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My Top 6 Holy Grail Sunscreens | Lab Muffin Beauty Science

it’s Michelle from Lab Muffin Beauty
science and I am a massive sunscreen nerd since I talk about sunscreens all
the time I’ve been asked by a lot of people to
review my favorite sunscreens so today I’m going to be talking about my six
favorites from my sunscreen spreadsheet which I’ve given a 5 plus rating in the
future I hope there’ll be more sunscreens joining this group if you like this sort
of video give it a thumbs up subscribe to my channel and click the notification
bell so you don’t miss any videos everyone looks for different things in
the sunscreen my skin is not the same as your skin so don’t just go out and buy
these sunscreens and expect them to work just as well for you as they did for me
if you want to work out what your skin type and concerns are or if you want
more info on choosing and using a sunscreen you can check out my book the
lab muffin guide to basic skincare so here’s what I look for in a sunscreen I
look for high UVA protection and that’s because I’m really really prone to
hyperpigmentation which is when you get sunspots and when you get brown marks
after acne that don’t fade for ages and ages I have another video on this
topic so for high UVA protection I look for a PA or PPD rating or I look for the
words broad spectrum from a place that has stricter guidelines like Australia I
also look for the newer UVA filters all of the sunscreens I’m talking about
today have these these are things like Tinosorbs S and M, Uvinul A Plus and
Meroxyl SX and XL if you want to know more about sunscreen ingredients there’s a
free downloadable sample from the lab muffin guide to basic skincare that goes
through some of the different UV filters another really important factor for me
is lack of a white cast this is when you apply your sunscreen and you see like a
sort of white film over your face I’ve had this with every single inorganic or
mineral sunscreen I’ve tried so all of the ones on this list are chemical or
organic my skin is actually still on the pretty pale side it’s NC 20 but I can
still notice this white cast when I apply the full amount that I meant to I’ve
done a video in the past about the differences between chemical and
physical sunscreens but for me personally white cast has been the deal
breaker I have included one mineral sunscreen in the honorable mentions at
the end of this so if you prefer those sorts of
sunscreens stay tuned another really important consideration for me is how
easy it is to apply the sunscreen I like to be able to spread the sunscreen on
and not have to work it into my skin too much and I really hate it when it pills
or balls up because I know that that’s protection that’s just leaving my skin
whether or not a sunscreen pills or balls up on you really depends on your
skin type so my skin is oily combination and these ones have been fine for me I
like to apply my sunscreen really close to my eyes because that’s where all the
wrinkles are coming my eyes are pretty resilient because I’ve been wearing
contact lenses for years but they do still water with some sunscreens so this
is pretty important for me as well obviously clogged pores are evil and my
skin really likes to clog up with sunscreens I don’t know why all of the
sunscreens I’ve been trying I’ve been trying for at least two weeks and most
of them do clog my pores at some point these six have not so onto the
sunscreens these six are my favorite so far all of them are Asian or Australian
and I promise you that’s not just because they’re like me and I love me I
haven’t got any US sunscreens on there because in the US the new UVA filters
haven’t been approved yet so I don’t really like the chance of me getting a
high UVA protection factor sunscreen there I also haven’t got any European
sunscreens on the list and I think that’s because even though they do have
the newer UVA filters their sunscreens tend to be a lot more heavy and I think
that’s because they have a dry climate and people tend to have dry skin I have
very oily skin and I live in Australia so the texture just doesn’t really work
for me so far the first sunscreen is canmake’s mermaid skin gel UV I’ve
decided to start with the Asian sunscreens because they’re a bit easier
for people to find and buy than Australian sunscreens this is a really
really light textured sunscreen one of the lightest sunscreens I’ve ever tried
and it’s so light that sometimes I wonder how sweat resistant it is it
sinks in really easily it works really well under makeup and there’s no alcohol
in it which is good if you’re prone to dehydrated skin it’s unscented and
there’s also no white cast which is awesome I was actually surprised by the
fact that wasn’t white cast because it does contain some inorganic sunscreens
as well so this is a combo inorganic and chemical sunscreen there are five
sunscreen actives in this they’re zinc oxide titanium dioxide uvinul a
plus tinosorb s and octinoxate I don’t really like titanium dioxide in
sunscreens because it tends to give you white cast and it’s also quite photo
reactive which means it makes other things react in terms of skincare
ingredients in sunscreens I don’t really tend to care that much about them
because that’s not what I’m using sunscreen for they are a nice bonus but
