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My DNA Test Results

Hey guys! So my mum’s friend, June, is a doctor, She’s not THE Doctor I mean she could be the doctor That could be a whole different thing No, *laughs* she’s a doctor And she gave me a free DNA Test I’m not exactly sure why I’m thinking cause she thought it would be a cool YouTube video And not because she’s an evil government scientist wanting to steal my DNA and track my every movement Let’s just say she’s a nice person Anyway, I thought it would be cool to make a video about it. Cause you can find out loads of things about yourself like who your ancestors were Well, not who they were Not, Phillip-Phillipson from 1773 But, basically what countries they came from and also loads of other things That I probably shouldn’t share with the internet but I’m going to anyway BUT, before we get going HEY SCIENCE PHIL Hello Phil What is DNA exactly? Deoxyribonucleic Acid or DNA is a molecule that carries genetic instructions and is basically a building block of life aw, thanks science Phil he’s so helpful anyway about three weeks ago I took the test which sounds way more dramatic than it actually was I just had to spit in a test tube for about three minutes which was kind of gross so I’ve saved you that beautifully artistic footage and I thought we could just jump straight into the results now on my laptop which I’m going to awkwardly hold here maybe I could put cushion there we go better don’t go on that I don’t know that okay I’m quite nervous what if it says I’m like half kangaroo or something I mean I’m probably not half kangaroo let’s be honest they’re pretty buff I mean I mean look at them I’m not saying they’re attractive I just mean they’ve got muscles I’m probably half naked mole rat if I’m half any kind of animal or what does the results say Jeremy Ooo ancestry compositions this is going to tell me what countries are running through my blood so when I great great great great great grandma shaniqua came from loading your result I called myself Buffy Summers because I didn’t want them to have my real name oh okay we already knew I was European for where where am I actually from again 68.6 percent british / irish also i might have a bit of ireland in me top of the morning to you then 11.5 percent French and German so I might have a French ear *fancy French stuff* and I could have a German elbow yeah my mutter is an elbow I’m part Scandavian one point nine percent my eyebrow I’ve got a Swedish eyebrow one of my freckles is a Sardinian freckle and then this is what is exciting me the most less than or point one percent sub-saharan African listen here’s the alien part less than nor point one percent is unassigned I feel like I’m on Jeremy Kyle or Oprah or something the DNA test results show that Phil is the alien we come in peace hopefully the government isn’t watching this please don’t perform experiments on me I feel like a whole multicultural creature at least on a genetic level okay my maternal line this is a DNA I got for my mum and where that generally came from sorry Australia I’m not part Kangaroo you’re completely left out of this I share this with Eva Longoria how do they know eva longoria’s gene times I saw with Prince Philip hey Phillip Bros that’s my mum’s what about my dad’s paternal line Chris Rock Desmond Tutu and Thomas Jefferson, that’s cool, there’s some good bros to have in the DNA swimming pool with me that sounded weirder then I wanted it to Neanderthal history! *laughs* I am more Neanderthal than the average European I’ve got a heavier brow Ridge a bigger skull I mean I do have a giant head prominent nose with developed nasal chambers I mean check out these babies feel like I’m understanding my animalistic side now by a bad tree pretty okay so these are some attributes about me that the DNA test is found bitter taste perception than eighty percent chance of me not being able to take certain bitter flavors I mean I’m not sure about that I link to the Nintendo switch cartridge and they had a pretty bitter reaction thank you like with the dog wait for it oh I arrived oh there was a 28-10 chance of me having blond hair imagine that imagine blonde Phil it’s likely that i have blue eyes my eyes are weird to the kind of bluey-green but that I’ve got a yellow ring around my pupil with my friends I said represents fire and would make me a good warrior so if any of you guys have got yellow in your eyes you’ve got the fire likely lactose intolerant yeah as you guys know I can’t suckle on a cow all day without getting sick will decrease odds of baldness that’s cool because all of my granddad’s and uncles are super bowl but my dad has a massive head of hair so I think thankfully I’ve got some genetic mutations through my dad that means that i’m not going to go bald muslim perform is a likely sprinter are you kidding you watching me in the olympics i just for every single hurdle who i’m carrying the red hair jeans there’s a five percent chance my child could have red hair maybe i’ll give birth to Archie from Riverdale photic sneeze reflex so some people if they look at the Sun they would sneeze which is really weird I don’t think I happen oh yes slightly lower odds of having this okay let’s test them look at a picture of the Sun no don’t have any sniffles trying to pause this middle I don’t know if any of you guys sneeze all looking at a picture about your freaking out ooh my breast morphology Oh gag on dude on Oh apparently I’ve got a typical short-term memory I think that’s true if someone tells me a phone number or something I will instantly forget it if I don’t keep saying it over and over again in my head okay I’m testing out the short term memory checker I have to see some items and then click them in the next screen okay dog trowel glasses glasses right dog glasses glasses trowel yes okay one more one more one more oh my god sure strawberry leaf guys, can you remember what they were as well? that oh what’s the other one? it wasn’t a crab rabbit? no wow I love that I thought there was a rabbit there. yep ok I’ve got rubbish memory apparently I have a typical sensitivity to pain I thought mine was increased cause I swear when I go to the dentist it hurts me more than the average person when I’m having my teeth deep clean I’m literally grabbing onto the dentist’s chair like please stop killing me maybe just my dentist wants to give me pain I don’t know I thought I was more sensitive than that coriander aversion see I don’t mind coriander but some people think it tastes like disgusting soap I have a typical odds of disliking it I know some people that if they get in them out they’re like wow so if that’s you it’s also because of your DNA what was this asparagus urine detection so apparently some people if they eat asparagus that p is going to stink thankfully i’m not in that group but let me know does your piece think of you eat asparagus it’s because of your DNA apparently i feel like i’ve shared too much this too late but nevermind i was really cool to me especially ancestry data knowing i’ve got a great great cousin out there in sweden somewhere hello distant relatives so please give me a thumbs up if you’ve enjoyed this also you can subscribe by clicking below our last gaming video is over there where we played an RPG I made when I was 14 I think it’s my favorite gaming video ever so go give that a watch also plushies are back on sale at so if you’d like I plushie Dan or a plushie Phil, I put little icon down below so you can click that and go straight the shop and grab them while they’re hot good byeeeee

