain
Mr. Watson wasn’t? I didn’t know for sure
but when I sat there and started calculating
back the time of when I was messing
with Mr. Stewart, it was always connecting
back to Mr. Stewart. I just can’t trust her
because she lied. JUDGE LAKE:
So, what you’re saying is, is you don’t even
believe this assertion is based upon any
real evidence or fact. You think she’s just
naming someone else. Yes, Your Honor. It’s still the simple fact
that she lied for so many years, so who knows
if there’s another man or if it’s just them two. Your whole foundation
has just been rocked? KALENA: Yes. You don’t know
what to believe? Pretty much. JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Stewart? Yes, Your Honor. When you heard
about Ms. Bouman, did you believe
that you all shared a biological father? No, Your Honor. You didn’t? No, I didn’t. Explain. My father has had
numerous women say that their
children was his and just came to find out
that it wasn’t true. And just… This right here. What is this, sir? Timeline. JUDGE LAKE:
Walk me through it. Back when I was eight. JUDGE LAKE: Mm-hmm. He was working
at the sub shop with her. JUDGE LAKE: Okay. JAMES: And…I remember him working
there because I distinctly
remember getting my ears
pierced at eight years old.
And that was in 19…
JAMES:’93.JUDGE LAKE:’93.JAMES:And I remember himaround in the middle
of ’93 close to ’94 leaving the sub shop
and not working there… And does… And he doesn’t work
there anymore as of around 1994? JAMES: No.Close to ’94, yeah.JUDGE LAKE:And in 1995is when Ms. Bouman’s momwould have been pregnant
with Ms. Bouman.
JAMES:Yes, ma’am..
Your Honor.
JUDGE LAKE: And Ms. Bouman? ANGELA: Yes, Your Honor. You claimed in your testimony that you were working
with Mr. Stewart’s father at this place
when Kalena was conceived, am I correct? ANGELA: Yes. JUDGE LAKE: So,
your assertion, Mr. Stewart, is that,
that doesn’t add up. Doesn’t add up to me.
It really doesn’t. Because your father
quit this job in 1994. Yeah. Early ’94. ANGELA: That’s
actually a lie because he actually
stopped working at that restaurant
in february of ’95. He would come in,
do his shift or whatever. Then there was times
that he wouldn’t come in. Because he was a manager,
he had me… I was right up on him as
the assistant manager. JUDGE LAKE: Hmm. Ms. Bouman, I see you brought a witness.
I’d like to hear from her. Ma’am, would you please stand and step to the podium,
please? Okay. Give me
a minute, please. JUDGE LAKE: Okay. Please state your name
for the record, ma’am. I’m Lillian Jane Watson. JUDGE LAKE: Thank you
for joining us today. You are
Mr. Watson’s mother. Mm-hmm. JUDGE LAKE: Did you
ever have doubts that your son was
Kalena’s father? LILLIAN: No. Never? Explain. Well, her mother
left a letter saying that, uh, my son was the father. She had other three kids,
so I told her she didn’t have
to worry about
my granddaughter. I’ll do everything that
is possible for her and I did. Kay has been living with me
most of her entire life. JUDGE LAKE:Really?LILLIAN:When she would go
to her mother, she would stay.
I’ll pick her up
every weekend.
If there’s a grandmother
who deserve award, it should be me,
but I don’t want an award. I’m here because I love her. She’s my baby. (APPLAUSE) She put her letter
in my mailbox with a piece of paper
saying that James Stewart was not her father. JUDGE LAKE: Really? Yeah. JUDGE LAKE: Let me see
that evidence. I got a long letter
about how my son, Kalena, her features… You’re saying that Ms. Bouman
put a letter in your mailbox. LILLIAN: That’s…
Yes, ma’am. And Kay was born in January. She gave me the letter
in February. JUDGE LAKE: This is a letter
from February 27th, 1996. LILLIAN: Mm-hmm. It reads, “Ms. Bouman, your results“of the paternity test“performed on 01/11/96“on Kalena Bouman
and Mr. James Stewart
“shows that Mr. Stewart
is not the biological father
“of your child, Kalena,
born on 01/06/96.”
Did you put this letter in Ms. Watson’s mailbox,
Ms. Bouman? Yes, I did. JAMES: Well… LILLIAN: And a letter, too. And I did it… I did it
because at the time, Mr. Watson, when I got back into
a relationship with him, we sat there,
we talked and everything. It was all discussed out. But, wait,
what do you mean
it was discussed? ANGELA: It was discussed
that Kalena was his daughter. JUDGE LAKE:
So, you just created this? This letter is just a lie? ANGELA: Yes, ma’am. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) LILLIAN: Wait a minute. JAMES: I don’t understand… (STAMMERING) That’s not, uh… She’s saying
in court today, ma’am, Ms. Watson, that this is not
an official letter. This is something
that she just wrote and typed up. I’ve never had a test done
with James Stewart. LILLIAN: My God, my God. (SOBBING) You know, you have
messed this kid’s life. Oh, Jesus. JAMES: That’s why I said
I don’t believe it because he’s had…
And he’s had three other
women that did this. LILLIAN: And Ernest
is always gonna be your dad. He hurting just like you are. You can’t talk around him.