I wouldn’t go out of my way to choose a sunscreen that has them the only
exception here is niacinamide which has been found to boost the immune system so
it’s good for preventing certain types of skin cancer this does have plant
extracts which are antioxidant but the main thing I like this sunscreen for is
it’s incredibly light texture which is really comfortable and a really nice
beginner sunscreen if you haven’t been wearing daily sunscreen before because
of the texture the next sunscreen is Klairs Soft Airy UV Essence this is also
a really light water-based sunscreen it’s a little bit heavier than the
canmake one but it’s still very very light again it’s alcohol free which is great
if your skin is dehydration prone it has a really light scent as well there’s two
sunscreen ingredients in this there’s uvinul a plus which protects against
UVA and octyl triazone which protects against UVB there’s been some
speculation that these two sunscreen filters aren’t enough to give you
protection against the full range of UV wavelengths I think this comes from one
of two places firstly there’s a lot of incorrect info online about what
uvinul a plus does it does protect against UVA1 and in fact BASF who
sell it sell it specifically as a UVA1 filter the other place where I think
this comes from is just people not quite understanding how to read a UV
absorption graph the amount of UV absorption depends on concentration as
well as the formula so the lines on the graph will go up and down and if there’s
an overlapping section you actually have to take the two and add them together
to get an approximation of the absorbance whenever you have theoretical
speculation versus actual empirical evidence like an SPF test or a PA rating
then the actual test will always overrule any theoretical speculation about what
the product can do as I said before you can’t predict how a recipe will taste if
you just look at the ingredients list and I think this is what people are
doing in this case it’s got SPF 50+ and PA++++ so it’s maxed out
with both this has no white cast which is not very surprising since it doesn’t
have any inorganic filters it’s got a few skincare ingredients as well it’s
got sea buckthorn oil which has antioxidants it’s also got allantoin and
beta glucan which are really good moisturisers and niacinamide which is a
really good all-rounder ingredient I’m reviewing both of these together because
they’re incredibly similar sunscreens these are the purito centella green
level safe sun & centella green level unscented sun this is basically just the
unscented version of this one these two have the same sunscreen ingredients as
the class and in terms of texture these are the next step up after class they’re
a little bit heavier but they’re still really really light and really
comfortable I’d say they’re sort of like a light lotion I do like the fact that
the texture is a little bit heavier because it feels like it will last for a
little bit longer on your skin in hot weather even though it hasn’t been
properly tested with a water resistance rating these glide on really smoothly
and it’s really easy to apply a large amount on your skin which is important
because if you don’t apply enough you won’t get full protection I’ve also
found that sometimes lighter sunscreens tend to feel like they’re just gliding
around on your face and they’re not really sinking in and so you’re just
moving it around and you can’t add any more but that’s not the case with these
ones or the previous ones that I talked about either they didn’t sting my eyes
and they make a really good makeup base in terms of extra skin care ingredients
they have obviously centella extract which is the name of the line
there’s also niacinamide as well as hyaluronic acid and glycerin which are
really good humectant moisturisers the difference between the two obviously
there’s the scent which I’ve talked about before the scent in this comes
from lavender oil as well as Roman chamomile so if you’re allergic to
either of those then you should go for the unscented the other benefit of the
unscented version is that it’s got extra centilla extracts as well I’ve talked
about this sunscreen a lot before it is the ultraceuticals daily moisturiser
SPF 30 this has been my favorite sunscreen for a really long time and I
think a lot of it is just I’m really nostalgic because this is the first
sunscreen that didn’t give me clogged pores after I used it for a long time
there are three versions of this sunscreen there’s the mattifying which
is this one there’s a hydrating version and there’s an SPF 50 plus version as
well in terms of the texture the SPF 50 plus is a little
heavier and the hydrating is a bit stickier so I tend to use all three because
the textures aren’t that dissimilar but I tend to use the hydrating and the SPF
50 plus more in winter I also really like the convenient pump top which
apart from being convenient which is great because I’m lazy it’s also really
good for making sure that you’re not using less and less sunscreen over time
the downside is that it is quite pricey and for ultraceuticals I don’t mind
paying more as much because I know that they invest a lot of money into research
and clinical trials and that makes me feel better than if I’m buying a luxury
product from a brand that invests all of its money back into marketing another
thing I really like about the ultraceuticals sunscreen is that you can get a