100 thoughts on “My DNA Test Results

  1. The ring around your pupil is a genetic mutation called heterochromia and it also causes some people to have different coloured eyes. I have it to, but my eyes are green/blue with a golden/brown ring. It’s actually pretty uncommon, only 6 in 1000 people have it, but it’s usually only visible in about 3 in 1000 or less. I hope this was helpful!

  2. I did a DNA test recently!!! But only for the countries part (I did the Ancestry one). I’m 50% English, Wales, & Northern European; 44% Irish and Scottish; 2% French; 2% Swedish (the biggest surprise, honestly); 1% Benin/Togo (in Africa); 1% Cameroon, Congo, & Southern Bantu peoples (also in Africa).

    I dunno I found the test really interesting in fun!!! Don’t know my dad (though I know of him), and my family’s always been a wild mixed bag of people unmarried with kids (unfortunately).

    But it’s cool to see it all!!!

  3. I fooking love Phil, LMFAOOOOOOO 🤣🤣🤣

    The Irish accent was sooooo good! ❤️ The ear part was hilarious, can’t stop laughing. 🤣🤣

  4. love how im learning about dna and chromosomes and stuff in science but this video has helped me more than any lesson ever has

  5. Can a DNA test find someone sexuality because I am confused about mine. I'm in between Dan Howell (don't come at me..), Cole Sprouse, and Vanessa Morgan

  6. I did't sneeze at the sun picture but I do sneeze when I look a the sun lmao

    I feel like that was a very intimate declaration

  7. My brother and I did the 23 And Me ancestry test and we got 100% Ashkenazi Jewish", 100% Eastern European, mnostly Russian.
    I'm pretty white.

  8. My science teacher won't be at school for a few weeks, so can Phil please be our substitute?

  9. Well Phil, I'm one of those people who tastes coriander as soap lol also I've never even eaten a coriander before but because my friend told me of his experience (coriander tasted like soap too to him), I tried eating it just to check, and apparently I have the genes too lol

  10. 4:09 you think you have weird eye, my eyes are blue,green,yellow (quiet a lot of yellow), and hazel, so yeah. (I’m not lying btw)

  11. I have the photic Sneeze Reflex. I don't really have to test that because my father has it, too and as soon as the sun comes out in summer I'll sneeze like hell.

    As a child I never new what it was and I knew when it happened but I could never explain it to anyone.
    So basically when I'm in a dark room or under a shadow and then walk straight into an area where the sun shines directly onto me, I'll sneeze like 2-3 times soon after. Not everytime but very often xD

  12. Woah! I have the same eyes as Phil even with the yellow part! Another awesome eye bro here! 😀

  13. Okay so I watched this after watching Dan doing this and noticed both of them carry the red hair gene…

    (Edit) also when Dan said he’s at the dentist he likes when his gums are scraped and that=pain and then there’s Phil like “STOP KILLING MEEEE”

  14. Oddly enough, I'm actually allergic to cilantro (coriander) as it's in the mint family, it makes me INCREDIBLY nauseous.

  15. I hope Phil was joking thinking a picture of the sun is what they were talking about instead of what it actually is which is a reaction to light (I have it)

  16. I have the yellow ring in my eye, you said that it might represent a warrior, and my name means warrior so yay
    I guess I’m born to be a warrior

  17. fun fact! your urine smelling weird after eating asparagus isn't JUST because of your genes! its also because asparagus is a natural cleaner for your body and helps get toxins out!

  18. WAIT.
    You mean to tell me that some of you can eat asparagus without your pee smelling? If I eat two pieces of asparagus, my pee smells within four hours. I can't eat it if I'm leaving the house. I thought all humans were that way, like how we all itch from mosquito bites.

    I want different genes, please.

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