He gets very emotional.He loves you.There’s not a day
we don’t talk about you.
JUDGE LAKE:So, Ms. Bouman,you know,
I have to come back to you because you’ve basically
just admitted in court today that this was fabricated, this letter that you basically typed up and put
in this woman’s mailbox. Why? ANGELA: I did it because I was actually
in love with Mr. Watson and it was,
“I wanted a child, “this is my child.” And I lost contact
with Mr. Stewart, so I left it alone. The truth is, you wanted to be
with Mr. Watson. ANGELA: Yes. You loved him. So, you wanted him to think that Kalena was his child so that you could
hold on to him. Yes. You cannot use a child to keep a man. It doesn’t work. It never works. (APPLAUSE) JUDGE LAKE: And sure enough, as it has happened
over and over again, Mr. Watson moves on. (SIGHS) Ms. Bouman, did Mr. Stewart
ever know of Kalena? Did you talk to him about… I ran into Mr. Stewart
back in ’98 at a convenience store right up the street
from where I lived. And it kind of shocked me.
I was surprised to see him
and he was like, “Well, I heard you had
a little girl of two years. “She’s two years old,” And I said, “Yes, I do.” At the time,
Kalena was with me. So, he was like,
“Do you mind if I see her?” I said, “Sure.”
I took him down to my house because I stayed right down
the street from the store. He sat there, and he looked
at her, and he was like, “Wow. Hmm, okay.” He said, “I’m gonna go home
and make some phone calls.” I said,
“Phone calls for what?” “Oh, I’m about to set up a…
I want a paternity test. “I want a DNA test. “You ain’t gonna worry
about nothing. “I’ll pay for the whole
entire thing “because if
that’s my daughter, “everybody’s gonna
know about her.” He went home.
He made the appointments. He called me.
He said, “This is the day “we gonna go do it.” The day came that we were supposed to
go and do it, and I got a phone call from one of his friends, and they said,
“Angie, I got some bad news,” I was like, “What?” He said,
“Pookie is not coming.” I was like,
“What do you mean?” “Pookie is killed.
He was murdered.” After that,
everything just dropped. I left it alone. So, you’re saying
the very day that
you all planned to go and get the DNA test… He was murdered. LILLIAN: My God. He was murdered. JAMES: I don’t believe you.
I don’t believe you because I lived
with my daddy that year. I was 13 years old. I was 13, my father
told me everything. I ain’t had a sibling
for 28 years… Twenty-nine years.
My baby brother got killed
when he was two. I didn’t have no sibling. So, I would’ve wanted
a sibling all my life. My father
would’ve told me that. ANGELA: He didn’t wanna
bring her out until the test
was completely done. JAMES: He wouldn’t hide
nothing from me. My father told me everything. That’s why I don’t…
I can’t believe it because there’s so many women
that had did this, and then… And said
that their kids was mine, and I had to grow up
without a sibling. That hurts. You don’t believe
the fact that Ms. Bouman saying that he just didn’t
wanna say anything to anybody until
he knew for sure. I don’t believe that,
Your Honor. And you don’t even believe
the test was scheduled. I don’t believe it. I don’t believe it,
my father would’ve
told me everything. All right. I’ve heard
enough testimony. It’s time for the results. Jerome? These results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics and they read as follows. Because there wasn’t
a blood card available
to test the DNA of the deceased, James Stewart, we performed a sibling test in order to determine if the deceased’s son, James Stewart,
is related to Kalena Bouman. My father
would’ve told me that. In the case of
Bouman versus Bouman,
it has been determined
by this court that James Stewart and Kalena Bouman… Are related. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) LILLIAN: Oh, my,
that’s your brother. (SOBBING) You’ve got a brother. (CRYING) JAMES: It’s over now, baby. It’s over. It’s over. Oh, man. LILLIAN: And since
that’s my granddaughter’s, you are her brother, then you can be my son, too. Thank you. (JUDGE LAKE CHUCKLES) Thank you. Feel free to stand
with your grandchildren. (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) Because I don’t have
a grandparent at all. Oh, well, honey… At all. All my grandparents are gone. Hallelujah. Thank you, Jesus. JUDGE LAKE: Oh, yes. LILLIAN: Angie, get over here. Oh. LILLIAN: I love you all. I can’t hate nobody,
lord Jesus. Thank you for finally
telling the truth. (APPLAUSE) LILLIAN: Oh,
thank you, Jesus. Just don’t lie again. Ms. Bouman,
what would you like to say
to your daughter? (WEAKLY)
I’m sorry that I did this and put you through this, and I hope
that you can forgive me and we can start
rebuilding our friend… Friendship back because I miss my, baby. I love you so much. (APPLAUSE) JUDGE LAKE: Kalena,
we haven’t had a chance to hear from you, but it looks like you’re very
happy to have your brother. KALENA: Yes, yes. And, unfortunately,
your biological father is deceased. But it’s a beautiful thing
that you will have your brother to
be able to tell you all about him. And, ma’am,
I have to say to you, you spoke so beautifully… LILLIAN: Thank you. …About… Just what it means
to love a child. We have counseling
and resources for you. Please take advantage of it. I wish you all
the very best of luck. Court is adjourned. KALENA: Thank you.

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