full ingredients listing as well as the active ingredients and their percentages
in Australia sunscreens are classified as medications which means that they
don’t need to show all the inactive ingredients I really appreciate that
ultraceuticals have chosen to show them anyway because I think it makes
it much easier if you are a somewhat nerdy consumer in terms of actives it’s
got octinoxate avobenzone ensulizole and tinosorb s the next
sunscreen on my list is ultra violette supreme screen and this is another brand
that’s chosen to show the full ingredients list it’s also got a
convenient pump top and the packaging in general is just really nice and fancy
ultra violette also make it really clear how much sunscreen you should be
applying to your skin which I appreciate because there’s just not that much
consumer education about this from most sunscreen brands ultra violette so far have
three sunscreens and the other two didn’t really work for my skin I do know
that lots of other people have found that they work so I think it is more of
a skin type issue than a product issue but this is the one for me this is a
lightweight sunscreen that feels like it sinks in pretty quickly and it leaves a
silky primer finish which makes a really good makeup base it doesn’t pill up or
ball at all it has a light scent the three sunscreen
ingredients in it are tinosorb s and M as well as octinoxate I’m a bit
cautious about tinosorb M because it’s an organic sunscreen but it does tend to
give a bit of white cast because it has a physical action like it reflects and
scatters some light for this sunscreen I didn’t have any issues with white cast
supreme screen is designed to be really hydrating so it’s got lots of
humectants it’s got glycerin butylene glycol and saccharide
isomerate there is alcohol near the top of the ingredients list but it’s still
really hydrating and I think it’s because the humectants and the sunscreen
overpower the alcohol’s dehydrating effect overall my skin just felt really
hydrated when using it it also has some antioxidants it’s got kakadu plum
extract and it’s got l-carnosine as well the downside to the sunscreen is
the price per mL it’s actually more expensive than the ultraceuticals but
it does come in a smaller pack which means that upfront the cost is a bit
lower the final sunscreen on my list is
azclear’s day moisturizer SPF 30 this is made by ego pharmaceuticals who also
make sunsense and QV and it’s part of their azclear range which is a range of
products designed to work with an azelaic acid treatment the reason I’m so
excited about the sunscreen is that it’s really really light and it’s also really
really budget-friendly it is light but it is really humectant heavy so it’s
really hydrating and it does tend to dry down a little bit on the sticky and dewy
side I’ve only tried it in winter so far so it’s been fine but I do wonder how it
will hold up on my skin in summer cos I’m quite oily I think if your skin is
drier then it will be much better for you it does only have SPF 30 but it’s
easy to apply a lot and if you can apply a lot of an SPF 30 it still ends up
probably being better than applying a tiny bit of an SPF 50 plus the active
ingredients in this octinoxate tinosorb s and uvinul a plus this does work
well under makeup even though it doesn’t really have that primer finish it’s more
of like a moisturiser finish and one of the problems I’ve had with ego
sunscreens in the past is that some of them tend to ball up when you’re
applying makeup it hasn’t been a problem at all with this I have some
honorable mentions which have missed out on being one of my Holy Grail sunscreens
because of one small issue firstly there’s the purito comfy water sunblock
which is purito’s inorganic sunscreen the reason this didn’t make it into my
top is because it does give a tiny white cast it has the least white cast of any
inorganic sunscreen I’ve ever tried it feels really light but it has enough
white cast that when I put on my foundation it looks like it’s not quite the right
colour so that is still a deal-breaker for me but if you’re lighter if it’s not
such a big deal for you then this is a really low white cast inorganic
sunscreen there’s also the natio daily defense moisturizer this is the
one that I tend to recommend to friends and co-workers in Australia because it’s
really easy to find in stores it’s really light and it feels like a nice
moisturiser and it’s frequently on sale the mecca to save face
super screen SPF 50 plus is quite similar in texture but it does tend to
be a little bit pricier my backup recommendation is the Coles facial
sunscreen this is a little bit heavier but it is really really cheap my final
mention is the Bioderma photoderm sunscreens these have the highest PPD
levels I’ve seen on the market so they’re great for UVA protection my only
issue is that they’re a little bit heavy for me and they tend to clog my pores so
those are my favorite sunscreens so far leave me a comment if you have a
sunscreen that you think I would really enjoy that might make my cut for my next
favorite sunscreens video give it a thumbs up if you liked this video you
can also subscribe to my channel and click the notification bell so you don’t
miss any videos you can also check me out on instagram at lab muffin beauty
science you can look at my blog and I will see you next time

100 thoughts on “My Top 6 Holy Grail Sunscreens | Lab Muffin Beauty Science

  1. I haven’t tried any of these, but I’m an oily skin girl too so I’ll rewatch this when my current hoard starts running low.
    Sunprise Mild Airy Finish is my favorite mattifying, also love Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen, Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch (70 or 100), Australian Gold Botanical. White cast doesn’t bother me as much but with mineral sunscreen I often find myself scratching my face later yikes.

  2. Thank you Michelle! Would you be interested in making a video or post delving into two ingredients present in a lot of sunscreens -including the purito ones you mention – these days: Sorbitan olivate and cetearyl olivate? I wonder whether these olive oil derivatives deliver oleic acid in its free fatty acid form to the skin!

  3. My oily skin loves Etude House Sunprise Airy Finish (I apply in two thin layers, applied one after another without waiting – there is no white cast this way) and Biore Aqua Rich Watery Essence. The first one is great also at controlling my oils. The latter is great around the eyes too.

  4. Can you please make video about hialuronic acid and if it is possible that it is pulling moisture out the skin? I heard it many times but I wonder if it is true. Sounds kind gimmicky

  5. Love, love your sunscreen content Michelle. I started using tretinoin 0.05%, and needed to switch from my beloved former HG Paula's Choice Resist Super Light SPF 30+ as it was a mineral sunscreen and felt drying. I also wanted to be more cautious and go for an SPF 50+. I used your mini sunscreen reviews as a guide, and tried most of the sunscreens on your list. My favourites are the Klairs Soft Airy UV Essence and the Mecca TSF. An honourable mention goes to the Natio Daily Defence SPF 50+. My makeup wears so beautifully with the Klairs and the Mecca – both are just hydrating enough for my former oily skin that now is a bit drier thanks to my tretinoin use. I might give the Azclear & Purito Unscented a try – I am always trying to convert my siblings to daily sunscreen use and the Azclear looks like a great option for oily skin types who like to buy their sunscreen in store in Australia.

  6. I am hoping Canmake Mermaid Skin Gel can work for my very sensitive skin. I need something that won’t burn my eyes when I sweat… which is all the time in summer! It has really been a problem as every sunscreen seems to burn my eyes!!

  7. Thanks a lot for this science based video, loved it! But now I am very frustrated as most of the brands do not ship to France… I can only get (from Amazon) Natio, Klairs and Purito …

  8. Hi Michelle, with the Bioderma, is it still the same formula and thus the same PPD in Australia as it is in Europe?
    I absolutely love the Canmake SPF but that is my "winter" spf and makeup one. My current favourite for Summer is the Anessa Milk and Rohto Skin Aqua Tone Up!

  9. Two other highly praised sunscreens: Beet the Sun from Krave beauty; Shiseido ELIXIR SUPERIEUR Day Care Revolution SPF50+ PA++++. I'd love to hear your thoughts regarding these two.

  10. My favorite sunscreen of all time is the Skin Aqua Super Moisture Milk. SPF 50 PA++++ It is a combo sunscreen with zinc oxide and the newer chemical filters. It is moisturizing without feeling sticky, dries down quickly, no white cast and it is water and sweat resistant. It works great under makeup and is very comfortable to wear. I have recommended to a lot of people and they two now love this sunscreen.

  11. I really like the sunscreen from Paula's Choice SUPER-LIGHT WRINKLE DEFENSE SPF 30.

  12. % of UV filters in Japanese sunscreens is quite low,like 1.8%Tinosorb S and 2% Uvinul A plus,which could not reach PA++++ .They could not give you good coverage of 370-400nm UVA.. I live in China,and know that all light -texture sunscreens only give you SPF 30, PA+++. Japanese and Korean laws in sunscreens are so less strict ..

  13. There are more and more European products that aim at oily skins. For instance, Heliocare has got a wide range of options and Isdin has got one called Water Fusion that is just that, 'water' in your face. Thank you for your recs.

  14. I think the reason that (good) European sunscreens tend to be heavy is they're all "highly water resistant". The. Swedish market doesn't really have real sunscreen for everyday winter/indoor use, which makes some sense since it's actually impossible to get a sunburn here for much of the year b/c the UVB radiation is just too weak up here, but there should be a growing market for crazy people like us who want UVA protection all daylight hours. There are of course "moisturizers with SPF 15" w/ fine texture, but they usually don't have the best filters.

    If you're in Europe (at least in Sweden) there are really good pharmacy/grocery store options, but they're not easy to buy from other countries and they're reformulated almost yearly, for better and worse.
    But at the moment I'm liking the Apolosophy/Änglamark/Derma Face SPF 50 (all same formula, also the Avivir one is the same formula but w/ aloe added – Änglamark is the cheapest). Tinosorb S Aqua & Uvinul A Plus. Aco (which I think is called Cosmica in Norway and Biodermal in Holland) has 2 very good SPF 50 ones for the face too w/ Tinosorb M, wouldn't recommend their other current formulas for face.

  15. The Klairs was a total life-changer for me. No cast, no breakouts, no pilling. Just fantastic! Thank you for another great video!

  16. My favourite sunscreen is EVY suncreen mousse! I think the mousse texture is fun which encourages application, but most importantly it is super reliable and doesnt come off from rubbing, water or sweat. I believe they have some kind of patent. I feel like it is the sunscreen I can trust the most.

  17. I really enjoy the Ultraceuticals I’m so glad you recommended it as I also live in Aus and face the same brutal climate – maybe even more as I spend summer in QLD and that UV strength is like 10 as soon as the sun rises. I LOVE that it’s leaping bunny cruelty free certified as that’s really hard to find for sunscreen – I used to swear by the Olay Microsculpt sunscreen but it’s not CF.

    The only tiny niggle I’ve got with the Ultraceuticals is my cap over the pump has started cracking quite badly and sometimes as I near the end of the tube the sunscreen is harder to squeeze out in even dollops

  18. All of the chemical sunscreens I've tried so far have made my face burn (especially the upper lip) or made me breakout 🙁 . But hopefully soon I can try the newer filters which I haven't tried before. Loved the video!

  19. OMG! Have you ever tried PCA Weightless Broad Spectrum 45? It is SILKY and contains zinc oxide! I don’t know how they did it! It is a moisturizer AND a sunscreen. I am in LOVE!!!

  20. I haven’t tried any of your recommendations but I have used and enjoyed the following:
    -Biorè UV Watery Essence SPF 50 PA++++
    -ISIS Pharma UVEblock SPF 50
    I don’t intend to use the La Roche Posay as the product tends to clump on my skin even with just a moisturizer underneath it.

  21. I would like to love purito and some other korean sunscreens, but they don't have high ppd. My sunscreen must have more than one UVA blockers.
    My daily sunscreens are LRP shaka fluid and bioderma photoderm max

  22. My favourite is the Cancer Council Matte moisturiser 50+, 4 hour water resident lotion. I can put a whole teaspoon on my face (after hyaluronic acid) and it soaks in. No white cast and is great under foundation.

  23. mineral sunscreens or BUST ! … i wish someone would finally crack the code on completely removing white cast from mineral based sunscreen 🙁 i have sensitive skin and chemical SC's are like battery acid on my skin 🙁

  24. My favourite is the Purito comfry water unscented sunscreen! I'd been eyeing it off since gothamista recommended the regular version but when Purito launched the unscented version I JUMPED on it! It's absolutely amazing! Very good mineral sunscreen and honestly is the most lightweight mineral sunscreen I've ever found! It kinda just disappears after application 😍 (I have very sensitive skin and rosacea so I can't use chemical screens without stinging/burning!).

  25. YOU HAVE TO TRY Artless Glow Base from Heimish. It does not feel greasy AT ALL plus it gives this great glow without any oiliness. I even wear it to the gym and it never breaks me out hehe :D!!!! Seriously please try it!!!

  26. LOVE LOVE LOVE these kind of videos – there cannot be enough sunscreen content ♡ thank you for showing the INCI lists and the filters :). Tried to order the Australian ones but it is almost impossible to get them to Austria. I love the Klairs one and will give the Bioderma one another try :). Many European sunscreens with good filters and high UVA protection (♡♡♡) unfortunately don't contain (much) silicones anymore (or at least the ones I found^^) – missing them in a good sunscreen easily available here #teamsilicones 🤗🎃 currently using the la roche posay -ULTRA spf 50+ which is a really good sunscreen, but also very rich!
    great content as usual 🙂

  27. I have tried the Klairs one and really liked how it wears, but unfortunately it irritated my skin and sting my eyes so bad. So now I use Kose Suncut (yellow bottle) which is a gel formula containing alcohol, but the alcohol doesn’t irritate my skin and doesn’t make my skin more oily than normal. You should try them out 🙂

  28. purito unscented is my holy grail. cheaper than klairs if you get it on amazon. love klairs too but it’s expensive and inconvenient to order compared to purito

  29. I religiously use Biore UV perfect milk SPF50 and Allie UV Extra gel SPF50. I like the feel of the Purito centella but I think the lavender oil was a bit irritating. I could perhaps give the unscented one a try. Thanks for this video. I feel like I can always rely on your reviews 🙂

  30. You must try Make P:rem UV Defense Blue Ray Sun Gel SPF 50+ PA++++
    My fave one! Klairs is definetely one of my most repurchase sunscreen too. After watch your video i’d like to try canmake

  31. Have you tried Purederm UV control BB cream? It‘s inorganic one (so far I can tell), and seems okay (they‘ve used that white cast to give some color to it, so it‘s a BB cream).

  32. My current favorite is Hada Labo UV White Gel SPF 50+ PA++++.
    It contains a sunscreen that isn’t FDA approved here in the states and I don’t get a white cast from it. It’s also cosmetically elegant and hydrating. The only thing I don’t like about it is that it now comes in a jar. I’m quite surprised that it wasn’t on your list. :/ I do hope you review it.

  33. I don't mind inorganic sunscreens if they are tinted. I recently picked up a tube of Bare Republic's tinted face sunscreen, and it's very silicone-feeling, much like Supergoop's Unseen Sunscreen. I like that, because it doesn't make me look greasy, but I also wonder how well it's staying put. I'm light skinned, and although the tint looks fairly warm in the product, when I apply it, it's not visible. Other sunscreens I have enjoyed are Etude House and Biore (from Japan).

  34. I have been using Australian Gold spf 50 tinted and it gives me no white cast at all! I love that it's inorganic because all organic sunscreens make my rosacea flare.

  35. I have been on the hunt for a good sunscreen. But apparently all chemical ones give me a rash and make my skin super red
    I don’t know what to do anymore. I don’t want to give up since I know sunscreen is the most important step in the skin care. Super oily and extremely sensitive skin here.
    Help. 😩

  36. Thanks so much for this!!! I have super oily skin and anything with sunscreen makes my make up slide off my face. I bought 2 off Amazon from your recommendations. I appreciate that it's just factual and sciencey without some sponsorship pushing bs. Woot

  37. How do you feel about this test:

    And how can I tell whether these sunscreens that you've mentioned will perform as well as (example) the Allie Extra UV gel? Since not all PA++++ will perform the same from the product being rubbed off, absorbing differently, etc.

    Also, how do you feel about Cell Fusion C Laser Sunscreen 100?

  38. I tried the Canmake one which is super light but it is not water-resistant hence I only use it indoors. On other days I use the Allie sunscreen by Kanebo. Definitely heavier than the Canmake one. A little hard to get outside of Japan but nonetheless it works perfectly!

  39. Thank you Michelle!! Your recommendations just changed my life!! I am in the US so the options for sunscreen have not been the best. I ordered the Purito unscented and I am blown away!!!! It has made my skin so soft and it provides just the right level of moisturization. I was so excited about the sunscreen that I ordered Purito's serum. My skin has NEVER been so happy. I have 62 year old, combination skin and this product is magical!!!

  40. I would love to know your opinion on the Etude house sunprise airy finish and the Make P:rem defense me blue ray sun fluid! They are both physical sunscreens, and leave very very minimal white cast

  41. The best sunscreen ever (combination, milky vehicle, alcohol free, fragrance free, the tiniest amount of white cast/luminosity that looks very healthy):
    Rohto Skin Aqua UV Moisture Milk SPF 50+ PA++++

    The lightest/thinnest feeling sunscreen that spreads easily because the gel liquefies when applied (however, it does contain alcohol, SPF/PA ratings are not the best, and the finish is somewhat wet/luminous (though transparent, i.e. there is no white cast)):
    Rohto Skin Aqua UV Moisture Gel SPF35 PA+++

  42. Ultraceuticals spf burns the eyes so badly. And that bitter aftertaste that somehow leaches into the mouth.
    Love Invisible Zinc Sheer spf50 and Photoderm light spf50 the most. NC20 also and oily to combo. Have Canmake unopened, will see how it goes!

  43. Could you explore the red light skin care phenomena? I’m looking in investing in a joove or celluma which are professional versions of the masks. I’ve seen dr. versions for sale, that are as expensive as the ones for office use. Does wattage matter? I know proximity does but what else?
    BTW kudos to Dr. Lim who recommended your channel. I like both of yours.

  44. Love this content! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge ! I would love to know your thoughts on MURAD
    City Skin Age Defense Broad Spectrum SPF 50

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